8 Lessons Learned from the Million Mask March that can Benefit all Activists


Written by: Justin King from theantimedia.org


The Million Mask March in Washington, DC provided many teachable moments for activists.

The Million Mask March takes Capitol Hill.

Expect arrest. At any protest, the chances of arrest are high. Getting arrested is a little unnerving the first time. It is important to stay calm and say nothing to law enforcement; you’ll be out before you know it. Don’t resist unless your life is in jeopardy. If the press is near, it is a certainty that you will be on the news. This is a chance to reach millions. Know what you are going to say. The Million Mask March takes Capitol Hill.[/caption]If you give the press a good sound bite, they will use it. Speak clearly to the press and look at the cameras. Keep the statement short and sweet.

Stay out of areas that can easily be sealed off. The Million Mask March occupied a tunnel simply because the protesters knew law enforcement wanted them to stay out of it. The decision to move into the tunnel occurred shortly after the crowd witnessed a Department of Homeland Security tactical team appeared. Had DHS wanted to end the protest, they could have blocked off both ends of the tunnel and started arrests.

You are reaching the uninformed. When engaging bystanders and the press understand that you are reaching people that may never have heard of Agenda 21 or GMOs. If you start the conversation with something that sounds crazy, even if it’s true, you will lose your audience. Rather than saying “The government killed Martin Luther King,” try “Domestic surveillance has run amok.” Yes, the government did kill MLK. It was proven in federal court, but the unawakened do not know this, and you will just look like a nut.

Arrests occur when activists are in small groups. Every arrest and attempted arrest (including mine) occurred when people were separated from the main body of the protest. There is safety in numbers and going off on your own is inviting law enforcement interaction.

The press will screw you. If an act of civil disobedience is taking place, it is important to chant why it is happening. If, for example, a cop car runs over a protester and the protesters surround the car and shake it, the news footage looks like protesters attacked the cop without cause. Make sure the audio on the footage provides context for the event. It’s harder for the mainstream news to edit the clip that way.

Mitigate the damage done by outspoken individuals. In every movement there are people that have extreme ideas. When the press finds them, as they always will, it is important to simply remove yourself from the footage. Don’t stand behind the person speaking and roll your eyes. This will shatter any image of unity. Don’t stand beside someone who is saying something you don’t support. When documenting protests, cameramen are trained to try to capture the protest in the background during an interview. If the background suddenly clears, the interview will be ended.

Don’t “out” undercover cops. As tempting as it is to simply call undercover cops out, there is a better use for them once they are identified. Photograph them and troll them. Stand near them and discuss fictitious people or plans. Lead them to believe that the majority of the protest is getting ready in the lobby of a hotel across town and will be marching to meet the group they are embedded with. If they take the bait, you have successfully divided their forces and increased the safety of the other protesters. You are really only limited by your imagination here.

Run into the crowd, not away from it. If you decide to run from police when they, for example, try to illegally detain you for filming on a public street, run towards the crowd. The crowd will help you blend in and disappear. Anonymous in particular has the added advantage of everybody looking the same. The majority of the crowd fits the description of “White male wearing a dark shirt and white mask.” Running away from the crowd gives the officers a clear line of sight. You might be able to outrun the tubby guy chasing you, but you can’t outrun his radio.

The next time you happen to be at a protest, keep these things in mind.



Credit: http://theantimedia.org/8-lessons-learned-million-mask-march-can-benefit-activists/


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  1. This is not actually me needless to say hijacked an email but I would appreciate the ability to join the organization I have removed myself off the grid completely hence using someone else’s account please contact me I can be reached at 504 s 22nd apt. 30 bozeman mt 59718 not my address but will receive correspondence there.

    • @pugalist1001 There is no official spokes person for this group. It’s not like a leader can meet you there and bless you in. It doesn’t work like that. It’s an idea and we answer to no one. Sorry but you didn’t even give a time on that address as well, which could make people believe that it is actually your real address. Even with a hijacked e-mail you can’t hide your IP address unless you’re on a VPN and/or proxy. The best way to “join” is to start taking part in the facebook events, sharing ideas and listening to ideas in return. Go to http://www.millionmaskmarch.com and get info. Also this website anonhq is a great source of information as well.

      Cheers and best of luck.

  2. Please come march in charlotte nc there is all to much corruption here as well
    We need to show this city and its robots they cant rule the free.

  3. I absolutely love what your group stands for. Please let me know if there is anything in the future that I can be a part of.

    Sincerely, Jaime wood

  4. great advice, and if anyone comes up with more ideas please make sure we post it to anonymous as 9 billion brains working together is unstoppable

  5. Where can I find information for the upcoming Ferguson protests. The only thing I know is December 6th, but not the location nor timing. Thanks in advance.

  6. what Anonymous stands for is great, most reasonable people should think so(if you ask me). But as some people from above my comment says; that they would like to join, like somebody could claim to be leader. This would make the whole idea of Anonymous evaporate, since it is kind of anarchistic(the not answering to anyone part). So if you say you want to join in on the whole ANON Club, you should do some research on the subject first, because you obviously don’t know what it stands for. I like to think I’m part of it, simple by sharing the, point of view and by contributing with my participation in the march.

    The thing i CAN understand is, the thirst for the ability to be a hacktivist.. I wish i could make a bigger difference, than showing up at a march, like gathering information and intelligence, but i like to follow the evolution of anonymous, and someday i hope that our legion will correct most of our ancestors and coexisting human beings, wrongs.

    we do not forgive
    we do forget

  7. If only their was a group here in Rockford Illinois, so much corruption takes place here. I’m reading comments cause I was curious as how to get in the movement with others. if anybody can shed any light to me id appreciate it. Instagram is Ypiiizle dm on their. I’m all about the people

  8. Ferguson needs more support and people need to understand this is not just about Mike Brown. It’s a domino effect which will eventually lead to losing more rights, freedom, and gaining more fear of our government. Unless we take a stand and fight back across the entire country, not just Ferguson what’s the point. This needs to be a movement, not just a moment. Thomas Jefferson stated there should be a revolution every 15 to 20 years in order to keep our government in balance. How long has it been? It’s time to shft the balance and remember it’s not just about Michael Brown, that’s just the spark that ignited the fire. Anyways, what’s December 6th in Ferguson if anyone knows?

  9. I get inspired when I see human beings connect and support one another. We are all the same and have the same inspirations. It’s our nature to to protect and nurture one another, I get so overwhelmed when I see my brothers get attacked for exercising our rights, why does the group abandon a person getting beaten answer arrested and they’re rights taken? As a whole group we out number them 50-1, the brothers around witnessing these illegal acts should rise against this tyranny and put they’re bodies around they’re fallen brother or sister, swarm them, protect them and as a group walk away. When these badged storm troopers block us they do it in numbers at the smallest part of the whole group. We’re here for our rights against tyranny! Don’t let them take our lives and put us in cages or even in death. I’m curious to know what would happen if we did this And utilized our tools to protect each other and get our freedom back! Thank you Anon’s


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