White Terrorists Kill More than Muslim Terrorists in US, Cops Kill More than Both


By Carey Wedler at theantimedia.org


In spite of chronic government claims that Muslims are to blame for acts of terrorism in the United States, a new study has refuted this narrative.

The analysis, conducted by the Washington D.C.-based research group New America, found that since 9/11,more people have died from deadly, ideological attacks committed by white, right-wing extremists than from attacks instigated by radical Muslims.

As the New York Times summarized,

Non-Muslim extremists have carried out 19 such attacks since Sept. 11, according to the latest count, compiled by David Sterman, a New America program associate, and overseen by Peter Bergen, a terrorism expert. By comparison, seven lethal attacks by Islamic militants have taken place in the same period.

The count did not include attacks committed by white Americans who lacked a clear ideological motive for their violence—such as the Aurora and Newtown shooters.

These conclusions run in stark contrast to portraits painted by pundits and politicians alike. Incidents of FBI-foiled Islamic terror plots regularly make headlines, even when those plots are facilitated by The Bureau itself. Just this week, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes of California, claimed that America must combat “the highest threat level we have ever faced in this country,” asserting the threat comes from “the radicalization of young people and foreign fighters heading to Iraq and Syria to join terror groups.”

While the study is a powerful indictment of state-sponsored propaganda to manufacture consent for war and violations of freedom, it also implicitly demonizes opponents of the government, who have similarly been vilified by the state. The Department of Homeland Security has warned of “right wing terror threats” from anti-government extremists who, according to CNN, believe the law does not apply to them. While the threat is widely-circulated, those reporting it never ask if it is possible to be anti-government, not out of violent extremism, but because of opposition to the government’s own violent extremism.

Just as radical Islamic and right-wing extremist violence are unjustifiable, so is any other type of violence that harms innocent and non-violent individuals. It is revealing to compare the data from the New America study with data on other violent threats—most glaringly, that of police officers who kill citizens at rates that make radical Islamists and right wingers’ look like amateurs.

According to the New America study, Islamic far right extremists have killed a total of 75 people in 14 years. As of June 10th, police had killed over 500 people in 2015 alone. If police miraculously manage to kill no one else until the end of June, that figure amounts to 83 people killed per month over a six-month period. These killings are often nothing but ideological, based in a rigid ideology of authority, power, and the compulsion of citizens to comply—a premise that underlies nearly all government action. This is further illustrated by the over 6 million civilians and soldiers killed in major U.S. wars since 1945—again, rooted in the disingenuous ideologies of “democracy,” “freedom,” and “security.”

Having a conversation about violent, ideological extremism is vital, but it should mean discussing all types of violent behavior, no matter who is committing it. If the government were truly concerned with protecting its citizens, it would focus more of its efforts on taming rogue police forces in addition to stopping extremist attacks. Its focus, instead, rests on exploiting tragedy to usurp power and authority, from tightening its grip on surveillance to increasing police powers or launching military invasions. Such a discussion, however, is unlikely to receive meaningful attention.

Regardless, the study serves as a necessary vindication for widely-persecuted Muslims, who endure unfair judgment, mistrust, and attacks because of the tragedy of 9/11. Though it is unlikely to shift the narrative, its findings add to an ever-increasing body of evidence that proves the State’s declared objectives are starkly different from its observed authoritarian policies.

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    • I’ve no issues with the obvious love you have for the Muslim people. What I do have a problem with is your reference that all WHITE people are now some how responsible for acts of terror other people committed. This is exactly what you’re (attempting) to say isn’t the case for the Muslim people. This is what MILLIONS have said isn’t the case (you in this article even say that about the Muslims, yet not white people) and is racist as hell.

      The real problem is the sheeple complex most people have, and on another note… the real issue to discuss is religion. Christianity and Islam are BOTH evil, as is most religion. Faith isn’t religion, I’ve no problem with who you worship. I’ve a problem with idiots buying into this religious BS. Quit egging on stereotyping, or put someone on who will do a better job reporting for Anonymous. I sure as hell won’t wear a mask for a group that’s prejudice towards me, as this article clearly shows you are.

      • Wing blade what you do not understand is what you do not see. Do you always have memories of your dream when you wake up. I do not always remember mine.

        • What does your comment have to do with mine? I’m talking about how the author is prejudice towards whites, he didn’t write it in his sleep I would hope. 😉

          All stereotyping does is create hate and unrest. The author needs to reread his article and remove the stereotyping BS.

      • Religion isn’t evil. People are evil. (The only religions that are evil are the ones that only preach hate ie. WBB). The people who follow a religion aren’t idiots right off the bat (there might be stupid people who follow religion, just like there are amounts of people who don’t follow a religion that are just as stupid). There is a lot of good that can come from religion.

      • That’s racist as hell. I know a few people in the Kurdish army who are killing Daesh/ISIS/ISIL whatever you call those losers, as well as a variety of others. Are you out there shooting ISIS? If not, go unwrap your opinion and stuff it up your ass. Quit egging on hate. If you have nothing smart to say do your ignorant ass a favor and say nothing.

  1. uhm? ISIS is a muslim terrorist group? boko haram is a muslim terrorist group? Al-queda is a muslim terrorist group? talibans are a muslim terrorist group? i think they have killed more people then some shooters in the US… and inside the US its not weird since you dont even take in muslims from the wars you created, europe has to bear that burden..

    • But if you train and supply those groups with guns kind of makes you the terrorist, right? And despite these gov acts, you have your kkk and police killing your own kind, who is the power source of terror?

    • I will repeat what this article is concluding. What you think is wrong, and you need to stop making judgements based on what you think and make them based on the truth. We are just glad that someone as emotionally volatile as you couldn’t EVER be someone anyone would give any respect to.

      • What a ridiculous comment. The article is completely wrong with the numbers being bogus. Get a life and accept the truth. BTW, you are not God.

  2. Because there’s no such thing as a white muslim. Not to say muslims or whites specifically are bad. But there can be white, islamic terrorists just as there can be white, non-islamic terrorists and non-white, islamic terrorists.

  3. The ‘statistics’ get even gruesomer when you factor in the C.I.A. training of leader of the so-called Islamic State, and their creation and deployment of ‘Al Qaida’ against the Taliban (who had eliminated 90% of the lucrative poppy trade)- the 9-11 and 7/7 false flag operations were motivated and conducted by the same Western powers behind the Paris attacks so ineptly foreshadowed by the ‘cartoon Prophet’ muck-rakin,)and is part of a larger package orchestrated to disarm citizenry while hastening global conflict: exactly as Adolf ‘Shekel-Grubber’ accomplished by burning down his own seat of Parliament (eg. any political opposition) at the Reichstag.

  4. LOL wow! Why does this shit even matter? You sure this site is actually anons? If you can’t even see all the pieces on the board, you have no right commenting on the game.

    • It matters because the anti-muslim sentiment is in a large part being forced into our minds by government rhetoric and media coverage. The world is much more complex than they would have us believe, we need to look at all sides of the story, not just the sanitized, state approved version of the truth.

      • The anti-muslim sentiment is far newer than the anti-white sentiment that’s lasted since the civil rights movements in the USA. Racial hates there for all races, not just muslims…but media only has love for Muslims. The next big media conflict is likely going to be the BLM movement competing for air time versus the Muslim sympathizers.

        The only reason this article pisses me off is because it does what it says not to do to muslims to white people. Make judgements for them all based on skin color. As far as the numbers I could really care less, there are far more deaths than there should be. Especially when you factor in the police deaths, shouldn’t be but a few of those yearly, not hundreds or thousands.

  5. According to the author whites and cops have killed more than anyone else, so are we going to wait until the numbers look right before we end the chaos.

  6. Obviously, this most enlightening article wrankles some folks’ collective collars – and for good reason. For years, going along merrily on their way pointing fingers and not taking a look in the mirror. Yeah, that’s so hard to do, and the cognitive dissonance that comes with it is certainly as easy to swallow as a lump of coal.

  7. most gun deaths are suicides, do your research. a minute fraction of gun violence is mass shooting which only appeared to trend after clinton and bush showed up and saw expansive growth under obama. for a bunch of hackers you guys certainly arent hacking the right information. I would stop while youre ahead if you dont want to discredit yourself. Black on black violence is way higher than white on white violence as well. dont be a propagandist like the frauds who hold political office.

  8. Anonymous, this is a great article, but I am disappointed with what’s NOT in it. Specifically, you could have included statistics about the terrorism that happens in our homes…gender violence. For example, more women were killed by their intimate partners during the years of the Vietnam War than the total number of combat casualties overseas during the same time period. It’s estimated that 1/3 of all women murdered in the U.S. are murdered by their male intimate partners. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/09/men-killing-women-domesti_n_5927140.html

    Also, whether it right wing extremists, jihadists, gang members or police officers, the overwhelming perpetrators of violence are males. There is a component of toxic socialized masculinity to this violence.

    Check out Michael Kimmel’s book Angry White Men for a great discussion of the gender component to the right wing violence you write about.

    The recent documentary Jihad: A British Story does a great job of illuminating the masculine norms that fuel jihadists.

    As you correctly write, “Having a conversation about violent, ideological extremism is vital, but it should mean discussing all types of violent behavior, no matter who is committing it.”

    • Lol, feminist ends up making a gender stereotype, “based” on research. Do you people even know what the word hypocrite means? Lmfao…


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