What You WON’T See In Mainstream News: Greece “NO” Protests Are HUGE



It seems only RT is keen on showcasing the true size of the NO protests. This most recent protest is awe-inspiring in size. CNN, Reuters, BBC, are keen to avoid filming the size of a major NO protest; instead, their reports are either claiming that Greece is a divided nation, is explaining why NO voters are idiots, or is centered around footage of fearful Greek INDIVIDUALS (ignoring NO protesters altogether, focusing on small clumps of NO protesters, and only providing zoomed-out shots for smaller NO protests).

NewsWeek claims tens of thousands protest both sides, but as with all the other mainstream sources, has refused to film the size of the YES protests as RT had for the NO. Suffice to say, journalistic “omissions” like these, demonstrated across almost all mainstream networks, is most disheartening, but not unexpected. Don’t trust my opinion, perhaps I am looking at the wrong sources. Google the YES and NO protests in Greece for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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  1. That’s amazing!
    Never knew about this, and it is sad how the media is hijacked by capitalists. Maybe money is to blame for the censorship and bias in the mainstream media because of the greed and fantasy encouraged and associated with it? Unfortunatly it is spoon fed to us to allow the global elite to advance furthur with less resistance. Anyone got a dollar?


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