190 Pedophiles Exposed by Anonymous Hacker Group


190 alleged pedophiles and their IP addresses have been revealed by Anonymous. The pedophiles were gathered from a site that is invisible to everyday web users. The site is called ‘Darknet’. Regular posters were tricked into downloading tracker software, enabling Anonymous to ‘out’ the criminal activity involving child pornography.

Anonymous activated ‘Operation Darknet’ to campaign against the child porn groups; gaining a large community support in light of law enforcement criticism. It was also commented upon that ‘…there also was a large amount of resistance from the pedophile community claiming that Tor was their safe haven with messages such as: “We are here to stay. It is our god given right that we can choose to have our sexual preferences for youth….It is the same for the any other porn community. It is not what we choose to become, it is who we are. You do not have the right to censor us.’

Anonymous, describing the data as ‘forensics’, has published how the details were ‘harvested’ from ‘protected’ sites, and has also published the files, stating also that Operation Darknet will be an ongoing campaign that began on October 14.

Initially, Anonymous hackers removed the links to the pornography sites targeted, but were up again within minutes.

Anonymous released this statement, sickened by the open support for the child pornography by any company for ‘enabling pedophiles to view innocent children, fueling their issues and putting children at risk of abduction, molestation, rape and death.’

All servers found to promote child pornography during the #OpDarknet campaign will suffer the wrath of Anonymous. ‘We will continue to not only crash Freedom Hosting’s server, but any other server we find to contain, promote, or support child pornography.’ 82496e8863d18348674784980fa23de6

Anonymous executes Pedobear – the pedophile Internet meme

The Operation can be found on Twitter (#OpDarknet), to embolden other hackers to take part in the movement. As part of Anonymous, it is our duty to protect the weak, and to make those exploiting these children, very difficult to exist.

We recommend:

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  1. This is great stuff you guys and girls are doing, thank you.

    Were can i get one off those anonymous execution pedobear T shirts?…They are a statement and a half.

  2. I like Anounymus deleteng all the CP links ( I find child porn dissguesting )

    But isn’t Anounymus about freedom of the Internet? As much as I hate to say this, CP is a part of the internet and censoring CP would be directly limiting the freedom of the internet!

    Greetings T-W-L

      • Touche? The continual breakdown of societal civility encourages the destruction of kindness and mutual respect, dignity and healthy role models. Pedophilia adds to the growth of these patterns. It is forced upon inexperienced, unsuspecting innocent children…some, as heartbreaking as it is, are infants less than a year…and the behavior patterns are forever altered. Research shows that without help the patterns repeat, like a contagious disease of the soul. Killing the spirit of the human at itsearliest stages. Destroying hope. Instilling shame. Really messing up their minds. Behaviors like this are destroying the natural progression of a healthy life development. This is a DISEASE, not a “sexual orientation” as California,and all the other pedophile hangouts, like Sherry Lane, are trying to gain support to make into law. These destructive acts that murder the innocence in a person’s soul SHOULD be BANNED! If you’re a pedophile, go get counseling and make peace with your victims. There’s an island where you could go live for free…tax payers carry you for the rest of your lives. Go there. At least you’ll live without DESTROYING the minds and lives of Earth’s youngest children. Shame on you all! Keep your social diseases to yourself, instead of affecting and infecting others…tainting their innocent souls. This is much better than forcing it down the throats of a society struggling to get healthier. Its a disease and has no proven cure. But it is one thing to keep one’s private business ‘private’, and another to make it legal and train the kindergarteners how to give head, peel a condom, have anal, and prepare for child marriage and torturous abuse. The LEFT is 100% for this. It is a bit much. Child brides? Sex slaves? What do they get in return? Fame? Death to their own dreams and hopes? A force-fed system of enslavement to a destructive force. Trying to force society to legalize ANY negative behavior that derails the positive aspects of OUR natural and civilized humanity is a HUGE MISTAKE. It is within an abuse-free society where innocence develops into love, genius, creation, music, oneness and greatness… and so much more. It delays the pains of life that are inevitable, giving the child a fighting chance. How does one see their own world? Less bleak if they have NEVER been abused. Why hug any behavior that is destructive to our youth, many of whom never get proper assistance in assessing these unknown, unexplained, often painful and mentally abusive “secrets”? Without help they might repet the behavior and spread this disease of the mind and soul. Best to end their suffering if they turn 18. And NO marriage to babies, nor hormone injections prepping for sex changes, just disgusting! Enough. If the left insists there are too many people, eliminate the ones who destroy our youth. At a 50:50 conversion rate, we’d all advance as a world society built in love. And growth for our civilization, not the destruction of Heaven’s little gifts.

    • You have NOT understood: child porn has nothing to do with freedom. Ask a misused child about the freedom it has while being misused ….. This does not need any more comment

        • @gina caceres-jimenez


          Censoring/Deleting CP is direcly limiting Internet freedom.
          On the internet freedom is important, it is importat to be able to share,post or upload whatever you want.

          Nobody should have the right to limit Internet freedome, althought in this case I think it is for the “Greater good” that child porn was deleted and that Pedophiles were made public.

          • @thewarlock You do realize that child pornography has real life consequences affecting children right? The internet is not a vacuum.

          • And pirating music/movies/games, reading classified government files and all the other internet freedoms have real world impact too. Again, CP is disgusting and I nor warlock support it. However, if you’re message is freedom: warts and all then CP is that wart. If you remove it, it is censorship. You can’t say that you’re against all censorship except … because it is an invalid statement. I like that Anon did this, but it does seem a little counter intuitive to their message. CP is revolting to most so people will look over this. However, if they instead exposed people who sold heroin then people would be addressing these issues as warlock did.

          • Lets put it this way, there is a Libertarian idea (Note, I am an anarchist) called “non-aggression principle”, or NAP for short, it basically says, you can do pretty much anything, as long as it does not HARM anyone, and CP DOES harm people, kids mostly, and their parents if the kids were taken from them, so this would be a case where I would say, yes, a group of hackers to put a stop to it. I have got CP spammed in my email before, years ago, and it is almost impossible for cops to stop it, so for these people to do so, well that is a blessing.

          • Yes internet freedom is important, but I think you understand a child’s right to not be raped or abused is a bit more important.

          • @TheWarLock & pickledaparrot you cant be serious. CP is not only illegal as shit but it is absolutely and utterly sickening and disgusting. By the way you’re talking, I’m assuming that you do not have children but if you do, imagine if it was your child being exploited? I’m sure you would be on your knees praising and thanking these guys. Just because people have “Freedom” on the Internet that doesn’t give people the right or the freedom to upload & share illegal activities. That’s why its done in the secret worlds of the internet that not accessible to everyday internet users.

          • I do agree with you on that no one has the right to limit Internet freedom, but I personally, think that there should be exceptions to there rules, esp. when it comes to someone else getting involved.
            I believe that to say, that you can do this, and you can’t do that, is kinda pointless, since the world isn’t black and white; and that would only stop a few of the people who would’ve done it in the first place.
            I think to get the most amount of people to listen, there needs to be some action taken, you know, to show people that there are consequences to what they do, even if it’s digitally.
            I mean with the net becoming so big in our lives, there should be some amount of regulation… But then again that’s just my view on this issue.
            Oh and I thought that Anonymous was formed to fight the Corrupt Corps/Politicians/Governments who were taking advantage of their own people, and that dl was just one of those topics. Am i wrong?

          • whysenhymer thank you for that comment.

            For others: it seems that the issue of *individual internet freedoms* seems to be getting lost in the case of the *individual child* being free of molestation, rape and death. “My internet freedom!” does not trump MY right to prevent my images being posted all over the internet, nor does it trump the rights of a child to be free from exploitation, harm and death. “My internet freedom!” also does not extend to the engagement in and documentation of criminal activities that involve individuals being harmed without their full and competent consent- this is why filming rape and other non-consensual acts and uploading same nulls the ‘internet freedom from censorship’ that is being complained about.

            Upload stuff that violates another’s freedom, lose your internet (and privacy) freedom. Simple stuff. Arguing ‘it’s my freedom to violate another!’ is not actually arguing for a freedom, it’s insisting on the right to do harm to another without consequence.

      • I DONT LIKE CP EITHER But internet freedom is important for a number of reaseons, to mitigate it allows the govt justification for over reach and allows the an excuse to start censorship. as Far as (ULIG’s) comments about misused children can not the same be said about womens abuse or gay abuse also due to that form of porn accessed on the same internet. Once we start this form of censorship where does it stop. Just saying!

        • O.k we need a happy medium. let these guys do as they please and we still collect the information on them and then we make sure that they never hurt children again, no cops and sooner or later this shit will stop. if they think they can go un punished or that they have the right to harm then they must want us to DO UNTO THEM.

    • no child pornography, must be eliminated, if you have or had a child you wouldn’t want those people to have any rights nor freedom of internet

      • People with addicts in their family feel the same about people who say drugs shouldn’t be banned and want less restrictions. People who feel homosexuals are a plight on humanity feel the same with homosexuals now being free. The point is that there is an issue when you’re group says they want internet freedom for all, but add in an *except for CP. Once you begin to compromise your message it doesn’t take long for that asterisk to begin to contain more and more parameters and then you’re no different than the regime you opposed. I don’t like pedophiles or CP, but you must understand that they are a side effect of a free internet. If we’re completely free, there will be stuff out there you have a serious problem accepting but that’s the price of freedom.

        • Being gay is not illegal or damaging to others. Legalising drugs will have positive effects on recovery and anyone opposing the movement is blinded by the governments scaremongering in order to protect their profits, rather than understanding the benefits. Regardless of the argument, both those things are the persons choice and don’t directly affect anyone else, however Paedophilia and CP is very damaging to victims that have another persons perversions inflicted upon them and I’m shocked you could lump them three categories of people in together!!!

          • You claim that being gay is not illegal, that may be true BUT there are camps where gays are “fixed” and those are legal as well, they cause far more damage than the so called “sins” of the few could. And before you further your rampage against those who are sexually attracted to children for “hurting” them, I’m 100% certain you wouldn’t jump on the band wagon for punishing ANYONE with mental instability.
            Now as a Victim of abuse myself, I can and will say this. The Pedos are not the fucking problem. They are not the ones who hurt the child, in fact most of the time a pedo will do everything in their power to make sure their ‘victim’ will stay healthy. Those who do the mental damage are those who try to “help” telling the child what was done was wrong, that they were abused, that they should hate how it made them feel, how they should hate anyone who touched them. Sets a new mentality, where anything sexual is bad. That they were “victims” because they deserved it because something was wrong with them. I say this, because that’s how I felt until I was fifteen. I thought anything and EVERYTHING that made me feel good, was bad. I had extreme trust issues towards women to the point that I FEARED them. I was FORCED to see FEMALE psychologists and was labeled as EMOTIONALLY HANDICAPPED due to my fear of being forced to be near them, due to their constant invasion of my space after being brainwashed into believing women were bad because I was raped by a woman. So no, get the fuck off your high horse. Sit the fuck down, and talk to real “victims” and stop persecuting the sick.

        • I have a CP in my family. Know how I know? I was the victim of my father’s sexual abuse as a 4 year old. There is a difference between consenting gay adults and defenseless children who are told if they tell they or some one else will get hurt or even being told that it’s your fault and if you tell it will hurt the family. CP is not harmless, being gay is. Learn it.

    • So … it is ok, that the children get their freedom and their life taken from them, for others to have a bit of freedom on the internet? How can you justify that?

      • well i disagree with only the freedom to do GOOD stuff. who really defines ‘good’ here? granted, child pornography is a disgusting and vile act against children and i have nothing against anonymous doing their thing against them, however the limit should be drawn here. some people would characterize torrenting as ‘bad’ would they not? the grey area is where things start to get murky and that’s the area where i would have to disagree with this statement.

        • “Torrenting” doesn’t hurt anyone, child porn does hurt someone, it hurts kids!
          Anonymous is not taking away any freedoms of internet, they are using the freedom of the internet to publish the names and IP addresses of thoswe who are involved with child porn.
          Preying on children is harmful to real live people, kids should not be abused, the abuse has to stop.
          Thank you, Anonymous, for doing this. I hope my mother’s second husband, Floyd Aubrey Brown, is one of those pieces of crap.

        • fine, get rid of torrenting to then if that’s what it takes to also get rid of cp! I’m sure we’d all be happier living without both than with both!

    • I see your point but in this case the ethics completely over ruled the motto would t you agree? i mean i’m all for the internet non censorship thing i’ve supported anonymous for years but this time it was all about ethics and i fully support them in breaking the “organizations” motivation.

    • I have to agree, i am definitely not for child pornography however the internet is supposed to be a place where people are truly free. protecting internet freedom and yet getting rid of child porn seems counter to their ideals. I honestly think instead of just deleting child porn they should replace it with lolicon pictures. hentai is just drawn which means no child was exploited to make it therefore no crime. the removal of child porn which exploits children and the replacing of it with lolicon hentai would be a moderate compromise to maintain internet freedom while still protecting children as well, if that is their goal by getting rid of child porn.

        • yes. i dont see the problem. as long as its cartoons or hentai then there is no exploitation being committed and therefore no crime. morality of the matter is subjective. what you consider to be immoral is neither true nor false it is only that way because of how you were brought up. by all means go back a few hundred years ago and men were having children with 14 year olds and that was considered normal. i am not saying that child porn as in real live children should be made available to everyone hell no remove it however remove images and pedophiles will be forced to find other means to satisfy their urges. it just might mean that some pedophiles who have previously never molested children will end up actually doing it. with drawn images those who have by all means not committed any crime will be able to satisfy their issue without children being harmed in the process. this is a reasonable compromise to help stop the exploitation of children and at the same time prevent others for being molested. whether you believe or not scientifically pedophiles have a disease. most pedophiles are actually attracted to children on a biological level inside their brain, its not something they can control. just as you are either born male or female psychologically those men and women are born attracted to children. the removal of child porn i can guarantee would increase the amount of child rape and molestations around the globe, to counter that it needs to be replaced with something that will give the same affect without harming anyone. similar to how heroin addicts are given methadone to detox them hentai would be used as a substitute that no real child was used to make.

          • I can see where you are coming from but I think that is just disgusting. Children are not sexual beings. They are children. Animation of sexualized children is still problematic. It does not encourage paedophiles to look at children in anything other than a sexual way. These people need their identities uncovered so that people around them can protect their children. Allowing paedophiles to look at sex cartoons of children just encourages them to continue fantasizing about real children, potentially leading to crimes against real children. Paedophiles need rehabilitation that does not relate children and sexual imagery.

          • your argument hinges on the assumption that having access to child porn reduces the likelihood of pedophiles sexually abusing children themselves in reality. that’s one hell of an assumption to make. it’s just as plausible that pedophiles that immerse themselves in child porn are actually more likely to molest children after learning to routinely act on their pedophilic urges rather than repressing them. if the data on this subject is anything like the data on rape porn (and I don’t see how it would be relevantly different), then individuals that routinely watch this sort of stuff are significantly more likely to engage in that behavior themselves

          • its just one step closer to actually molesting a child. these people are saying “i would love to rape a child, but since it is against the law I’ll just sit here and obsess over the idea of it”

          • Wow. Just wow. Pedophilia is not in any light on a scale of moral to immoral. It is fucking wrong. Period. It ain’t just teens either. Toddlers and infants are involved. If you believe the bullshit you typed, go kill yourself and do the world a favor. A child’s right and freedom to not be scarred for life is a bit higher on my priority scale then some sick fuck getting his stomach churning thrill.

          • Why is this conversation even going on,? Nobody should have the “right” to view, download, upload, use, make, Child Porn. If your arguing for the rights of the people who want C.P. then all l can think of is it means you have sympathies with these animals, If your crying out for the freedom of internet then l think your wrong, Anybody who finds sexual abuse of any kind wrong would, Im sure be prepared to give up the right to visit those sites….. Lets face it, If you don’t use them, You wouldn’t know they were there So you wouldn’t miss them, Only the paedophiles would…. And personally, As a victim & survivor of child abuse I applaud what Anonymous have & are doing. Rob them of their so called “Rights” to CP. sites.

          • ????? some of these comments are making me feel physically sick!!! Anonymous keep up the good work and ignore these fucking freaks defending “freedom of the internet” get a grip !!! Seriously would you say your veiws out loud in a pub full of blokes ??? Or just on a screen ..

      • I’m with you on this @Nick

        CP is a terrible thing but nobody should limit the internet,in this case it is better to take out of the Internet CP becaus there are to many victims.

      • The mind is the most accurate generator of Pornography, anything is permitted.
        Any sexual predator could do any number of things in their mind, there need not be hinges to a door that is of potential, open to anything.

        Lolicon is in my full favor.
        Child Pornography is not.

        Child Pornography implies actual children endured things that would physically and mentally impact them greatly.

        To masturbate to Lolicon implies someone chose to look at an image of an Anime character, over considering looking at an image of actual child.

        Child Porn is the face of a child seen by many known to live with such. Who endured things only each could tell you.

        Lolicon is an ascetic within realms of actual fantasy,
        it’s reality and merit is of that viewing it to so assess, and from it the pixels from which it is composed endured no pain.

        With Paranoia as one’s moral compass, any number of atrocities have been given merit.
        Attraction does not imply Action, and the very act of willfully choosing to look at Lolicon opposed to the other, nor being in favor of it, furthers the testament of choice. The very unrealistic, or idealistic fantasies retain IE (Loli Succubus who will eat your sperm in exchange for your soul, so that upon death you’ll be her sexual slave for all eternity etc, etc, etc.) Far from what reality would be able to sustain.

        I speak of no favor toward child pornography.
        I speak volumes of support in regards to Lolicon.

        Cheers, Nick

        My perspective is similar in accord.

    • which freedoms do we as a society prioritize? how about freedom FROM CP? with freedom comes great responsibility. and freedom FROM CP is a majority standpoint also for the greater good. so which “freedom” on the internet do people really want??

    • Although it has become part of the web it’s not the information that should be here, making it go away and exposing those posting it is like removing a sick twisted virus from the system, what they’ve done is truly justifiable and necessary to show what the meaning behind this idea is.

    • TheWarLord – How would you feel if someone abused your kids if you had any and then them pedophiles / rapists recorded every sexual assault they have done and then spread it all over the internet, Child pornography is awful and it sickens me, I have done some operations in closing down these websites and the things these child molesters say and do is sickening so watch what you say because in the end its going to bite you back in the ass.

    • You sound STUPID as fukk. CP is NOT FREEDOM of ANYTHING. Who’s freedom is it to expose a childs helpless state and violate their bodies. You must he a predator or married to one bc you’re a sick fukk. I hope you have a child so then a predator can express their FREEDOM on him or her. #BUMBASSBITCH

    • Who gives a shit in this situation? Are you honestly stating that an internet pedos right to freedom on the fucking interwebs is more important than a child’s right to…oh let me think here…not.be.fucking.Raped. Pedos choose to target kids. Kids don’t choose to be targeted. They are the lowest scum of lifeforms and must be destroyed and exposed. I have a child who was tampered with by his own dad. Every time anonymous leaks predator information, at least one child somewhere has been spared that trauma.

    • This situation is reminiscent of a scenario where someone yells “Fire” in a crowded theater. We all have freedom of speech, but that right is not absolute. Nor is the right to freedom on the Internet.

      If rights were absolute, this would be an everyday thing. Children would be harmed all over the world. Children do not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of sex, and you must realize that some of these children are forced into doing unspeakable acts against their will!

      Freedom on the Internet is indeed a right, but that right must be balanced against the rights of children to not be sexually exploited. Just like you don’t have the right to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater without consequence, you do not have the right to sexually exploit children without consequence either.

      An0nym0us, keep doing what you’re doing. I hope you also place them on a “wall of shame” on your website so we know who these scumbags are so we can keep our children away from them. They deserve no less.

  3. They should close all the pedophilia sites down and prosecute people who made them. People who post on them and people who access these site’s. If had my way I’d torture and terminate them.

  4. If anyone is doing something wrong is justifying that by saying “we are born this way” .. theb what is the point of having law enforcement and armed forces to protect us? Nazis for examples were not to be judged as they were “Born” superior .. bunch of crab they should be shot on sight not just hacked -_-

  5. Theres an annoying looping ad that makes the page jump. Impossible to read articles when the jump 4 lines up and down and up and down and …..
    Gonna quit reading your articles if not fixed!

  6. Institutionalised paedophillia is rife in the UK government and child-care system. ANYTHING that can be done to dismantle their depraved society MUST be done. Necrophile and paedophille Jimmy Saville’s links to the British Establishment and Royal family are well documented and his activities at the BBC went unchallenged for decades, he was a children’s TV presenter FFS. Paedophillia is intrisically connected to the government and the dark masters use it as a blackmail weapon against people in power who were invariably educated at private boarding schools where the molestation starts. (Can Anon do anything to mess with BBC in the run up to December 23rd? Got a protest on over here. Pretty Please?)

  7. I’ve read all the comments, and its so refreshing to see decent intelligent points that make people think.
    Great work Anonamous! I cant wait to see the results.

  8. “Real” child porn, by it’s definition, involves the sexual exploitation of a minor. By producing CP, a person is essentially providing evidence that they have participated in the abuse of a chile.

    It’s like a rapist publishing videos of all of his crimes.

    “PSEUDO” Child porn, however, is another issue. Prosecuting a 14y.o. girl for ‘sexting’ pictures of herself to a 15 y.o. boy, also charged with receiving and possessing CP is using a law to persecute those that the law was intended to protect.

    ANONYMOUS, unlike the so-called justice system, is going after the right people, the ones who conduct and facilitate wholesale and demonstrable harm to the most innocent and vulnerable members of our society.


  9. Anonomous, you guys are doing great work! Thank you for that, honestly some of the comments on here are ridiculous, some people seem to think that censoring the Internet from child porn is infringing on the pedophiles freedom rights… REALLY??? In my opinion they don’t have any rights the minute they engage in any activity that exploits children, there is no excuse, reason or anything else for exploiting children! These animals must be stopped!!

  10. Freedom to fight for your right to party mofos, good vs evil lets see who wins, its all freedom there, just not the type of freedom sickos want to get away with murder, remotely fry the drives I say. 4fs wake up child porn is not freedom, its hell on earth enslavement of innocence. , oh and whats with the bear poor innocent animal twisted from child porn yuck, should be some kind of monster rather.

  11. “Nudist” sites post photos of families. Baby to Parents. I have seen photos cropped posted as ads with the “children” used in the ad.
    Who, is who? Where are they?

    • YES! That’s exactly what i busted one of my exes downloading pics of, claiming he was only looking at the “older girls” in the pics! BS! It’s just another way for sick pervs to look at child porn & then claim they weren’t after the kids in the pictures, same with looking up stuff like “puberty stages” & claiming it was for “education” .. Pppfft!

  12. Good work, you people are the great. Expose that motherfuckers, show to all who They are.

    This people just have to be known to all.

    Anonymous fan, from Portugal

  13. Those of you arguing against this outcome in defence of “internet freedom” … You seriously need to check yourself. I’d be putting you on my watch list if I were Anon.

  14. To be a proponent of say freedom of speech or freedom of information does not and has never meant absolute freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want – people have to realize this. no community or society can function that way because it is total anarchy which is basically the antithesis of society. the ambiguity of advocating freedom of the internet while opposing child porn sites is totally irrelevant – you can’t expect a community to just stand by and do nothing while sites that promote child abuse exist. once we accept that people have a right to open websites containing child porn then it will eventually become an accepted practice within “adult entertainment” you want that to happen? please stop comparing torrenting to pedophilia, like they are somehow equal. is jaywalking the same thing as raping someone?

    • Agree @Janla
      “you can’t expect a community to just stand by and do nothing while sites that promote child abuse exist. once we accept that people have a right to open websites containing child porn then it will eventually become an accepted practice within “adult entertainment” you want that to happen?”

      Isn’t that what happened in the last 20 years with Gay pride? It’s now in the open and ok or normal to some (“accepted practice”).

  15. Yes they are free to have those feelings and opinions, however making all of that public becomes an infringement on others and therefore should be removed

  16. hi, i support anonymous greatly and allways attend the MMM in London, i would like help exposing a child/woman abuser, his name is Keith Kineton and is currently living in Dewsbury, west yorks, uk. he uses facebook to groom women and children, he has 9 children to two wives and isnt allowed near them, he contsantly breaks orders that keep him away, he is abusive to his ex wives, and i have seen messages of him threatening them with death, i am a supporter of anon uk and of the global cause also, please help me to stop him by killing his facebook account, as he uses that to groom and abuse his victims, thanks in advance for any help offered.

    • Its not something you officially “Join”. Its all one voice, and one face. Example the name is “Anonymous”. Try contacting other supporters, and try to do good for the internet. (Example: Taking down child porn websites.)You should probably gain some computer skills before attempting to start operations on the internet. Maybe you don’t have the needs/skills to start one of those. Try to possibly make an article on big news that Hacktivists may want to know. Maybe you feel obligated to help in some way. You could just participate in Marches or pretty much anything. just supporting it somewhat makes you apart of the cause. Hope I helped out!

  17. There are plenty of even 35 year olds that easily look 18 or under. Allot of “little people” (midgets) look like children.

    I personally am more attracted to younger looking adult women, and am totally unapologetic. I couldn’t imagine telling a legal adult “Well you look really good, take care of yourself, but you look to young.” Not happening, and as an attractive young man who still can pass for a teenager, shouldn’t be expected to.

    That being said, I don’t condone or support CP, for a variety of reasons, including personally knowing some victims of child sexual abuse.

    I’d like to know what actual proof, from the “victims” to the accused, because self righteous vigilantism isn’t needed or wanted, not when we live in a world that has a tendency to attack and ruin people over fraudulent accusations.

  18. I’m against child porn but that doesn’t mean I support what anonymous is doing. Here’s why:

    -no due process. Anonymous is not a law enforcement agency. In fact they are not an agency at all. Am I supposed to believe that all the people they say are guilty are actually guilty? Am I supposed to believe that their motives are pure and they just want to go after the sickos and nothing else? I’ve been around the block too long to buy that.

    -They leave no room to argue. By going after a target that gets people emotional, they stifle legitimate dissent. If I have a legitimate beef with anything anonymous says, they and their white knights can now say to me, “so you support child porn?” and incite an emotional mob mentality against me.

    -The NSA is still spying on us. By going after a relatively small, but emotionally charged issue, they can generate public support without taking on any real activism. They become a paper tiger.

    -They watch too many movies. Really the Guy Fawkes mask thing is spoon fed to them by Hollywood. Yet we are supposed to believe that they are a grass roots movement?

    When anonymous starts engaging in serious activism against The Establishment, I will start taking them seriously. As far as I’m concerned they are a false flag operation meant to distract the political left from engaging in real activism.

  19. Can ANONYMOUS please hack the Australian Government – Indonesian Government emails regarding West Papua

    from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    The Indonesian Government is committing GENOCIDE

    They invaded West Papua in 1963, annexed it through a sham vote in 1969

    Since then they have sent in more than 1 million settlers to outnumber the native population

    They have dropped napalm and cluster bombs in the Baliem Valley against villagers who have no weapons other than bows and arrows, occassional world war II rifles they find in the bush, and very rarely a gun they can buy or capture.

    New president Joko Widodo recently announced they will triple the program of extermination by settlement called “transmigrassi”.

    Native West Papuans are melanesian Christians or have traditional tribal beliefs. The Indonesian invaders are mostly Javanese Muslims.

    They are trying to Islamise the West Papuans, forcing their children to learn the Koran.

    West Papuans cannot even fly their Morningstar flag because it was banned – they get 15 years’ jail.

    December 1 is West Papuan independence day

    Please can ANONYMOUS do some Hacktivism to support these people who are being killed every day.

    Australia will not help them because it signed the Lombok Treaty promising Indonesia it would not support any “separatists” – but West Papua is an invaded country and it just wants freedom from the people that illegally took over in 1969!

    The Australian Government uses spies, cops and ASIO against West Papuan supporters. Even if tiny groups organise ASIO sends someone to find out who is involved.

    They just passed the NSA Bill No.1 giving unlimited power to spies and cops. They can break the law with immunity from prosecution and hack everyone’s computer.

    Attorney General George Brandis told QandA the only Australian ever prosecuted for fighting in a foreign war was a Christian man who went to fight for the West Papuans.

    Not the jihadis going to Syria.

    Now they can take your passport and prevent you leaving Australia.

    This place is a gulag – no political freedom. Please can you help us Anonymous.


  20. What is to stop ASIO/NSA/NSW Police from putting child porn images on the hard drives of people they don’t like

    then charging them with child porn?

    What if a member of anonymous hates an ex-partner and puts child porn on their hard drive, then rings the police?

    This is the real risk.

    This is now legal for security forces in Australia to do under the NSA Bill No.1 which gives anyone involved in a Special Intelligence Operation immunity from prosecution when they break the law, and hack your computer, as long as no sexual crime is committed. A couple of years ago a young guy was charged in Darwin, NT, for having Japanese Anime art on his computer – police said that was child porn. He had to go to court for child porn offences.

    He’s on the sex offenders register. Tainted for life.

    Now Australia’s security forces can legally plant that stuff on your computer. They can forge emails legally. Legally alter data on your computer. Nothing in the new NSA Bill No.1 stops them framing someone they don’t like for child porn.

    What will Anonymous do about this risk when they are going after real evil rock spider pedo bears…

  21. dear, Anonymous, I would like to do something about this, for I have a little sister, who lives in a dark neighborhood, my mum was a victim, I would like to take action, for the police and the government do not take any necessary action that needs to be done, because they are fucking useless, please email me, I would like to become a hacktivist if I cannot do this, I will take justice into my own Hands, thank you ps SJS

  22. they did not put down any child porn..it was a network…such networks are under control of officials…they have duty to protect…anonymous are self-proclaimed judges of other people…it is a anonymous group of dangerous people….their actions are and should be illegal …i hope someone will also put them down…

  23. revealing private information by anonymous group that thinks they are right to do it…that is a witch hunt…it is similar to fanatic religious groups…

  24. When you can look an innocent child in the eye who has been victimized and explain why it’s okay with a clean conscience I might give you a second thought. But the first thought would be to harm you.. just sayin’..

  25. This is just beyond awesome. After stumbling upon a kiddie porn trader on mocospace I had to go through a bunch of drama. The feds took my phone with the evidence. Then for months I had this young sicko texting me. He wanted to send more. Not wanting to see three year olds raped ever again via video I made up excuses for him not to. He wanted said he had phone memory cards in the hundreds. Bragged how he hid them. Two months the texts stopped. I’m hoping he’s sitting in prison. What your doing is wonderful considering my U.S. government is seriously lax in doing anything. Site full of them is funformobile.com.it is previously owned. Chinese or Chinese American owned. In California. Check it out anonymous if your reading this. A cesspool of American users. They have various ways to access the site. Www. Funformobile. Com wap.funfuformobile. com iphone n droid apps.

  26. 190 exposed but I don’t see any names or emails? But I do believe it and I’m glad you guys are exposing these demons! I wish you guys could expose Hollywood and the bohemian grove to this! Keep up the good work!

  27. Lol at all the people defending the CP. Who cares about freedom of the internet when it comes to that nasty pedo shit. Fuck your political correctness about freedom of the net. GET REAL. GET THOSE BASTARDS ANONYMOUS!

  28. I think it’s fantastic someone is doing something about the sick people out there its about time something got done about it cp is discussing and is so wrong in way to many levels. I think people like that should be locked up and they should throw way the key because they will never change they lock up murders for life why can’t they do the same for pedos they have wrecked children’s life’s… and this list should be handed in to the police for them to deal with I hate the thought of them out and about I have children and don’t like the idea of them walking about.. and cp isn’t freedom of the Internet it’s taking freedom away from children and it should be stopped no matter what

  29. Go Get Em!
    These bastards deserve no peace, no space, no opportunity to destroy children.
    I can think of no finer pursuit for Anon hackers than hunting down these scum.
    Give em hell!

    I salute all those involved in #OpDarknet.
    May #OpDarknet reign long and hard. Good hunting to you all.

  30. Let me please join you i am 17 i alskedbto join your couse on. Alot of fb pages let me be part of. Anonymouse i know i can bring change

  31. Anonymous you make me proud again. No internet “rules” or niceties should be followed. These “people” do not deserve to be breathing free air and anything at all that is done to rid the world of these stinking piles of ex-humanity gets my vote. Children, animals and old people – all those who who are least able to defend themselves and are victims of these types of species, are the ones whose freedoms should be our major concern. The complete abrogation of another’s human or animal rights by their dreaddful actions, strips the takers of those rights of any of their own beyond the levels of basic human decency that we ourselves live by. Find them. Try them. Lock them up forever til the day they die. Toss away the key. Thank you Anonymous.

  32. Oh btw, this is all faked propaganda. There is nor ever was a website called “Darknet” THAT IS THE OTHER NAME TO THE DEEPWEB, INVISIWEB, BLACKMARKET, TORBROWSING. Know how easy it is to find CP, Murder, Drugs, Weapons, and even actual JAILBREAKS? You just enter any of the keywords into any one of the THOUSANDS of engines, or if you feel like navigating the Deepweb by hand, you MANUALLY go through the list of domains. Yes I applaud Anonymous for what they do, but this is a blantant lie, hell there are people using their fucking name to abuse people on the internet, to bully, to harass, to STEAL and they do nothing about it. Instead they make up stories about how they are doing something. I’m glad I never accepted that invitation to the ranks.

  33. I will support any action that leads to the permanent removal of child porn from the internet and the incarcaration of these sick disgusting freaks!


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