10 GB of Data Hacked by Anti-ISIS/Anti Bashar al-Assad Hackers

Bashar al-Assad
Bashar al-Assad

Recently on 6th of April 2016 , one of the hackers group known by “Cyber Justice Team “ hacked Into Syrian Cyberspace and stole 10 GB of data from the Government and private servers

The hacked data was uploaded to MEGAUPLOAD. The hacked data is compressed to zip fie of a size 10 Gb, but on decompressing the file it reached a larger size;  the Cyber Justice Team  hacked 40 GB of data from the Syrian cyberspace. The hacked data is compromised from 55 websites, among which 25 belong to the  Syrian government.

Riskbased Security states that there are 274,477 files, and over 38,788 folders within the hacked data. Most of the government websites have  flaws that the hacker can take advantage of.

Some researchers believes that the Syrian government would have deliberately weakened its website security in order to get a trace of those who are pinging their networks.

Some of the websites targeted in this particular hack were:






egov.sy Syrian





You can visit the Full websites List here.

About the Cyber Justice Team

As the name suggests, the idea behind these hacks is to display their distaste for ISIS and also the Assad regime. Cyber Justice Team said that “Assad and ISIS are both responsible for the killings in the Syrian people…” emphasising their dislike for Bashar al-Assad.

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