[UPDATED] David Rockefeller Breaks Record for Most Heart Transplants at Age 101



That’s right; the Rockefeller family patriarch refuses to let nature take its course, and has instead opted to have another heart transplant at age 101, officially making the record as having “more heart transplants than any other human being that’s ever existed,” according to sources. This is David’s seventh heart transplant.

The 2016 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation states that patients should be 70-years-old or younger to be considered for cardiac transplantation, and even then, these patients are carefully selected based on their current health, including BMI (body mass index). This recent heart transplant comes after David’s last one failed a couple weeks ago.


David Rockefeller. Source: Public Domain


According to the Gift of Life Donor Program, “there are more than 122,000 people waiting for much-needed organs,” (including of course, hearts). There are not enough organs to go around, and those who are in need of a transplant must follow the rules that dictate the waiting list, which is managed by the United Network for Organ sharing (UNOS). Special allowances are sometimes made for children, however according to the Donor Program, “Factors such as a patient’s income, celebrity status, and race or ethnic background play no role in determining allocation of organs.”

Really? So was the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation blowing smoke up our ass when they said patients should be 70-years-old or younger to be considered for a heart transplant? Is everyone allowed to have 7 heart transplants by the age of 101? Or is it more likely that David Rockefeller has accomplished his heart transplant record because of his name and money? We’ll let you decide.

OrganDonor.gov claims that “an average of 22 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs,” and this includes children (for accuracy’s sake, it’s relevant to mention that older individuals in need of a heart transplant will sometimes need organs donated by older individuals as well, but it does not change the fact that children are currently dying waiting for organ donations). They also state that as more people are in need of transplants, the number of organs being donated are dwindling, and yet a 101-year-old, overweight man who can’t stand without a cane, or walk without a walker, was bumped to the top of the list after already having 6 failed heart transplants. And this supposedly has nothing to do with his celebrity status or income.

Are we here at Anonymous, wishing for the death of a crusty old bastard who’s afraid to let nature take its course, and who has directly aided in screwing the American people over for decades? No. For as terrible a person as David Rockefeller may be, anyone who wishes for the death of another human cannot call themselves a champion for Human Rights. However, it is this appreciation for human life that causes the concern; when it comes to receiving a much needed transplant, everyone in society is supposed to be equal across the board, and yet that’s not what we’re seeing here. Citizens who are younger, healthier, and could potentially have more to offer society are dying, while wealthy corporate dictators who are so old, their skin is falling off their face, are allowed to bypass rules that come down to life and death.

It’s a touchy topic. What are your thoughts?



Snopes analyzed an article from April of 2015 claiming that Rockefeller successfully underwent his 6th heart transplant. This has been claimed as false. The original article for this came from a publication called World News Daily Report who claims to be an “American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv.”

The source for the original 7th heart transplant article, which was published August 24th of this year, has been traced back to a publication called Scorched Earth News, who claims to provide “breaking news from the top journalists.” The article then began to circulate the Anonymous wires after being published at Anonymous.com.

The issue has since raised the question of Snopes accuracy in the online community once again as many citizens believe Snopes is used as a government tool to counter conspiracy theories that may actually hold fact. One such example is an article Snopes published titled “Hunt the Boeing!” in which they claim the idea that the Pentagon was damaged by anything other than a Boeing 757 on 9/11 is false. Considering the discrepancies in the government’s official reports, as well as the attention that is picking up steam in the science community regarding the total collapse of the WTC towers, many consider Snopes’ article on the issue suspiciously presumptuous and quick to jump to a conclusion, and in fact, those at 9/11review.org have called Snopes out on it.

In the case of the recent viral Rockefeller-heart-transplant story; within the alternative-news-media, the source “World News Daily Report” has been confused with “World Net Daily” which actually is a reputable source. Disclaimers and updates are now being made.

Snopes (whether you choose to trust their accuracy or not) has yet to release an article on this recent viral story, however despite many citizens insistence on believing in its accuracy, chances are its false. Readers will have to judge for themselves whether they value Snopes’ accuracy above the accuracy of a publication calling itself a “Zionist newspaper,” and that has a reputation of publishing satire. Considering how well David Rockefeller hides his medical history, there’s probably no way to truly verify either way, and no leak sources have been identified.


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  1. I think he’s doing this so that he can live long enough to see the New World Order come to life and make it a reality. Isn’t he the last of the Rockefellers though? That’s what bugs me the most.

  2. I’m sure this organ (or his previous ones for that matter) wasn’t obtained through a recognized, legit or legal donor program. This family doesn’t care about or follow the rules. They make their own.

  3. It’s funny how even Anon chastised itself with p.c., not being a champion while wishing bad things on their enemy. They have no such problem, and will kill millions, are then going to wish.

  4. Hi…56 65K a year, working peasant, and had a full liver transplant 4/2015. I do believe that who he is makes obtaining an organ much easier.But I have this unwritten feeling that once transplanted that the medical team is now committed to you if you stay on the health path they offer. Everyone one is different, but I could see myself being transplanted into my 70’s. Longer depending how that previous transplants went. I also believe that transplanting vital organs can be life giving, and rejuvenating. I could go on, but thats my 2 cents. Oh, if he dies on the table, they most likely will freeze his ass. Just saying. #AlwaysSanders

  5. They don’t want to hear my thoughts, for my thoughts alone would scramble their brains so fast an old man who received 7 heart transplants and which were waiting for to die would go back in time 40 years.

  6. Nature is stronger then he is, one only hopes it decides to take him out of this world, that would be so much evil gone, it would be a good start!

    • Do you suppose the grand pokémon has something to say to him as well, as long as we’re talking about human created imaginary monsters?

  7. ok first of all, he doesn’t get his hearts from the donation program like a normal person would… he has his cronies find a young boy that matches his needs and the poor soul is sacrificially killed and then a private team of top doctors do the transplant… and he really doesn’t care what we ‘goyim’ think about it

  8. Whether or not this ancient parasitic vampire has had too many heart transplants or not is immaterial to the basic fact that he is sucking up valuable oxygen and needs to be staked for the betterment of human existence. 😉

  9. When tou undergo heart surgery – and your heart is removed even for seconds
    You are disconnected from your physical makeup entirely. You change
    To have seven transplants I sure changed this individual completely.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some aspects of the individuals ( who’s hearts were implanted into him)
    Have left reminents of them selves within him also.
    There have been studies on this

  10. David Rockerfeller will eventually die but the evil deeds of his life will carry on in the companies he created such as Standard Oil NJ. Thats his legacy to the world. He may die but is evil deeds will live on.


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