2.6 Million HSBC Accounts Hacked By Turkish Hacker Team ‘RedHack’


Written by: Anon.Dos

The famous red & white triangle logo in the financial world – Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation or commonly known as HSBC gave away on 12th of November by saying that their network system in Turkey were hacked. The hack resulted in data leak of about 2.65 Million clients and customers. These hacks included credit card details and personal information.
HSBC found out about this theft via its network security controls. Indefinite as to what the press has to say HSBC denies the fact that there is no financial risk to its clients.
The breached information includes names of people, relevant credit card and debit card information and linked accounts. There has been no indication up till now about any miss use of its customer’s information.

As HSBC announced in a press conference saying that its customers need not to worry as they can continue their daily transactions as the data that is being transmitted is encrypted. And they further added that our customers should use all the precautions when buying things online and do not give away information to non reliable websites. They should monitor the card usage and report any fraudulent activity.

They further concluded that all current accounts or terms deposit are safe as they have updated their systems so that no transactions can be made via the compromised information.
The investigation is still going on in collaboration with Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey – BRSA – and other financial bodies.

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  1. I’m surprised they don’t hack into these systems and wipe people’s accounts to zero. Robin Hood these financial systems and bring them to the knees. Especially, the student loan companies.

  2. I’d love to see that too
    Curtis. Wasn’t it RedHack
    who cleared that power
    company’s debt register?
    That gave me start of an actual

  3. Its not about saving everyones ass.
    He has done this because this Company is doing bad things to the turkish citizen.

    Still sorry for your depts, but we cant fix the problem of every individual.


  4. Please can I ask why you would do this? I’m not sure of the reason, so could someone please tell me?Also, it’s not the consumers fualt that the Bank may have done wrong things, so why punish them by hacking there accounts? Id also like to know wether or not the hacking group are going to do anything with the account information.

  5. This bank is also in with the Mexican Cartel….busted for laundering their money but did Mexico say you got to go….nope. Why because Mexico’s GDP would drop by 20% and would take Mexico to their knees. Want to get rid of the Cartels legalize all drugs…..No drugs no thugs


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