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None of this is about nationalistic pride or theism. This is simply about humanity: caring for your fellow human being and doing what you can, to make a difference.

Over the past few years, the refugee crisis in Europe has only worsened. Now over 1 million people seek refuge in Europe.

These are the people who have managed to run away safely, choosing to flee a country rather than stay and fight in domestic wars. They choose to pick up their belongings and leave, rather then pick up a gun to stay – I seem to remember many Americans doing the same thing in response to the Vietnam War. These refugees are peaceful, these are literally the people attempting to end the senseless cycle of violence and simply find a better life – something many people do not understand.

Many families have made the trek together, not all have made it through intact. Many of these people have lost loved ones: children, parents, brothers and sisters. Tens of thousands have died in the Mediteranian Sea.

All these people want is a better life, a better place for their future and their children – despite the risks. How can anyone honestly blame them? If you were born into the same situation they were, wouldn’t you want to do the same for yourself and your family?

But when these people come to our homelands, looking for safety, they are neither embraced nor helped. Instead, they face 10 foot tall barbwire fences to keep them back. Riot shields, tear gas and armed soldiers to turn them away.

People are being funneled into refugee camps, dare I say internment camps, by the tens of thousands. These makeshift habitats are labeled “safe areas,”  but yield a quality of life barely above survivable.

For those who do make it through all the madness, even those who have done so legally, these people are often abused psychologically by society. Nationalists hold rallies and riots against them. When they walk through the streets, or go into a store, they are met with looks of fear and distrust.

Point being, there is a lot of hate and animosity in this world. We all see it, we always hear about it, and sometimes we participate in it.

There are few people in society willing to actually help and assist these people, even though these are some of, if not the most, helpless people on Earth.  Anonymous has had enough. We do not want to sit idly by and watch as humans continue to suffer needlessly; as humans continue to destroy one another.

Our message to the public and communities around the world: Please help us raise awareness for these people. These people are victims; they are on the run with no resources, no place to call home or return to and subjected to ‘Hell on Earth’. The globe must do more to support them. We can not cure the refugee problem – societies’ problem – with increased hostility, hatred and violence. There is far too much of this in the world as it is.

Online, we can help to steer the negative dialogue surrounding refugees. If we can get #OpRedFlare trending, we can start to trend the positive message supporting our fellow human beings – we can start to change the course of public dialogue. Even if you can not help the situation physically, we can help give these refugees by giving them a voice that will be listened to. Here are some established charities for the cause:

We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion

We Can Forgive

Though We Do Not Forget

Make the Refugees Expect Us


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