Women Chop Onions On Footballer’s Naked Body, Film Gruesome Sexual Assault

The trio have been found guilty of plying an amateur footballer with vodka, stripping him naked at their home, cutting his hair with scissors, chopping onions on his bare body, parting his bum cheeks, and dancing provocatively while filming the sexual assault.

sexual assault
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Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact (like groping) or sexual behavior (like fondling) that stops short of rape or attempted rape, and occurs without the explicit consent of the victim. Although women and girls experience sexual assault at high rates, a significant proportion of victims of sexual assaults are men and boys.

Ironically, male victims of sexual assaults lag far behind women in reporting the offense to the police.  In the UK, 679,051 sexual assaults and rapes of males took place between 2010 and 2014, but only 26,483 cases were reported to the police. That’s because in the popular imagination, sexual assault is something that men do to women. But the fact is, sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter your age, your sexual orientation, your gender identity or your social status.

Three young women Brogan Gillard (26), Paige Cunningham (22), and Shannon Jones (20) have just reinforced the cruel reality in a shocking sexual assault case involving a 20-year-old unnamed British male footballer.

The women from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria (England), have been found guilty of plying an amateur footballer with vodka, stripping him naked at their home, cutting his hair with scissors, chopping onions on his bare body, parting his bum cheeks, and dancing provocatively while filming the gruesome sexual assault.

According to documents filed at Preston Crown Court, the trio picked up the unsuspecting footballer from bar, took him to their home, and gave him copious amounts of vodka until he passed out; the women then tormented and humiliated the naked footballer for their own pleasure as he lay unconscious.

The court heard that Gillard had scissors and asked “Put in his bum?” before parting the footballer’s bottom cheeks. According to The Daily Star, the footballer is said to have felt pain but did not suffer serious injury.

Although they denied causing him actual bodily harm and sexual assault by penetration, the women pleaded guilty to the sexual assault on November 29, 2015. The court found the three women guilty of sexual assault, but acquitted the assailants of the other two counts.

In the video footage shown to the court, Gillard can be seen cutting the young footballer’s hair. While Judge Graham Knowles QC condemned the three women for their “deeply offensive conduct,” Prosecutor Francis McEntee remarked:

“There was not a sexual motive, it was to demean and humiliate the victim. He said the attack descended into sexual behavior. She cut onions onto the motionless complainant. There is music playing and she is dancing and gyrating as she is egged on by the other defendants.”

The victim, who has not been named for legal reasons, did not give evidence in court. However, the victim’s mother, who attended the trial, shared her son’s ordeal:

“The girls picked him up in a pub and took him back to their house. They targeted him and gave him vodka until he passed out. He didn’t know who they were; they were total strangers to him. When he returned home in the early hours, he told me what had happened after which I alerted the police. The police worked very quickly and arrested the three women.

“The last 12 months have been very difficult with this hanging over him. It is one of the worst things that could have happened. He is coping. There was no physical injury; it is more the psychological trauma.”

Gillard, Cunningham, and Jones have been told to sign the sex offenders’ register. The three women will be sentenced in January.

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  1. Things like this happen to women all the time? Most of these men are never arrested or the women were “consentual”. It’s about time this happened to men. He went home with them, so he wanted it…..isn’t that what they say about women getting raped?


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