SHOCK: China Is Harvesting LIVING Humans For Organ Transplants


The fight on human harvesting, and the atrocities occurring in China, are a battle against the Chinese government, rather than select individuals. Human Harvest (aka Davids and Goliath) is a film documenting the trade of human harvesting in China, and its horrific magnitude. There is also a Facebook page where you can find out more about the cause at Help STOP Genocidal Organ Harvesting of Prisoners of Conscience in China.

As the trailer documents (and not for the faint hearted), the human harvesting is a very real issue. China now ranks number 2 in the world for organ transplants. Many, many countries are also using the ‘influx’ of organs to benefit others – unbeknownst to the recipient, the donor is still alive when the harvesting takes place.

The challenge is daunting. It’s equivalent to the atrocities in Nazi Germany, perhaps even larger, and this new form of evil and abuse needs to be stopped. Educate yourself with these genocidal atrocities, and decide what part you can play in putting a stop to it.

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  1. I have to admit I’m having some trouble with this one. Has it been fact checked by any other sources? I see what looks like congressional testimony; is that what it is?
    Please advise, thanks

    • CMH50, this is very much real and ongoing today. I’m not even surprised that Congress doesn’t have a lot of evidence. Being of asian descent and having traveled to Asia, they talk about it a lot over there. There’s so many people that hardly anyone will notice if a bunch of poor people go missing.Unfortunately, like any country driven by money and power, not many people can do anything except bring it to the attention of the public. However, I can tell you that it is very risky going up against these big companies with hidden lucrative agendas. I hope that one day, we can get rid of underground organ trafficking.

  2. Usually in these types of exposés the people giving commentary are named at the bottom of the screen. Who are these people speaking? Are there any references for this piece? Not enough data here to go on. Please add footnotes or reference documents. Although I can see how official documentation may not exist to protect the witnesses. I don’t know- seems suspect.

  3. This is a great documentary about the ongoing persecution in China. The two people are David Matas and David Cilgor. They are one of the most respected and world renowned human rights lawyers in the world.. They are known to be extremely thorough investigators and have been exposing this for over 15 years.. If you have any doubt about the movie you should watch it.. . And there are also many many other media over the world who has exposed this.. Also the EU parlament…

  4. Please Anonymous, it’s vitally important that you thoroughly fact check your articles which vilify the East, or anybody else. Otherwise you’re just another medium for the propaganda machine, which wants us to fear and hate that entire part of our planet, to justify invading it and stripping it of its sovereignty and natural resources.
    Please be a force for good, and not just another tool of evil

  5. When the death is enforced in China , ambulances are waiting on the field to hustle the remains away to harvest the organs. Disgusting. When you receive the death sentence it’s carried out very quickly.

  6. When the death sentence is carried out in China, ambulances are waiting on the field to hustle away the deceased to harvest the organs.

  7. Meh, this is so misleading, they aren’t even harvesting from “live” people, they are harvesting from executed criminals. Much of it is unsubstantiated as well, it’s a way over exaggerated take on a controversial issue, and to top it all off, it’s old news, this has been largely phased out.

    • Ryan that’s a lie. They say it’s executed prisoners but the number s of the transplants are much more than that number. There has been extensive research done on this issue. I was shocked. you want to watch this full documentary you will see all the evidence. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Let’s Ha4k’em, that the only tool we have.

      Together we are stonger than any big company !

      Let the DDOS begin…

  8. Sadly, this is for real, and they are mostly prisoners of conscience, not criminals, that are being killed on demand to have their organs taken and sold to rich people from all over thw world. Here are some links where you can check:

    HUMAN HARVEST – documentary
    you can watch it online

    Unimaginable Barbarity
    Winnipeg human rights champion’s work behind acclaimed documentary on China’s savage organ harvest from political prisoners
    Matas and Kilgour received the 2009 Human Rights Award from the German-based International Society for Human Rights and were nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

    by Human rights lawyer David Matas and David Kilgour, a former member of Canadian Parliament

    Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, petition

    • Read about China Selling, Profiting from the murder-dissecting while alive of innocents for years. They learned this from the best in the business,
      IOUSA’s medical cabal.
      If you are a non smoker, healthy young person in an automobile accident in IOUSA, you may be the next human sacrifice.
      The medical minions are relentless, they will harass and degrade you at your most vulnerable. You have to be firm. They wait like vultures.
      Everyone gets paid well and they are worshiped. Good medical insurance is no longer a guarantor of safety, rather it is an enticement for the priest in white coats and their vestal virgins at the temple of modern human sacrifice to murder you, while they call it a “miracle” or “progress”.
      Tell that to the person that was vivisected while alive, while paralyzed by drugs to keep their cries of terror and anguish from being heard.
      Never leave you accident victim-relatives and friends alone in the temples of horror. They wait for you to leave.

  9. Hoax… this article is a fake and created by people who don’t even bother to name their sources. As they say. “Don’t believe in half of what you read in the internet, take the rest with a grain of salt.


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