27 Websites Of Tor Network Taken Down By FBI – But ISIS Donation Website Still Running


Written by: Anon.Dos

Twenty seven sites were taken down – The Tor Project – which is known for creating the anonymous web browser or the Onion browser was concerned over the investigation of sites. The collaboration between the United States and the European Union lead to a joint investigation; which in return helped them shut down many hosts and web sites that were offering special services.

Operating went under the code name Onymous, the FBI was able to seize more than four hundred web sites and other services; however the agency has not revealed the intel, as to how they discovered Tor’s hidden servers.

In one of their blogs Tor expressed its concern by asking the location of its hidden servers. It said that seventeen people were arrested. How were they able to find the servers and how were they able to locate them. Tor said if there is a flaw then Tor is interested in knowing about it. But the FBI is not willing to share this secret.
The sites that were taken down were clones or fakes of the real sites. Some of these real sites still are live:
• Zero Squad
• Smokeable
• Real Card Team or RCT
• Pablo Escobar Drug Store
• Hackintosh
• Fake Real Plastic
• Fake ID
• Executive Outcome
• Dedope
• C-Store
• Cannabis UK

These sites were mentioned in the press release and some other personal websites were also taken down by the Federal Board of Investigation. Surprisingly the FBI did not take down jihadi donation site (clone) and also left the real site running on TOR’s server.
operation onymous
For those who maintain or use the Tor services can learn from Operation Onymous and help make Tor Project stronger and much more secure.

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  1. I’d like submit my time and laptop to help find the vulnerability within tor if anyone has possible points of interest to start looking would help out

  2. If I have realized it and you have. What are we going to do if during our protests the government. Uses lethal force then what? Do we start a civil war and overthrow them?

    • if we go to war with the government we better start handing out stingers to all civilians as we will be defenseless against drone attacks

    • Not a Revolution – a Walkout

      Now that the new Bankster Bailout Bill passed, despite the disgust of most Americans, there is only one conclusion. We no longer live in a democracy and our vote is a joke. It is the same in Europe where the Banksters force “austerity.” i.e. – they party and we pay.

      What can we do? Violent revolution won’t work. Governments now have so much violence power, militarized police, and spying power, that it would be impossible to organize. And unorganized is just asking for mass slaughter. Besides, violence only breeds new governments which are just as bad – as in the Ukraine – because the means pollute the ends.

      There is only one thing we can do to show them that this is our nation, not theirs. We must have a National Walk Off The Job Day. And if that doesn’t work, make it a week.

      They’ll come round when there is no one to do their work and buy their junk.

      • I couldn’t agree more, James K. Especially since I’ve been advocating this for a while now. We do have all the power if only we’d use it. Will we use it? that is the question… and how to inspire the robototrons that feel they have to go to work. How bad does it need to get before they all see?

  3. I have checked the jihadi website, it seems to have been taken down or removed. Just wondering if it was Anon hackers or possibly the government? (I highly doubt it was the government, i am only curious.)

    Anyone have any info?


  4. Anonymous,

    I do not pretend to know all of the information, nor to be fully aware of the situation, but I as a young member of America’s high school youth support and thank you for your recent actions. There is little good that can be done, but the protection of the innocent and the continuation of the upholding of free speech is paramount. For that, and all that you will continue to do for us, I thank you.


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