Bernie Gains The Largest Endorsement of His Campaign



Bernie Sanders has spoken out against Super PACs, often run by the very wealthy elite. He even turned down a donation made by a shady pharmaceuticals CEO (Shkreli was recently arrested, proving that Bernie was on the right side of history that time).


However, he won’t be turning down the support of super PACs run by unions.

National Nurses United, a 185,000 member union, already pledged its support for Sanders last month.

“What I have said over and over again is that I have not and will not raise a nickel for a super PAC,” Sanders said. “I am the only Democratic candidate who does not have a super PAC. I will not have a super PAC. They are nurses and they are fighting for the health care of their people. They are doing what they think is appropriate. I do not have a super PAC.”

The American Postal Workers’ union, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America and the National Union of Healthcare Workers also support him.

Now, a 700,000-strong union wants to throw in its lot with the presidential candidate.

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The Communications Workers of America (CWA) announced its support for Sanders’ candidacy  on Wednesday night.

Former president for the CWA Larry Cohen now serves Sanders as his labor adviser.

The attraction between unions and Sanders isn’t unexpected: Sanders is a strong advocate for organized labor- probably the strongest of all the presidential hopefuls, having introduced a bill to make unionizing easier this fall.

“Millions of Americans who want to join unions are unable to do so because of the coercive and often illegal behavior of their employers. The benefits of joining a union are clear: higher wages, better benefits and a more secure retirement. If we are serious about reducing income and wealth inequality and rebuilding the middle class, we have got to substantially increase the number of union jobs in this country.”


Sources: USUncut, Huff Post

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  1. I LOVE YOU BERNIE SANDERS!!!!!! Question is, when will the rest of the peole of America wake up and see the light which is that their political parties are so damn corrupt and that’s why nothing gets done to help the real people who need help instead of catering to only those that make millions. It is ignorance to keep complaining about the situation we are all in and continue to back candidates that have no interest in people but only to money. Bernie is the only candidate in decades that actually cares about people and his history proves it, but when people are as stubborn and stupid like most Americans are, than we have these problems that won’t get fixed until the people wake up and start thinking for themselves. I pray people wake up fast now.


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