[Watch] Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Plan To Persuade The Public To Accept GMOs


by Amanda Froelich at trueactivist.com


According to the former Secretary of State, you gain public approval of GMO crops by stressing their alleged “benefits.” In other words, you market and scam…

Hillary Clinton is an avid supporter of GMOs and has deep ties with Monsanto. That’s nothing new.

What is news-worthy, however, is how open the presidential candidate nominee is about the Biotech industry’s plan to persuade the public to accept genetically modified foods. 

As TrueActivist has shared in the past, GMOs are not only incredibly under-tested, they are potentially dangerous. Some studies have linked genetically modified foods to concerns such as cancer and infertility. This is partly because weedkillers used on GMO crops contain glyphosate. 

The compound, which has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be “probably carcinogenic,” is part of the reason the public is so wary of Frankenfoods. That and the fact that Monsanto continues to insist its chemicals are safe – despite plenty of studies proving otherwise. 

Thanks to the efforts of journalists, anti-GMO activists, and movements like March Against Monsanto, the public has begun to question the safety of genetically modified foods and, in effect, is cautious about purchasing products in which they might be present.

Biotech companies know this, which is why they have a spokesperson puppet like Hillary advocating ways to ‘change the public’s perception’ about what GMOs are and how they’re used.

In the video above, Hillary explains how the Biotech industry will be focusing on the alleged “benefits” of their lab creations and will be changing the narrative in how they are promoted. For example, terms such as “Biofortified” will be used to attempt to gain market acceptance and reverse the exodus of people shifting away from genetically modified foods. 

If you’re one of the activists concerned about the future of food, it’s best to be informed about the industry’s new tactic so you can help raise awareness as companies like Monsanto change their marketing strategy.

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  1. I’m undecided on the issue, due to lack of good information… But every article that I have read “against” GMOs (INCLUDING THIS ONE) always point out and focus on the herbicide that is sprayed on the GMO crop… So don’t blame the GMO if the herbicide is the the problem.

    • The plants used to die from the pesticide, so they engineered them to not die from the pesticide… the result is a inferior plant that is lacking in minerals and trace elements –> we eat the plant –> we are lacking minerals and vitamins…

    • The problem with GMO is the herbicide and IMO the only real issue. Since the crop is immune to glyphosate, they get to use more of it without hurting the crop. ALOT MORE!!! to the point where they use it not only as a herbicide but to enhance drying time for grain crops and other things.
      Glyphosate use is so high now, I cant even define how bad it has become. Personally I am not worried about the food itself, I want to see GMO labeling only to identify products that have glyphosate used on them. I would prefer see a “No Glyphosate used” label tho….

  2. Yea we are so damn dumb that we will automatically accept that a new name or label of a poison will fix this for us. I believe that this woman has lied, cheated, manipulated, deceived, and rode the tailstrings of corrupt people for so long that she can’t even tell when her ideas are totally stupid. Hillary, we Americans, do sound mind andspirit, will never accept Monsanto or any company remotely similar to theirs as a reputable safe company handling our food supply! GMOs will always be GMOs in any name that you decide to call it! I am shocked and appalled that someone who has manipulated their way to the Whitehouse the way you have could not understand that we do not want this chemically altered food that is hurting our people, our animals,our Land!

  3. The problem with GMO is that it is hard to control what companies and goverments will be modifiying…

    The system is prone to manipulation and thus we loose a lot of what could be good about GMO’s.

    • please research the subject, there is not ONE study that shows anything good coming from GMO’s… GMO= Genetically Modified Organism –> A changing of the gene is always forced by man in GMO’s, there are no beneficial man-made mutations known to this day…


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