The Anoncast Episode 1 Featuring Cannabis Consumers Coalition CEO Larisa Bolivar Now Live



On the debut episode of the Anoncast, we had a chance to speak with the founder and CEO of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, Larisa Bolivar. We spoke about the current state and future of the cannabis industry, whether or not Monsanto is attempting to back door their way into the industry, the murder of Ken Gorman and more. Find out more about Larisa Bolivar and the Cannabis Consumers Coalition at

We also named the three winners of the T-shirt design contest.  All three designs are now available at the Anoncast website under the Support The Anoncast link..

In this episode, we played a brand new song submitted by the community, “Yes We Scan” GDLK remix of Blendrix.  Find out more about GDLK at

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  1. When are you going to hack the massive electronic bilboards all around and peoples televisions and show the. Videos that can change the world so they are forced to watch? It sounds kinda crazy, I know. But I try to talk to all these east Texans and spread the message but no one listens. They need to see before it is too late. I’m trying so hard to help but no one listens to a girl like me.

    • OMG now that’s a fantastic idea Sierra. Any chance anyone can make this happen cause I totally agree with Sierra. No one wants to hear the truth because americans are way too comfortable being ignorant to the truths surrounding us all. And even when you tell people the govt is taking away privacy, the number 1 response is always, well I don’t have anything to hide. My god how ignorant can people be when their rights that their forefathers died to create are under attack and all people say is, that doesn’t affect me when in all reality, it affects us all in a very negative way.

    • So exactly like the scene from V for Vendetta… though still effective a move, its too much of an attack. Its a matter of timing, play, and using your enemies expectations to expose where they moved reasources to gain ground they can never take back

  2. step1. find out what is the best time to broadcast: before/during a major show
    step2. compromise broadcasting firm
    step3. press play


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