US Congress is considering recognizing the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory


Tel Aviv (ParsToday) – The US Congress is considering a proposal to recognize the Golan Heights occupied by Israel.


We have reported several months ago that Cheney, Rothschild and Murdoch, the owners of Fox News, have plans to drill oil in the Golan Heights in violation of international law.

According to Israeli Channel 7 channel, Congressman Ron DeSantis has submitted a plan to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israeli territory.

Israeli Internal Security Minister Ghalad Ardan had earlier pointed to the alleged threats against “his country” and called for US President Donald Trump’s term of office to be used to implement this plan.


The Golan Heights are geographically a sparsely populated, hilly area in the Middle East. Internationally recognized as part of Syria, since 1967 the Golan Heights are largely under Israeli control. Israel manages the areas annexed in 1981 as part of its northern district; but the annexation has not been recognized by most states.

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  1. that was the plan from the begining and they didn’t even hid from it! Didn’t they say that they weren’t any Syria to negociate with so it was time recognize Israel’s “annexation” of the Golan? there is a reason that they were bombing Syrian army, that they bombed Syrian areas, even those far from the Golan, there is a reason that they have been provinding help to “rebel” groups, there is a reason for everything that is happening in Syria, and now Israel is making moves to “legitimize”‘ its occupation and create new occupied zones in Syria.

    Israel steal lands, it’s nothing new, we saw what they did in Palestine, what makes anyone think that they will stop there and not grab any opportunity to extand their territory and access lands with more ressources?

    the worst is that before anything is made official we get a hundred warnings, like for Israel making Jerusalem their capital, for how many years have palestinian warned us that it was what they were planing to do? yet nothing was done, and everyone acts surprised when it actually happens and move on to the next story.

    it’s high time for everyone to boycott every single israeli product, and product that are made in Occupied Palestine, and every company that fund israel, and for the people to put pressure on their governement to cut all ties with Israel

    • I totally agree with you Maia, 100%! Please pardon me while I expand. Together the US and Israeli have an undisclosed plan, loaded with many alteria motives, and the results of that plan are unfolding and coming to fruition right before the eyes of the whole world! The entire situation in the middle east is tragically devastating. It is motivated and based on evil and greed. The US and Israel have no one to answer to! They are at the top of the food chain. We as US citizens and the indigenous people of these middle eastern nations are the ones who are suffering and we will pay dearly in the end for these atrocities, and for allowing our political and religious leaders to run rogue throughout the middle east, in the name of greed for the natural resources and territories of another. Resources and territories that the US and Israel hasn’t a legal right to aquire, occupy and settle upon.

  2. Occupation, Colonization, Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing is criminal and totally illegal, but yet as long as it is Israel who is the agressor the US turns a blind eye. In fact the US turns a blind eye to all that the illegal regime of Israel is involved in. Anyone with or without inside knowledge of whats going on knows that the US and Israel are wrong! Deep in the minds of everyone who is old enough to understand right and wrong. Deep in the minds of everyone who is old enough to be aware of the plight of the middle east, knows that the US and Israel are at the root of the entire problem! Most people go along with these injustices because they don’t have to face the responsibilities of the truth. They feel far removed from the lies that are told to them by their crooked politicians, their christian religious leaders, mainstream media and news anchors of the world. They all play an integral part in shaping public opinion, rewriting history as it is happening in real time, creating a fairytale narrative for all christians and US citizens to swallow.

  3. Bomb Israel and their Synagogue of Satan back to the stone age, then turn the State of Israel into free parking for their Arab neighbors. “Revenge is a dish best-served cold!” – Khan


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