A Website to Make Donald Trump Say ANYTHING You Want Him to Say


The concept to take audio and video snippets of political candidates has been used inside of large media and news group companies for a long time. And now thanks to some geniuses, you can alter different videos of ‘Donald Trump’ in order to have him say what ever you want him to say.

Just a few short months ago, a website was born that spliced together words in order to form complete sentences. The goal was to make such person in question say what you wanted them to say. This website had targeted president Obama, with the domain name ‘TalkObamaTo.Me.’ This website has had several hundreds of viewers since the initial launch. The process to make ‘Obama Talk’ only takes just a few seconds to work.

ScreenShot Obama

Utilizing the web-based application is easy to use. Simply tap in your phrase in which you want the president to say, then you click on “Talk!” Seconds later and you are presented with a generated video that has been created for your desires.

The web-based application was designed and developed by Ed King. Mr King, a Stanford Linguistics PhD candidate, has some issues with his web-application. The application will error out when you type in certain words, such as trying to make Obama say they are going to kill someone. If you have typed in a word in which Obama has not said on a video clip, the system will attempt to continue to splice that word together. However, it comes from individual syllables aiding in the believability.

The same concept can be found in that of the Donald Trump website, but with a slightly different user interface. An alternative version of the Obama site, we are now presented with MishMasher.

Donald Trump Speaking Website
Instead of typing in your words, you choose from a list of presented word options. You do possess the ability to “Search” for other words. Once you have completed your ‘Text-to-Trump’ talk, simply click on the “Share Video.” From there you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can see a whole slew of YouTube videos that other people have created and have been uploaded by ‘MishMaster’ from here.

Unfortunately, there are some words in which are not assembled inside of the database with the provided syllables. If you are aiming to create a more advanced video that you want Trump to say, and he has yet to speak those words during a debate or rally, you may be out of luck.

Sources: Gizmodo, MishMasher, TalkObamaTo.Me, YouTube.

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  1. Trump is a show-off-guy and you give him credits by publishing everything around him. Stuuupid elects a “Name” and not phenomena of a capable person (like Sanders is in my view). And it elects the name it mostly hears or views on shows. Have a nice whatever. The outside world doesn’t care anymore because most of it has already understood that u.s. has more focus on outside politics than it has on its own territory and therefor will MISERABLY fail (whitout any outside impacts). Get Trump as president and fail forever stupid perrot-like money-slave pigs. Go play on your celebrity puppet-talking websites and let them say “Il will bring you freedom”. Furious-sarcasm

    • What about those that are on SSI Disability? Is the President willing to increase the monthly checks so those that gets SSI Disability can live without worries concerning the price of living

    • Bernie Sanders is a capable guy??!! At what? Never working? Trump is a proven business leader, deal maker and all-around SMART guy. Why you hatin? You should be appreciatin! The fight for the wall is so much more. Wake up. Follow Q and SerialBrain2 for real answers. Bernie…. really?


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