‘Death Ray’ Weapon Specially Made To Kill Muslims


A homeowner from New York has been sentenced to eight years in jail, after he planned to eliminate Muslims by using a portable X-ray weapon. Eric Feight, in his mid-fifties, was declared accountable this past year for supporting Glendon Scott Crawford, a white supremacist and member of the Ku Klux Klan. The mobile device they carried around is a modified commercial level radiation unit, which the two meant to use to produce dangerous levels of emissions that would be targeted on Muslims across the city of Albany, New York.

Image Source: Times Union – Eric J. Feight of Stockport, N.Y., leaves the Federal Courthouse in shackles after his bail was revoked Thursday afternoon, June 20, 2013, in Albany, N.Y.

Feight, who is a controls systems technician, also assisted Crawford in making a remote for the deadly ‘ray gun’, allowing the devise to be used from a distance. Feight was sentenced to eight years behind bars for providing materials to terrorists. “Eric Feight helped Glendon Scott Crawford in modifying a beaming weapon to prey unaware Muslim Americans with deadly amounts of radioactivity. Crawford and Feight’s atrocious plan to destroy harmless United States residents was defeated because of the determined hard work of the law enforcement officials,” stated John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

Image Source: Times Union - Glendon Scott Crawford of Providence, N.Y., leaves the Federal Courthouse in shackles after after his bail was revoked Thursday afternoon, June 20, 2013, in Albany, N.Y
Image Source: Times Union – Glendon Scott Crawford of Providence, N.Y., leaves the Federal Courthouse in shackles after his bail was revoked Thursday afternoon, June 20, 2013, in Albany, N.Y

We might never find out what made Crawford, a Navy veteran who had no criminal background, want to go on a killing spree. He even made an effort to get monetary assistance straight from the Ku Klux Klan. However, a Ku Klux Klan authoritative made it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Officers from the agency then presented themselves as interested investors of the project. After months and months of intensive analysis and designing, the agency assisted Crawford and Feight in experimenting and producing the weapon. Officials busted the individuals in 2013, right before a planned session to examine the finalized aspects of the ‘firearm’, and have been in jail ever since. Gray Sharpe, a United States District Judge, was told by Feight, that they wanted to use the device for medical reasons, specifically for sterilization purposes, and that he was too afraid to back off after too many people got involved.

Image Source: Times Union – Frame grab from FBI surveillance video showing FBI agents raiding a garage where Glendon Scott Crawford, right, worked on a homemade radiation device he built with the intent to massacre Muslims.

Feight mentioned he had prolonged the creation of the handheld device for half a year, and had refused to integrate it to directly operate the machine. In addition, he also claimed that he did not believe the weapon would actually work. “You realized exactly what it was you have been carrying out. It is strange a person with your foundation, your ability and your knowledge improvised on such rubbish,” stated Sharpe.

Image Source: Times Union – Frame grab from a 2012 FBI surveillance video taken in a Schenectady hotel showing Glendon Scott Crawford, left, holding an x-ray tube which he planned to use in a radiation device.

Crawford was convicted of use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to build and use a radiological dispersal device, and is now serving a prison sentenced of twenty-five years. The verdict emphasized the risks people encounter once hate and racism breed domestic extremism and aggressive terrorism. Absolutely no American citizen – of any cultural heritage or color – should have to leave the country in order to feel safe.

This example demonstrates the significance of watchfulness by community members and an instantaneous, detailed analysis by the Albany Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Task Force, which defeated the devilish plan Feight had established.

Source: Huffington Post, Times Union

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  1. I find it rather amusing that they can, not only find, but convict 2 Americans for wanting to hurt others. But, they have a hard time stopping admitted terrorists, with terrorists ties, who blatantly tell everyone that they are going to kill as many Americans as possible, then proceed to commit mass murders in the name of their so-called religion (it is an ideology, not a religion, do some research before you comment on this)?
    And some wonder why the American people are so paranoid.


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