He Is The World’s First HEARTLESS Man


Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier, from the Texas Heart Institute, saved Craig Lewis, 55, from dying of amyloidosis – a life threatening heart condition that fills internal organs with a viscous protein that causes rapid heart beat and kidney and liver failure. When even a pacemaker failed to save his life and he just had 12 hours to live, the two doctors removed Lewis’ heart and installed a ‘continuous flow’ device that allowed blood to circulate his body without a pulse!

The doctors first tested the device on nearly 70 calves. They removed the animals’ hearts and by the next day, the calves were doing everything they were the day before – eating, sleeping, and moving – but this time, without a heart pumping blood through their bodies.

After the 48-hour long surgery, Lewis’ wife was astonished when she tried to listen to his pulse. “I listened and it was a hum, which was amazing. He didn’t have a pulse,” she told NPR. His kidneys and liver, however, failed him and after a few months his family asked the doctors to unplug the device.

Dr. Cohn and Dr. Frazier proved that life is possible without a pulse or a heartbeat. “Heart Stop Beating” is the story of these two doctors and the process they had to go through to replace Lewis’ dying heart with a ‘continuous flow’ device.

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    • It didn’t work that well if his kidneys and liver failed anyway. Maybe it was just too late, but maybe the body and internal organs aren’t built for continuous flow of blood in long term. I would expect that it was too big change for the whole blood system and already weakened organs. It is like powering the AC device with direct current, it might work, but not so well or not so long. I wonder why they didn’t use some pulsing pump instead. You know, something more natural for the body.

      • The disease doesn’t only attack the heart, but also other internal organs. So his kidney and liver failing wasn’t due to the implant, but the initial disease.

        • Maybe it wasn’t due to the implant, maybe it was, we will never know for sure. According to what is written here, they done it to save his life from this disease, if that didn’t happen then it wasn’t a succes. And there is still no reason to use something this unnatural on somebody whith disease like this, when his organs are already horribly weakened. I would quite expect that milions years of evolution where we had the pulsing blood system would make the organs really way too optimalized for the pulse. You can’t expect it is good to change something like this, just because it worked on a few, young and healthy. It was a noble goal and nice try, but they didn’t think it through enough, in my opinion.

          • No, you still don’t get it… he had Amyloidosis, in case you didn’t understand what is was that you read… a viscous protein, called Amyloid, fills the internal organs and causes them to eventually fail. When this protein fills the heart it struggles (read, STRUGGLES!) to do its job, but to no avail. They attempted a pacemaker to help the heart beat, but when this proved unsuccessful, that is when they removed his heart and installed the ‘continuous flow’ device to keep his blood moving throughout his body. This however did not cure his Amyloidosis, it simply kept him from dying the day the pacemaker failed, from heart failure. Amyloid continued to build, filling his organs, leading to eventual liver and kidney failure. He was always going to die from this, removing his heart extended his life… giving him a few months more to prepare and say his goodbyes instead of 12 hours.

  1. Great so they killed 70 calves only to try it on a human which was only successful for a few months before liver and kidney failure. Can we stop killing things for a moment and realize this isn’t working.

      • Don’t worry they probably also ate them afterwards and skinned them to make leather and everything else so only the heart was probably wasted

    • The Calves would otherwise have grown up just to become hamburger… Do you not have any deceased relatives that you wished had more time? Even if it was just 3 months… Plus those calves helped advance a future potentially human life changing/saving technology… (This is usually where Id add dipshit)

    • As far as i can read, it doesn’t meantion calves being killed and by the looks of it the disease was making the organs fail anyways. It does not state the device killed anyone.

      “a life threatening heart condition that fills internal organs with a viscous protein that causes rapid heart beat and kidney and liver failure.”

      I take it that the man got asked if this operation would be ok to perform and signed for this and was explained any risks that might be taken.

      Nice to see technology keeps going forward.

    • his kidney and liver stopped working because of his condition, as stated in the article. This is a huge step in medical history, because this device works, we could have it installed in people with heart failures, who don’t have long enough to wait for compatible doners. Yes, killing 70 calves is bad, but we have millions of them left? And they get eaten by us anyway. You can’t test it on 70 human babies could you? I’m sure you’d be more upset by that than the calves

    • do you have autism or something they didn’t kill 70 calves it literally fucking says all of the calves were fine the next day

      • really? they were all fine? they TOOK OUT THEIR HEARTS. yeh they where fine while they were on the machine they were testing. you think they kept them hooked up or re-planted their hearts when they were done though?

        • So, instead of making this and probably be able to save millions with this new technology, not just humans. You’re pissed, because they had to test it on animals (which they said were fine afterwards, they just had no pulse), when they would be slaughtered anyways?

          Sacrifices are a part of life. Sure, animaltesting is wrong, but in this case it went well. They would have to test it on someone anyways.

          Move on.

    • Really? Are you retarded? What the fuck else would you try this on? A human being who is live and well, 70 times just to “Test” it? Of course animals where used… Jesus. Some fucking people.

    • If you read correctly it says that the calves lived and were doing all of the same things that they had been doing before………

    • No way you say this. This is a huge step forward… And it’s working out. It only needs some work and maybe humans longevity will be 10 years longer. How dare you…

    • The answer is: NO. If you’re butthurt over 70 calves, you had better be the most strictest vegan out there, or your comment is moot. You should also not use most medicines, vaccines, makeup–in fact, you should just go out and graze with the cattle and hope no one picks you next for a heart transplant.

      Male calves are used for FOOD from the dairy industry anyway, like it or lump it, they’re dying either way. At least instead of being turned into a swirl of shit they’re helping others. Unlike yourself.

    • You must stupid…The patient was given more time than 12 hours to live and speak his love ones. This was a successful operation and not a failure.
      besides even if you call this a failure, this would be the beginning of a technological boost which could save thousands or possibly millions of lives just by doing this once.

    • Ill just state the obvious Me. His other organs didn’t fail for that reason. He was very unhealthy already and dying. The heart really has nothing to do with liver/kidney failure. It is quite literally a pump.

    • Thanks to technology like the VAD, I’ve had my son around for the last 4 years after his massive heart attack.
      Complain all you want, it works and I’m thankful for it.

    • Seriously, a person’s life is worth more than a damn calves… This has the potential to save millions of live. Take that animal rights crap somewhere else.

  2. From Dick Cheney’s Wikipedia page:

    “In early July 2010, Cheney was outfitted with a left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) at Inova Fairfax Heart and Vascular Institute to compensate for worsening congestive heart failure.[180] The device pumped blood continuously through his body. He was released from Inova on August 9, 2010, and had to decide whether to seek a full heart transplant. [b]This pump was centrifugal and as a result he remained alive without a pulse for nearly fifteen months.[/b]”

  3. i think this a awesome idea.. now for the people that are freaking out about the 70 calves .. how many calves would you kill to have 1 loved one spend 1 extra day with you .. anything that keeps a human alive for another day is worth it…

  4. Stop playing God People!!!! Why is everyone so afraid of dying? When it’s time to go,its time to go. Science will do anything to make money.

  5. Wow some of you people have a really Jaded dim view of theology You must have been abused by your clergy or misguided parents. The view that Science is given from god is widely excepted. Even Christians believed that math came from god that’s how Dante proved the existence of god using Aristotelian logic which basically ended the dark ages. Medical science is not “playing god” its using the brain that god created us with (in his image) to improve ourselves and attain enlightenment to become more like him and have a better life physical life. the quest for knowledge can never be immoral as long as it is done with respect for the quality of life and the future of mankind. you don’t have to believe in god to respect people or their quality of life if you allow fear to keep you in the dark you hurt more than your self if you don’t want medical treatment refuse it. But you have no rite to say what I want is immoral. that is playing god. Emphasis on Playing!

  6. You know they have made a smal “elektric blanket” that make the hearth pump like normal? then it dont just flow but actualt work like b4.

  7. We are meant to die not get saved by Robot devices.If We all live longer then we should and not by our Karma .Then belive me there will be a ton of problems in the world.Food shortage soon,Over population etc.Then comes the robot age and by by Humans.

  8. They should of installed a Pulse Logic Controller better known as PLC and a Flow controller with a Restriction Valve,they should off got all of this from Festo…lol

  9. I literally feel 8000x dumber after reading the comments on this page, go to fucking school or just die, humanity is screwed if you are what the future holds.


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