26 Witty Memes Powerfully Take Down Islamophobic Stereotypes


An unprecedented and dramatic increase in violent and hostile incidents against Muslims, is indicative of rising prejudice against Muslims in America, fueled by inflammatory remarks by politicians against Islam and its followers. We have become too judgmental, too quick to jump to a conclusion, too eager to turn hysterical, forthrightly giving permission to bigots to intimidate and take out their feelings on American Muslims. But isn’t the anti-Muslim sentiments, hate crimes, casual stereotyping and bigoted comments towards Muslims, in particular young American Muslims, damaging?

Have we ever paid attention to what it’s like to be a Muslim in the world today, where Muslim-blaming is now an expected reaction to any terrorism attack, be it in the U.S. or abroad (read the West)? Is there a way to explore the kind of toll that Islamophobia can take on the mental and physical health of Muslim-Americans, ever? A recent analysis by VICE found that for an increasing number of hijab-wearing women, misogyny is combining with Islamophobia to especially toxic effect. But do we care?

Take a look at these 26 hilarious yet thought-provoking memes posted on quickmeme.com under the “Ordinary Muslim Man” tag. The memes not only reveal a prejudice and make you laugh, they also force you to think: Is Islamophobia a Muslim issue or an American issue?

The Ordinary Muslim Man… supports girls’ education.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is a proud businessman.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… supports marriage equality.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is forward-looking.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… believes in harmony.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… cares about the environment. muslim5

The Ordinary Muslim Man… fosters equal partnership.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… cares.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is a threat — to global warming.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is just like us — an expert!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… loves organic cooking, nutrition, and healthy fats!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… supports taxpayer-funded city infrastructure initiatives.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is as patriotic…


The Ordinary Muslim Man… thinks of world peace!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… runs the office!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… fails!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is a foodie.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… knows what works best.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is concerned about the nation’s health.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is a fitness freak!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is a caring parent.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… values culture.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… has a mind of his own.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… is fun to be with.


The Ordinary Muslim Man… practices tolerance!


The Ordinary Muslim Man… has dreams: just like you and I…


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  1. Next time can we get a page of posts joking about how it’s not wrong but a misunderstanding that pedophiles have sex with babies under 5. That stuff is funny too, and we need people to learn to be more ok with it.

    • That would be an issue cause it’s practically impossible, unless you can show us how to do it, if you’re so keen… (white flag), and muslims are against gay marriage so that meme in the middle is a BS

  2. Since 78% of AMERICAN Muslims agreed with Sharia law in over 12 different over a 5 years,memes are lies gor the Progressive Left history revisionists.


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