Whoa! Aliens On Earth Control Money & Religion – Says Former World Bank Senior Council


After former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer shocked us with his ‘conviction’ that there are at least “4 known alien species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years”, former World Bank Senior Council, Karen Hudes stunned us with her remarks that a second species on Earth controls money and religion.

Hudes, who blew the whistle on corruption within the World Bank, and exposed the collusion that took place between financial institutions and various governments, corroborates her statement with a lot of ancient historical facts and modern day disclosures of strange phenomena like UFOs.

“These countries are not monolithic, there are forces fighting the corruption and there are forces that have totally been co-opted, and the way they act is treasonous to the people in those countries. The group that’s behind the network of control are the Jesuits, and there are also some groups behind them. One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, they are mathematical. They had a much stronger force in the earlier ice-age. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public”.

Believe her or not, but the occurrence of strange phenomenon has a large amount of proof to back it up.



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  1. amazing, im wondering if this hs a foundation of truth, or if this just is another means pull away the attention of the public to some illigal stuff.

    • demons cant be older then time, as they were created by lucifer, who wasnt created until after day and night were made

      according to scripture anyway


      • Lucifer means the sun. You bible thumpers are so dumb believing a book that has been altered/misinterpreted so many times that it doesn’t even hold validity anymore.

        • Technically, his name means “morning star” which I guess u might want to interpret as “Sun” but that’s not what it means. Also,from a “bible thumper” the word of God says he WAS known as the morning star, or lucifer, before sin was found in him. In other words, sin changed the nature that he was created in. Lucifer was created to reflect the glory of God in a way that was greater than the other angels.Lucifer willingly went against God’s will.
          Why is it that people like you, who have a problem with the bible, do not have a problem with people who live by the words of one man, like Confucious, or Buddha or some other cult or pagan religion? To say that it, the bible, has been altered or misinterpreted would mean that their IS A RIGHT interpretation. It’s way easier to justify not wanting to get to know God by using that millennium old excuse. Does bad and horrible abusive parenting mean that there is not a right way to parent?

          • I agree with “Anon”, and amusing to read how “aliens can change into demons, who appeared before time, and Lucifer suddenly is the Sun…” 😉

            This a great site, where I read lots of funny stuff. Every time I feel down, I check out. Reading these amusing comments makes my day! 😀

        • We’re commenting on a person stating that aliens run shit, and yet you find it necessary to attack someone’s religion instead. If you don’t believe in it why do you find it necessary to tare it, or those who believe in it down? Do not believe that ppl have the right to believe what they want?
          I wouldn’t be saying this if the person you commented about had been at all hostile to anyone else, or their beliefs, but they weren’t. They simply stated their belief of the topic being discussed! Hate creates hate!

    • I saw an object once that I thought was Polaris whilst stargazing. Turns out Polaris was just to the bottom-right of it, and was far dimmer than the object I was viewing. It brightened, shot away and dimmed out immediately. It was in orbit.

      As an astronomer, I know how to calculate some of this kind of shit. For instance, it had an apparent size of one arcsecond, or about that of the ISS. So I used the distance the ISS orbits as a basis for it’s distance from us.

      Given that it traveled the distance equal to about a quarter, we can do some angular measurements to derive the distance it traveled. It did so in about 1.5 seconds, which gives the final figures.

      I estimated it to be 22.1 miles long, and traveling at 1.6 million miles per hour and accelerating. Now I admit that I’m not a degree holding scientist, but this was the only time I ever saw anything like this. It was fucking mindblowing, man.

      • Virtus. If you don’t believe this stuff, and have nothing to contribute to the conversation then leave forever. Your’e probably a troll, too.

        What did you pick the name Virtus to sound Virtuous, so you could trick people with NLP.

        Leave and stay away

  2. Seems like a whole bunch of gooble gaable. None of these claims ever have been backed up by any actual legitimate evidence that supports their arguments.

  3. There are always stories and stories and testimonies and blurry images and more stories and David Icke and charlatans like him and no justifiable evidence. We need evidence, not testimonies and stories we get from various place about many conspiracies, and those are the worst kind of evidence available. We need solid evidence.

  4. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions and beliefs, but if you dont take consideration On these so called “claims” and ignore them. You’re a fool, I have done a great amount of research over this particular subject and what I found goes back ways, these aliens were belived to be gods towards the indians. People who are simple minded will not dare to believe anything other than their beliefes. That’s ignorance at its finest.

    • I just gotta love you. If we should be alone in this universe, everything would circle around us, in fact we are circulating around the sun, that is making a travel through infinity, together with other suns – so many i cant count them on the nightsky – while im standing and watching these stars i always make em an heart salute!

  5. One thing came to mind around 31:00 or so..a certain Dr., who is on a certain television program, who’s surname starts with a T, and a popular internet meme with the caption “Aliens”. It may be possible, I think it is more likely dis-information… Almost like a validation, yeah the whole thing is corrupt, yeah there are a lot of (not-so) “secret” societies running things with a lot of influence…..but it’s aliens behind them, the one’s from thousands of years ago in the pictures at the Egyptian ruins….

    Though they do seem to touch upon great empires forming, they get a lot of stuff done, become drunk with power and wealth, and something comes along and helps the empire to fall, a dark age ensues..in reality who knows how long this cycle has gone on. Maybe there were other great empires with advanced technology that fell, chaos ensued, dark ages, knowledge was lost, maybe history was lost too. Maybe there was such a cataclysm that the dark age lasted so long nothing much remains from the society that existed before.

    So many possibilities when you begin to theorize and speculate. Entertaining none the less, and something to think about, still not ready to board the U.S.S. Enterprise and look for Jimmy Hoffa in space with Gene Rodenbury. 😛 Same time, we most likely are not alone in being intelligent life……

    • No its not funny, i want to know the truth, and i want to know it NOW! And not these fancy stories and suppositions of maybe this, maybe that, maybe god, maybe aliens bla bla bla, just THE real thing, and NOW!
      But yeah its kinda funny too.

  6. my name is not important to anyone and for the sake of this post is not needed but what I want to say is that I don’t care who controls the money or gold goes but I love money and I love gold im a very smart energetic 30 year old man with a great work ethic who will do what ever it takes to uptain a benefactor whom provides a wealthy future for me and my family what ever needs be done im capable trust me any otgizanation could only benifit from taking me on even if that company is only you and I I currently hold a job car girlfriend and child let me help u achieve ur goals! Please

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  8. I’ve been saying this for a while now….. what value does gold have , or should i say did it have to early cultures ….. a pretty shiny metal that was collected and piled up …. but why ?
    All we are doing is the same thing we have been doing for ever …. what we were put here to do ….. to mine conductors for alien space crafts………

  9. I read somewhere on the internet that aliens, others beings, or whatever you would like to call them came to Earth to mine the gold it contained. You know because any advanced species will need gold to have advanced electrical devices like computers and such. If you think about that then it would explain the reason money was invented and used the way it is. A fake currency to make us stupid humans extract, process and stock up the gold. So these beings, who are in control of the governments all over the world can basically take all the actual resources for themselves and prevent the human race from ever becoming a threat to their way of life, among other things.

    This comment is merely speculation and has no facts to back it up, I just like to speculate about things from time to time. I mean it’s not like my comment here is any more far fetched than some of the other things I’ve read on the internet over the years.

    • I read this stuff and take it with a pinch of salt, but nevertheless I enjoy reading about it!.. I remain skeptical however, until I find something that convinces me. I would like nothing more than to be convinced?!

      Saying that, I found what you had to say interesting. It made me question again what happened to all that gold that supposedly disappeared from the sad destruction of the twin towers?!

  10. As long as they make the boogeyman an e.t., and all the time that they can keep us looking to the stars for the enemy, is all the time that they can keep us from looking right here on terra firma for the true enemy.

  11. I didn’t watch the video but what about mass energy moving through sound waves? If something could transport through space and time and be able to control any given situation it would be some kind of energy ok now this is where it gets really freaky dajavu a dream in which some part of the energy in your dream becomes real, now string theory the theory that space is infinite-dimensional possible I think so? A multiverse if there is an unknown energy running this planet this is how they are doing it in my opinion.

  12. This lady is batsh*t crazy…. aliens… wizard of oz….. the solution…..everyone will be rich with all the excess gold…..there will be no such thing as unemployment. Brilliant!!

  13. This lady is batsh*t crazy…. aliens… wizard of oz….. the solution…..everyone will be rich with all the excess gold…..there will be no such thing as unemployment. Brilliant!!


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