25 Facts Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know


Nowadays, Fast food is the preferred choice, but how safe is this food? Sometimes does the industry cut out corners just to make a quick buck, and one of these corners is your health.

Here is a list of 25 things fast food restaurants don’t want you to know about:

25 – Those grill marks on your burgers were put on when being processed in the factory.

24 – The french fries are usally not fresh, one way to make sure they are is to order them without salt. They’ll have to cook a fresh batch and you can add your own salt later.

23 – That chili you ordered is usually made out of left over hamburger meat.

22 – Most restaurant’s salads contain just as many calories as one Big Mac.

21 – Next time you get a drink out of a soda fountain, look up the ice chute. Quite often you can find mold.

20 – Just about 50% of restaurant fountain drink despensers have fecal bacteria on them.

19 – Those pictures and videos of food on these fast food commercials, they’re airbrushed and touched up with fiberglass. It takes two hours to set up just one hamburger.

18 – In fast food restaurants, a lot of kitchen employees suprisingly follow the 10 second rule.

17 – Fast food restaurants throw away an incredible amount of unused food every night.

16 – At some restaurants, including Taco Bell, the food carries over to the next day for serving.

15 – Restaurants of the same chain can have vastly different standards and quality. It usually depends upon the management.

14 – All fast food workers are supposed to wear gloves when they prepare food but most of the time nobody follows that rule.

13 – Next time take a look around the parking lot, bathroom or sitting area of a restaurant. If it’s dirty, imagine what the places you can’t see look like, expecially the kitchen.

12 – In 1970 around $6 billion was spent on fast food. Today that number is up to $200 billion

11 – The soft drinks that you drink are marked up by 1200%. That syrup in your coke cost the fast food companies only a couple of pennies.

10 – Some fast food milkshakes can easily contain over 50 different kinds of chemicals.

9 – Fast food companies load up with high fructose corn syrup because it’s a cheap sweetener. It also will trick your body into wanting more of it.

8 – Lots of places around closing time they’ll give you decaf coffee whether you ordered it that way or not. They do this because they don’t want to clean two different coffee pots.

7 – If you get a lemon in your drink you better be careful. Often the employees will not wash their hands and they’ll just lay out the lemons, cut them up, and serve them.

6 – Cashiers are not supposed to tell you how many calories are in your dish, even if they know it. They are supposed to tell you that “All that informtion is available online.”

5 – Fast food restaurants scrambled eggs are made out of a premixed powder-concentrate and water.

4 – Lots of times fast food companies’ salads are made several days in advance and just sit in the refrigerator until someone orders it.

3 – Just one hamburger can contain meat from 100 different cows.

2 – Fast food companies are one of the top exploiters of cheap labor. They actively engage in anti union activities.

1 – Fast food companies load up their kid’s meals with extra sugar to make them more appealing to kids. Adding sugar to pizza crust is not unusual.

As you can see these fast food companies aren’t as safe and clean as you would think. This is not the case with all restaurants but these 25 points and several things have been reported too often. Think and do your research next time and you might be suprised ed on what you’ll find out





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  1. As a employee of a fast food restaurant Mc’ds most of these facts are very true, happy to see this information is going out to the public =D

    • I work at a McDonald’s, and the 10-5-3-1 sec rule is forbidden. Everybody washes their hands, and the kitchen is cleaner then you think/except the rush hours when you can’t clean because of the stupid hungry crowd.. we don’t use gloves because we wash our hands and would be tricky to make 12-16 hamburgers in 45 sec with them on. Depends heavily on the management.

      • Wrong answer…. If the food has to be cooked they are more forgiving for the cooking process with kill the germs… So if you are handling bread products, salads and drinks etc…you have to wear gloves….Also you need to be extremely careful regarding cross contamination which you never mentioned at all… So, when you say you don’t have to wear gloves… Please tell me where you work and I will prove you wrong.

        • When I Managed restaurants in Florida you had a choice to have a hand washing procedure or gloves. That was only 2 years ago. I had to go over the hand washing procedure with the health inspector each time he or she came in. So yes in some states you don’t have to wear gloves

        • Untrue. If there is a handwashing procedure in place that has been approved by the health department, gloves are NOT required.

        • I’ve worked in kitchens in four different restaurants in two different states, one of which I’m still working at, and I’ve never ever been required to wear gloves. The only times I’ve used them are when I’m concerned about my own hands getting messy, not about my hands getting the food dirty. (Crushing chocolate cookies by hand for example, the crumbs would get all under my nails and be annoying.) As long as workers are aware of being clean and not cross contaminating anything, it’s totally fine to have a hand touch food. In fact, gloves are often grosser because it’s really annoying to have to change gloves all the time so people will let their gloves get really gross and cross contaminate lots of stuff before they ever change them.

          • I work at McDonald in Canada, Quebec. I have to wash my Hands At least 1 time per hours, and we ALWAYS Have to use Gloves BEFORE touching any meat. If i make a plate of 16 1/10 pounds, after that if i want to make another of make 6 1/4 pounds, i have to take other gloves. After using them, we always put them into trash.

            Also, 60% of the things in this articles are False. The other 40% are things i can’t know if it’s true or not. (I’m not promoting McDonald, i HATE working here. gonna change for Tim Horton soon.) So mutch Bullshit here -,-“

      • When I worked at McDonalds, anything that hit the floor was in the trash, cooked or uncooked. And the only person cooking food who didn’t have to wear gloves was the person on fries, probably because they didn’t actually touch the fries. Anything else, you needed gloves. Even if you were working register and were asked to put some nuggets or fish in the fryer while it was slow, you had to put on gloves, put the food in, and take the gloves back off, then wash your hands before returning to the register.

        • shhh, what you’re saying doesn’t fit the narrative here. All they want to hear are how many times teenagers spit on food, drop it, and poop in drink dispensers.

        • Actually I worked at Mcdonald’s and the problem is…
          Should wear gloves when doing fries cause when you scoop fries..
          don’t get all of them in the box so fries touch side of ur hands…
          Go back into the bin of the fries.

      • 1 you do not have to wear gloves when you are preparing food.
        2 you wear gloves on ready to eat food most chefs like myself won’t ware gloves because after a task we wash our hands anyway. My question to most people would you want someone to wear gloves for an hour or two or would you want them to wash their hands after every task.
        3 if you have to wear gloves in your establishment wear the right gloves that’s why they get in the way. If you have too big of gloves then your gloves aren’t the proper size. So this bullshit they get in the way is so fucking out there. Stop lying to yourself your lazy. Take a serv safe class and tell them this bullshit see what happens.

    • urm nah mate the kitchen crew always wear a glove….. scrambled eggs are freshly cooked every morning for breakfast with normal eggs we use gloves at all times no matter how busy we are if any crew does not wear a glove or a hairnet while they’re making burgers they’ll either get a warning or they’ll get written up…

        • I’ve worked for both as a manager, and a crew trainer. We always wore gloves, always washed our hands, sanitized the soda fountains, and McDonald’s uses real or liquid eggs. It does depend on management and I fired f***ERS for not following through. Also, salads were prepped fresh, and tossed out after 12 ours. Yes MCD especially is notorious for food waste. But, again it depends on the management, and staff. And, I was getting paid $10 as a crew trainer at MCD, and 13 at tbell.

        • I work at Burger king we are required to wear gloves and wash our hands with each new task.. Eggs are fresh every morning anything hits the floor it is wasted… When I do prep I am required to wash my hands and wear gloves

    • Most of this stuff isn’t true where I work all the food has a certain amount of time till it has to be thrown out and it usually is gone before then and more food is made we always have to wear gloves if we directly touch the food and I don’t see why it’s bad to throw it away at night we have to nobody wants fried chicken from the night before

  2. well, this is the dark side of the capitalism. the capitalism is nice and all but it overpass the limit when it´s messing up with the health of the people

    • You’re thinking of corporate cronyism, we don’t really have a pure form of capitalism in this country. In capitalism, if your product is making customers sick then it will either be improved or eliminated (regardless of regulatory intervention)

      • Propylene Gylcol? You mean the organic, food-safe thing that’s in almost everything? Do a little research man. Educate yo’self.

  3. 1 – Fast food companies load up their kid’s meals with extra sugar to make them more appealing ot kids. Even adding sugar to pizza crust is not unsaual.”

    Noticed a few spelling mistakes “ot kids” means to, correct? and Unsaual?

    Anyway enjoyed reading this!

    • omg there alway one that has to point out a missed speeled word lol who care…..we are talking about the fast food ass holes not the grammer ass holes…let see how long it takes u to correct my shit….o wait wile u do that ill be moving on with life my speelling ant shit….lol mayweather can even read but he got his money and ant worryed adout spelling or reading

      • When you decide to write an article that requires research there are two important things that are required to be credible. You need to have perfect grammar (if you do not then you are probably a random joe rambling). Second, you need to have sources (if you don’t your making it up). This guy is a joke. Some of this May be true 10% of the time but if it were common people would be dead and restaurants would be closed. I am a fast food supervisor and general manager and I take great pride in my work. If people choose to be unhealthy it is their own fault!

        • @Thomas This answer will contain a lots of spelling and grammar mistake as english is my fourth language. Well, I don’t know if you truly are a fast food supervisor and general manager but if you do, at least you’re honest in a point: “if people choose to be unhealthy it is their own fault”…. cause you do realize that fast food are REALLY UNHEALTHY and unfortunatly, lot’s of what being said up here it’s sadly true!

        • Are you serious here? So you are saying you work there and only agree 10%? Makes me wonder if you even pay attention to what goes into the “food” that this chains sell… My favorite saying nowadays “If it has a commercial and is “food” then is no good” Please mention the last time you saw a commercial from your local small supermarket SHIT for that matter not even 7eleven has a commercial on tv. Fast food is garbage; It has no enzymes and all it does is fake your stomach into believing its full when it really is not. 100% beef? Remember that one? What ever happened to those ads that were everywhere? As far as being unhealthy goes; If these chains told us first hand what went into their “food” either in small print or somewhere i bet you their stock will drop like rock, But hey no one is saying is not tasty… Still loving it?

  4. the other thing to worry about is alot of times workers have to stay on duty even if they are sick with a fever (saw this happen a few times at Kristals)

    • I worked at Wendy’s and Huddle House and saw this happen at both! Girl at Wendy’s was coughing constantly with a fever and they told her to stay or get written up. At Huddle House a girl I worked with was vomiting every 2 hours or so in the bathroom, cleaning herself up, and waiting tables. That went on for 2 days, although her vomiting only happened once the 2nd day. She asked to go home, and they told her she could but she had missed 3 days with her son already, so she would have been fired.

  5. Yo me eh enfermado gracias a estos lugares y mi hermana a trabajado en estos lugares y me dijo que es verdad lo que dicen de la mugre y todo eso .

  6. well yeah it is, this information is useful, but still….we need proof to support what you’ve write before….well, not all of it but please at least give the proof like videos or something….overall, this information makes me think twice to buy fast food…

  7. I worked at Burger King years ago and yes the hamburger patties come out of the box with grill marks on them. And if u r constipated just go to taco bell you will feel better very soon after…and for the Grammer u know what the guy meant I mean geezz beat a dead horse people.

  8. I would like to note that the problem is not incompetent employees, despite the fact that this article makes them sound pretty shitty. The line about fast food industries being anti-union doesn’t even begin to cover it. Fast food employees make the bare minimal. And I’m not just referring to the high schoolers that need mall money, I mean you can be a manager at one of these places for ten years and still be making below double digits (seriously, I’m not making that up). Every time minimum wage goes up – guess what, that’s your raise for the entire year (as opposed to your normal ten cent raise)! Don’t like it? Complain to someone working at your restaurants office, but I wouldn’t recommend it because complaining gets you fired, and fast food experience isn’t worth shit to other employers. You’re just a burger flipper, remember? Want hours? Too bad, you get the hours we give to you. If you want more you have to work overnights. Want to move up in the company? You can move up to crew trainer (which gives you twice the amount of work with either a ten cent raise or no raise at all), or manager (which will literally triple your workload as well as your stress levels for a 1% pay increase.
    But fast food’s easy right? If the job’s not hard why should they make as much money as someone working at a harder job?; If you truly believe this you’ve never worked in fast food and you’re a complete tool. Try working at the busiest McDonald’s in an entire city with a broken air conditioner and 110 degree grill area (based on real temperatures, not made up ones), with around 400 customers per hour all demanding fast service and taking their anger out on you and your co-workers as you struggle to keep up with demand by working your asses off, sweating out ten pounds, you’re short handed because a third of your co-workers are trainees and another third called off, only to come home covered in grease to a family you can’t support because your boss who wants you to work your ass off at the threat of termination won’t pay you anywhere near what you deserve. Now you just lost your apartment because you can’t pay rent and you either have to pick up two more jobs and work 60 hour weeks or apply for welfare and be thought of as a parasite to society by everyone on the planet.

    When this is your job, do you give a shit that there’s mold in the asshole customers drink machines? Literally 50% of the customers are rude and 10% of them are not just rude, they’ll sit there and scream at you over a mistake you don’t remember making on their sandwhich for five minutes then demand to speak to your manager to complain about you in front of everyone else, holding up more customers who are now getting angry themselves. Once in a while you’ll get a customer that will throw hot coffee at you, tell you you’re worthless and you should get a real job (where asshole? when the economy is shit and you can’t afford to go to college you’re fucked because no one other than fast food will hire you). Occasionally your store owner will show up in his brand new sports car, wearing a thousand dollar suit, and he’ll sit there and tell you what you’re doing wrong, but god forbid he helps you out when it’s busy, or give you any extra money for working your ass off, or even just pay you what he owes you. And if you get injured at work? Don’t bother reporting it because your boss will fight your story in court if it even gets that far (which it won’t because you can’t afford a lawyer, much less the healthcare your boss won’t give you to help with the injury).

    Oh and say your store runs out of a product and all your customers are bitching, whatever you do don’t agree to go to another store to pick up supplies, because your boss will give you 1/3rd of the gas money that you need to get there and back(this is McDonald’s standard rate, anyways). Want some food from the store you work at? Too bad, you still have to pay for it (oh but it’s okay we’ll give you a 30% discount – your only benefit).

    So if it seems like the employees there don’t give a fuck about you – the customers, it’s because you don’t give a fuck about them either until they screw up. On top of that, their boss doesn’t give a fuck about them (they are expendable after all). Society doesn’t give a fuck about them. The government doesn’t give a fuck about them. No one thinks twice when a fast food worker gets fired for a bullshit reason, doesn’t get paid what they deserve, or picks up a massive drug addiction as the only form of relief from the constant stress.

    • How do I get anonymous to post this as an article? This is worthy of public attention, is it not? None of this is made up or exaggerated. The public needs to understand what it’s really like to be a ‘burger flipper’.

      • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I’m really happy anonhq is going to publish it. It’s hard to find outlets for your opinions where people will actually read them. I tried complaining about my hours on facebook once and it got me fired. Apparently free speech is not available to those who don’t make enough.

    • Fast food can be a tough job, but the wage issue comes down to 2 things:

      1. It is ‘unskilled’ labor – no matter how you slice it. Difficult does not necessarily equate to ‘skilled’.

      2. Low wage jobs were not meant for supporting families. One thing thing that doesn’t get addressed is, how did someone end up in that job?

      Low wage jobs seem to always get blamed on the economy, yet people still work them when the economy is good. Let’s be honest – if you have a family to support, you should be looking for something better. If you are not qualified for something better, then you need to figure out why. Did you not do well in school because ‘hanging out’ with friends was more important? Did you not care? We have lost our ability to take personal responsibility for our circumstances in this country. It’s always easier to assume someone else caused our plight.

      While the fast food worker (who consistently gets my order wrong) is complaining about their wage, I remind them, your position will end up being automated in the coming years – so your quest for higher wages will put you out of a job soon. Learn some new skills, or leverage what you learned in fast food into something else. But don’t expect me to feel sorry for someone making 7$ an hour who decided to not wear a condom, and now has to support a family. You made your bed, now lie in it.

      • Awesome. Now criticize my job! I’m a cake decorator. You can’t just decided you want to be a decorator one day and then do it. And I’m not talking about your mom buying pilsbury icing and knifing it on a cake. I mean professional quality you pay hundreds for, for your wedding day. It takes skill and even then, if you learn how to decorate, you still have to have a high level of creativity and problem solving skills. I would love to open my own shop within a few years. (Not in my city, there would be no profit) so now I’m in school and the only reason I am is because it’s all paid for by fafsa. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do when i have to transfer to a university, get stuck with loans i can’t afford? Oh well.

        Hey, guess how much i make? $8. Sorry to burst your bubble but minimum skill=minimum wage. Ceo maximum greed=minimum wage. And if you’re wondering, I didnt fail in school. Depressed from abuse at home, and grades suffered but I graduated. So is that my fault too?

      • Wow you must have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth! You are most likely a CEO of some hotshot company doing nothing but flying around in your private jets while the hard working Americans waste away their lives working their asses an having to choose to pay their bills or buy food for their kid! I bet you don’t understand what its like to be a single parent with no child support working Hard physical labor for minimum wage and not being able to afford the things you need much less health insurance. Walk a mile in someone who actually works an goes through hell to keep the lights on and food on the table before you think you know everything!

        • O right the rich get Richer an the poor get poorer. But hey you rich guys wouldn’t be rich without the hard working Americans making minium wage.

      • Huge hole in your story. Look around you. Are there really enough high school kids to fill all of these minimum wage paying jobs? How about enough decent paying jobs (skilled even) for every person with a family? No? Didn’t think so. You can’t forget adding reality into your little sermon there. A lot of skilled workers have been booted out of a job because of automation as well (i.e. welders working on assembly lines). What did you say to them?

    • THANK YOU! I currently work at McDonald’s, and it’s awful. They just raised the shit out of our prices and are blaming us because minimum wage went up. As the person working the back cash area, I get to be the one to tell customers that large drinks are no longer 1 dollar, and that they are absolutely not allowed to upgrade their small soft drinks with the breakfast meal to anything larger. I wanted to post a video to my youtube channel begging customers not to take their anger at price increases out on us, the employees, but I was told I would be fired for slander. I’ve had people scream at me, throw coin change they didn’t want back in my face, tell me to go fuck myself because we stop serving lunch at 4am, and that I should be fired because I clearly don’t know what I’m doing.

      On top of that, because I work third shift, I only ever drink coffee from my store. I now have to print out duplicate receipts for my coffee because the store owner is convinced I’m stealing them, not paying for them. I am the only person at my job that DOESN’T steal food and drinks, and yet I’m the one zeroed in on for supposedly stealing things. My manager refuses to come to my defense, mostly because he’s terrified he’ll lose his job for defending me. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even get anything from work anymore because I’m tired of being accused of stealing things I pay for with the little extra money I have after paying rent and all of my bills every month.

      Working a fast food job is one of the most soul crushing and disheartening things I have ever done. I’m working on saving up money to move to where I can get a better job, but I only make minimum wage and get shit for hours. No one cares about fast food workers. It’s a sad truth that I’ve discovered, and I can’t wait to escape the greasy hell. I just hope I have some dignity left when I finally do.

    • Fast food sucks, the whole industry is only about money and every bit of it doesn’t give a shit about the people. They’d probably sell you ammonia if you would buy it.

    • You should get a real job
      You are there to serve, I couldn’t care less if your mum died or your boss told you to suck it up, you are there to serve.
      You are paid to serve food, serve the god damned shit and stop complaining about being a second class citizen

  9. I think every normal person, who uses a little bit of their brain knows how these restaurants work.You don’t need a research to know that the shit you get is not fresh, not natural, not cooked well.I’m not saying I don’t go to these restaurants some day, but it’s rare.And that’s the point.Thanks God in Europe these restaurants are not as cheap as you cook at home, knowing what exactly you serve on the table to your family.It pisses me off how the US make these shit junk foods more affordable than home cooked food.They spend billions on fake projects for healthier food for kids at school etc. instead of just simply fuckin make all the fresh meat and vegetables available for poor people too.It’s just fucked up .Healthy life shouldn’t depend on salary, nor “class”.

    • You do have a point, I guess. But then again, what are we supposed to do? Make fast food shit more expensive so the low salary can’t afford any food? Idk what would fix your point, because in the UK the healthy food is just as expensive as in the US. Its just that the fast food is cheaper, and I do not know what is wrong with that. I know that the families that have someone to cook the food is the hard part (My grandma cooked when I was a kid) so that is the only problem. The shitty minimum wage jobs that take all your time is the problem.

      • You are right too.In my opinion or as I say in my dreams all food and water is cheap, since this is something we cannot exist without.I only say that everyone should have the option TO CHOSE what he/she eats.It’s all about that.If you want to eat junk every day, you have the right to do it.But it shouldn’t depend on money which one you chose.Obviously eat something is better than starve, but it should be the only two choice that ppl without money can chose.I exactly know how hard it is, I worked for my fuckin city as a social worker for years, dedicated my life for helping other ppl. and it was my employer, Mr.Government who always held me back to do what I do best,my profession.What would help? I think re-redistribution…until they give billions to campaigns and only thousands to the social sphere nothing will change…

      • Until all the politicians drive luxury cars,while I have to beg them for a cpl of crayons or pencils (or buy them from my own money) to do my job, until WE LEAVE THEM TO WHATEVER THEY WANT nothing will change.Not about food, nor salaries…nothing.I really think everything is in OUR HAND, we just have to find our balls finally…Enough is enough… 🙂

  10. Very good article Brandon, despite the errors. Do you also realize that beef isn’t half as nutritious as it was just 50 years ago? Back then cattle were raised on farms and fed off the land with grass and *some grain. Beef was good for the heart, your muscles, your brain and ALL of your body. Today a cow never sees a blade of grass let alone stand on it. They live in their own feces and urine until the day they’re hung upside down on a moving conveyor belt when they’ll hopefully die a quick death, but sometimes not. They’ve even been filmed being cut up alive because they were taking too long to die. I’ll shut up now.

    • Wow. Didn’t realize that! Thank you for telling us, it’s a lot worse than I thought. Time to shop at a local farm (lucky I live near one)!

    • You are wrong.I have a farm.My Angus beef cows eat the grass.And in the winter.I feed them hay.There are standards that you have to follow in America on things like that.Mass producers although will treat the cows with estrogen to get them to have more calf’s.Only in other countries are they allowed to do the things you said.if you want.I can take a pic of my cattle to show you.

  11. @Stevil,
    we are reading the comments and not only on facebook 😉
    Yes, we will publish your’article.
    Thank you very much and you are welcome to work as an author on anonhq.com.
    More details per email.

  12. If everybody was as worried about what they ate , as they are the spelling/grammar of this post we would have a lot less fat ppl on this planet….smh

  13. As an employee at subway, the world’s largest fast food chain, I would like to say that most of what has been said does not happen at subway. I feel the only ones that actually happen are number 2 and number 11

    • I thought most subways are privately owned. I know I’ve walked into a quiet a few of them and it smelled awful. Whenever there is meat and the place smells bad=not clean. If they don’t care to clean they obviously lack in caring about other guidelines.

  14. To all of you who are criticizing the author of this article, FUCK YOU. I know, from first hand experiences, all of the information contained in this article is correct. The author did make mistakes and it does cause people to distrust the information; however, if you want validity just ask anyone that works fast food. I worked it for years and saw these type of things daily.

  15. It’s about the message, not the grammar. I stopped eating fast food years ago for due to many of these same reasons. If you question the validity, do some research for the proof. Just like anything else, don’t just take what you read at face value.

  16. Some of you are idiots here. The kid made his points and that was the focus of the article. Some of you ought to remain ANONYMOUS.

  17. I feel like pretty much allow these are true, but simply because I am a skeptic of everything, I must ask did you keep record of all the sources you used for the information in this article? If so, could I see them to verify? I would be a lot more comfortable sharing this if I knew it was true Forsure.

  18. So, whats the difference between them and 80% of non chain restaurants in the world, i hear about local restaurant getting shut down all the time because of food poisoning and poor hygiene practices.

  19. Is this really what America is like? I’ve worked for several large chains in New Zealand and Australia and the standards are so high anything on this list would get you kicked out the door before you could blink. Also McDonalds doesn’t have grill marks because of the flat press grills used and Burger King does because the meat is broiled in flame on a conveyer belt chain.

  20. In Finland we have this fastfood chain called “Hesburger”, I used to work here and it’s actually very clean place! Only few of these fits to Hesburger, like #6 and #17

  21. Nearly everyone who left a comment should shut up this is meant to be anonymous not spelling bee leave Brandon c alone and brute force or exploit something stop wasting your life or I’ll delete this world. Goodbye and remember I am many lol legion and Jesus out by the way the way thanks anonymous for leaving a letter with my mum for me before I was born it has helped me a lot. Send me an email if u know what or who I am peace

  22. This article makes me sad. Half of these are common knowledge, or should be, and the other have seem explicitly aimed at the employees. As a fast food employee I can tell you it’s actually our fault maybe 10% of the time. Everything else, well you decided to let someone else do your cooking for you so buck up and deal or make your own food at home. I do. Another thing, when reading this article you shouldn’t equate these facts to all chains as some are very different from others. I worked at a high end chain servicing business men that had some terrible rules and policies , then I worked at one of those chains that gets a bad rap and honestly it’s nothing like people would think. Very clean, and no shady business. At least, minimal shady business and that’s less to the customers than the employees.

  23. Last thing, the calorie thing? I call bullshit. Not only is that illegal now in some places but most chains are supposed to have hand outs that list the calories of at least they’re most popular items.

  24. Actually that should be common knowledge…

    The only Burgers i eat are selfmade or at my fav. Turkish Friends Restaurant , who makes them directly infront of you. Also i can check all ingredients by myself if i want . No secrets , yet a little bit more expensive , but thats totally worth it.

    Don´t go to that foodchains , problem solved .

  25. I work at a McDonald’s and im proud to say a lot of these aren’t true for us. Cept for them salads, they’re old as fuck.

  26. I worked at two taco bells in one year( and would moonlight at a 3rd one) I followed most of the rules and all of the sanitary ones to a tee and out of all three that I worked at only one had a gross kitchen… but it also had a gross lobby and parking lot. I can tell you this much sanitary wise that if the lobby is nice and the parking lot is nice chances are the kitchens nice too and all in all this was a good article but some of these were not facts that they dont want you to know and some where damned if you do damned if you dont kind of stuff like some places throw away a lot of food and then saying a lot of them hold on to it… all and all I can tell you this be nice to the guy taking your order I dealt with depression and would have the rudest people come through or we would discontinue a product and people would take it personal like it was my choice not some guy who works at a desk somewhere,

  27. surprisingly other than the simple hygiene ones, cuz lunch ladies are usually good at that. but the food quality and preparation ones are quite similar to our school lunch programs, do a 25 facts on that if interested. keep up the information moving forward

  28. You said all these things like you hate fast food so much! Honestly, if the restaurant makes fault, they would feel regret and know their mistakes!

  29. @Stevil I believed in and supported every word you wrote up until the point where you started calling the customers assholes and saying who cares if….. Because the person who then gets pneumonia does care, believe it or not. Not only that but you are CONTRADICTING yourself because earlier in the message you stated that the environment is usually clean and the employees aren’t the problem, and that they are in the right.

    That, my good sir, is a fail.

    • Well you are right, I did contradict myself there. I should start off by saying I was the one who ended up having to clean the drink machines regularly. So my store was pretty clean most of the time. I did care if customers got pneumonia, honestly. My point was that I understand the bitter attitude a lot of employees harbor after awhile and have even gotten to that level of apathy at times myself. Regarding the ‘asshole customers’ line, I didn’t mean every customer. There were customers I really enjoyed talking to and looked forward to seeing every day. But more often than not the customers were nasty, impolite, impatient, and downright rude. These ones definitely outweigh the nice customers. Then there the customers that are downright mean. People that will scream at you for ten minutes because your store has a policy of charging extra for sauce packets – even after you offer to take the charge off. These customers are the ones I could really give a shit about. I know it probably makes me a bad person, but 90% of the time I really did try to do things right and keep the place clean. I never spit in anyone’s food or anything horrible like that. There were just some times when I developed this apathy that was the only way I could manage to keep myself from a mental breakdown.
      Anyways, thank you for reading and for your input.

  30. Honestly if you do t cook your own food in your own Kitchen and shop for your own food then you’ll never k of what really goes on so there is never any “proof ” to support the false or facts so if you’re worried then eat out less. If I go to a friends house I don’t know where my food has been or how it has been cooked or prepare so I trust my judgement and pick and choose just like fast food chains just because one Mcdonald’s is bad don’t mean they all are like come on people do some research and better yet treat other in how you would like to be treated and cook your own damn food,your body and mind will thank you

    • It’s about the right to CHOSE what do u wanna eat.And the right to KNOW what you’re eating.Sadly millions of ppl don’t have the option to cook at home.They either starve or eat cheap junk.Which shouldn’t necessarily be junk.That’s all.

  31. When business is slow and they want to save money on labor, they tell some of the employees to clock out and don’t work. But you have to stay at work just in case they may need you. If they do they will have you clock back in and work until business slows down. Sometimes you sit until the end of your shift and not get paid.

  32. What now, you want to blame them either for old food or for throw it away?

    17 – Fast food restaurants throw away an incredible amount of unused food every night.
    16 – At some restaurants, including Taco Bell, the food carries over to the next day for serving.
    23 – That chili you ordered is usually made out of left over hamburger meat.

    Well they could do it on demand, but then it wouldnt be FAST food.
    I love this logic.

    • 17 – Fast food restaurants throw away an incredible amount of unused food every night.
      What about giving it away to homeless ?!???
      16 – At some restaurants, including Taco Bell, the food carries over to the next day for serving.
      Publicity says “Always fresh”.. what about telling the truth ?!????

      • @Ben: “What about giving it away to homeless ?!???”

        Have you ever worked in food service industry?

        One does not simply give away food it doesn’t use. If it’s not being served to the customer, it has to go. It’s unsanitary to keep it lying around otherwise. At one of the schools I went to, I tried returning an UNOPENED milk carton and they said it had to go in the trash because of sanitary concerns.

        Some places offer “suspended” orders, whereby a kind patron pays in advance to offer a meal to one who might not be able to afford it. Of course there is the possibility for abuse of the system but ideally this should not be a big problem.

  33. Would love to actually see some citations/references on these bullshit blog posts that people (especially ill-informed women who are marketed bullshit ‘organic’ over-priced products on a regular basis) just love to share and click on while vegetating on their social media accounts tend to ‘eat-up’ (pun totally intended). Fuck you author of this post who decides to put out false information with no research or evidence to back any of it up. Go eat an ‘organic’ donkey dick.

  34. Some of this is bullshit FUD and poorly written, at that. I spent 8+ on and off at the same McD’s in northern maryland and I spent maybe 6-10 months in a certain taco bell in a certain city that’s a little north of the PA line, and it’s not hanover.

    I would think for being Anon, someone would actually DO the research on how things currently are instead of just writing a lot of crap out like some poorly-educated middle-schooler that’s trying to get a rise out of people who’re easily swayed by their “emotions.”

    24. The fries are cooked at a certain amount per time of day, save for meal rushes. They stay under the heat lamps for a certain amount of time before they’re replaced and with the constant in-and-out of people, the fries don’t really stay in the staging area for long. Deal with it. Want them fresh? Plan on waiting 2-3 minutes longer than you wanted to. Those things have to cook, you know.

    22. The “salad” in question won’t have that many calories. What matters is the dressing. Besides, if you exercise as much as you’re supposed to then even a moderately high caloric diet won’t be all that detrimental to your health.

    19. DUH. It’s advertisement. It’s meant to appeal to your sense of symmetry and aesthetics.

    18. Source? Which restaurants? Because in both FF places that I worked they were rather stringent about following the orders and being careful with the food that was prepared.

    17. Not anymore, they don’t. At the very least, McD’s prepares food based on the time of day and how much is estimated to sell in a 30 minute to hour-long period. They changed their ways in order to save money.

    16. So do you want them to throw the food away or carry it over to the next day? Christ, and then you complain about it not being made fast or fresh enough. The fuck do you want?

    15. This completely undermines ALL your previous points and most of the ones following it. It doesn’t usually depend on the management. It usually depends on it being either corporate or franchise and how much the owner(s) care about the store in question.

    14. 50/50 split. I gave a damn when they told me to and I made it habit.

    13. The kitchens that I saw were all pretty much uniform. People swept up when they needed to, wiped down surfaces when they needed to and overall kept everything presentable enough so they weren’t filthy.

    8. Proof? Goddamn, don’t just make shit up just to get people frothing at the mouth.

    6. Do you know why? Because every store will have target goals they’re supposed to meet as it pertains to how fast an order is taken and completed. Reciting numbers is NOT going to help them hit those goals. Of course, the employees never really see a penny from the bonuses the head managers of the stores make at the end of the year, but that’s another story.

    5. McD’s “PWE” stuff is actual liquid egg. The same stuff you can buy at a grocery store. Grow up.

    4. Lots of times the salads are made maybe a day in advance and that’s because they had leftovers and the green bits are still good. So at the end of the day they put the overstock in the big cooler in the back, which will keep things fresh until the lunch rush of the next day.

    As you can see, this is the same B.S. that people’ve known for years on end. Things are MUCH better now than they were 10 years ago. Grow up, you damn child.

    amendment: Not that I completely condone of the practices of the FF industry as a whole. Their pay rates are shit for the work they do and morality is pretty lacking. I’m just here to say that you need to brush up on your “reporting.”

  35. Well you are right, I did contradict myself there. I should start off by saying I was the one who ended up having to clean the drink machines regularly. So my store was pretty clean most of the time. I did care if customers got pneumonia, honestly. My point was that I understand the bitter attitude a lot of employees harbor after awhile and have even gotten to that level of apathy at times myself. Regarding the ‘asshole customers’ line, I didn’t mean every customer. There were customers I really enjoyed talking to and looked forward to seeing every day. But more often than not the customers were nasty, impolite, impatient, and downright rude. These ones definitely outweigh the nice customers. Then there the customers that are downright mean. People that will scream at you for ten minutes because your store has a policy of charging extra for sauce packets – even after you offer to take the charge off. These customers are the ones I could really give a shit about. I know it probably makes me a bad person, but 90% of the time I really did try to do things right and keep the place clean. I never spit in anyone’s food or anything horrible like that. There were just some times when I developed this apathy that was the only way I could manage to keep myself from a mental breakdown.
    Anyways, thank you for reading and for your input.

  36. I didn’t know about those things. But wow Anonymous seems like Artificial Intelligence is turning into Anonymous Intelligence lol.

  37. It is very very simple:
    Do not give them your money;
    Do not give them your custom.
    These are the only things they want.
    I would not buy anything from a single one of them!
    Ironic even to make an issue of the unhealthiness of the “food”:
    spare thought for the animals who suffer & die for you to eat.
    Or the wastelands of cattle/ hens, factory-farmed, on what was until recently a vibrant, healthy ecosystem, home to animals, trees, beauty, sometimes peoples who are now landless…

  38. At least 5 of these are false.

    The one thag got me is the no gloves thing. Nowhere is that one true. Just use your eyes and you can see behind the counter. And just because the lobby is dirty, doesnt mean the kitchen is. Most of the time, it’s two different managers managing each of those. As a cashier, I give them the neutrition info if they ask for it, and at most mcdonalds it’s right on the menu. And unless gogurts, apples, or a smaller than normal fry is considered extra sugar… mcdonalds doesn’t even do that one.

    This is aimed at the shitty, less famous, fast food places.

  39. My wife use to work at fast food and they were told if you drop it “who cares no one will ever know and it’s a waste of money to throw it away” that was from her manger

  40. as a KFC worker in UK i can tell that those list is the last thing you have to worry about fast food… there are another one list much more disgusting than this one and much more unhealthy! i might be able soon to prove it with photos soon as I’m planning to leave my store… get in touch

  41. Actually this is the beauty of capitalism. They sell products that people want and they make a hefty profit from it. Don’t want to eat unhealthy food? Don’t eat at McDonald’s. No one forces anyone to eat Big Macs. ALL health problems caused by the consumption of McDonald’s food would be avoided by the consumer simply making different choices. Do they? Well, if they did, McDonald’s wouldn’t be one of the biggest companies to ever exist.

  42. This is hilarious. Maybe five of these are bad, and most of them only mildly so and not surprising. 16 and 17 are especially funny, either you throw the food away or serve it the next day, those are really the only two practical options, and either way they do it they make this list. I mean, heaven forbid I eat meat from more than one cow at a time.

  43. Fast food is a thankless job. But its not the only one. Any business with customer will fall victim to the no so great examples of the human race. It happens. However in some of the cases here, there are two sides to the story. For example the throwing away food thing. Its a waste, but its on Corporate, not the management. They have to report losses and if corporate finds out someone took food they could have made money on instead of giving it away, they get pissy. Granted they shouldn’t care if its just going to be tossed anyways, but its all about money and how much they have in their pockets.

    I also see some people take their fast food very very seriously. For those that are getting all up in arms and defending your restaurant saying none of this is true, take a moment and breath, then realize your restaunt is not the only one out there and the things mentioned are incredibly common everywhere. Maybe not your store but yours isn’t the only one in the chain. I have worked a couple different chains and people were allowed to not where gloves if they were favorites. Things were cleanest and people followed rules the closest only when the owner or corporate would be around. Its call sucking up. There was one time though that we had a busy night at the McD I was at so clean up for closing took longer than usual, The manager got pissed and started clocking everyone out and expected us to finish off the clock. Didn’t work out that way. Three people kept going the rest of refused to work for free. Too often the management is inept in these places and crap on their employees.

  44. As a fine dining cook and a fast food employee, I take offense to the statements about the employees. I have my food handlers card, I know the proper way to handle food and I know how to clean. Maybe people who don’t care would do those things, but some of us have high standards.

  45. I used to work at Chipotle. The amount of mold I had to clean from the fountain drink dispenser was pretty damn disgusting. (They also didnt rinse off lemons).

  46. I work @ Steak n’ Shake & almost all of these are not true except 2 & 11. There is no grill marks on burgers. We cook them fresh on the grill as you order them. Also, every other ingrediant is made fresh daily or items are cooked fresh when you order it. Everybody has to wear gloves & hairnets. We would not use food off the floor,thats disgusting!I highly doubt that our salads have more calories than the burgers. Not at Steak N’ Shake anyway because we slice fresh veggies everyday. Just wanted people to know this!

  47. I’ve worked at several different fast food places and even been in management in fast food. At least half of these “facts” are not true, especially the 10 second rule. Health and safety guidelines are extremely strict about food cleanliness, even the greediest, most selfish franchise owners (who only care about money, customer satisfaction be damned) can’t get away with very much – I’ve watched them try and fail over and over.

    Some of the “facts” though, depends on which fast food place you’re talking about. McDonald’s has Gold Quality Standards, which must be met 100% of the time (and McDonald’s corporation randomly checks their franchisee’s to make sure they do) but Wendy’s isn’t quite so fastidious. Taco Bell is the worst of the major fast food companies.

    The one about mold in the ice chute though, that one is pretty much universally true. It’s worse behind the counter, where ice often sits in an open container. Air+moisture=bacteria.

  48. I work at burger and and in the past I’ve worked at a Wendy’s and mcdonalds, burger king the lines come from the broiler, I cleaned one plenty of time to know the chilli is true about the Wendy’s but 98% of the time the meat was maybe an hour old and used manly cause chilli fly’s off the shelfs, and the meat is 80% beef bk 52% rest soy the beef lasts longer than soy and most places are very strict and constant with cleaning, due to random inspections from multiple inspectors company officials health inspectors and most fast food places also have there own inspectors to make sure procedures are done correctly and question employees

  49. Haven’t been to a fast food restaurant in years. Burger King in Germany had major problems last year cause of the lack of hygiene and treating their employees.

  50. Most of this is B/S. I’m guessing you’ve never seen an Australian Maccas…Day old salad? HA, not likely. Not fresh fries? i can see them come out of the fryer. All the BS about calories? Our menus HAVE to display energy content, it even says ‘8700kj is the aver adult intake’ As much calories in a salad as a Big mac?? Maybe if you drown it in full flavoured ranch dressing…. I’m off to maccas anyway… It’s no problem anyway because i don’t eat it all the fucking time…

  51. Did anyone mention that MC Donald’s and other companies spend billions to make you sit, eat and get the hell out of their restaurant as fast as possible. To make you as uncomfortable as possible without you noticing.

  52. Every body does not like it when you guys fight and argue in front of others so just be quit to other. So just shut up and do not say any thing about jesus or I will come kill you no joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. As an employeenone of those things are true we do not carry me over to the next day we make food throughout the day because it goes so fast. and I don’t know what Taco Bell you’worked at because of the at the one that I work at my boss makes you keep a log throughout the week of how many times that you were supposed to wash your hands and if you come short on that week you are written up. and the only items that are pre packaged are going to be the cinnamon twist your Apple empanadas and your nachos and cheese everything else we make just as soon as you order them. and as far as cleaning goes we have an overnight clean crew every 3 days so there’s no chance to grow. corporate often comes in as secret shoppers and test our customer service and cleaning standards. Moral of the story, don’t paint all fast food chains in a bad light. And EVERYBODY wears gloves, except the order taker.

  54. This is funny to most smart people. For McDonald’s (and anyone that eats food), if you have concerns about what you receive at a fast food restaurant, then “simply” make you own food at your own home. If you do not care what you receive at McDonald’s (or any other restaurant anywhere in the world) then realize that you have made your own choice. Folks will make the excuse that they simply don’t have the time (ah ah, too busy) to make for themselves. This will be a sad cop-out because they have an addiction to something through marketing. That’s sad. This is not really a point of discussion. It is a point of simple common sense and a realization of food addiction. Either you have common sense (or are addicted to fast food), or you do/are not. Complaints come from those who confess that they either are addicted to fast food (I can make my own out of a can at home) or do NOT have any common sense. (Complaints ? Anyone ?)

  55. Points 17 and 16 conflict. Point 17 seemingly shames the restaurants for wasting food and point 16 seemingly shames the restaurants for carrying some of the food over to the next day. What do you propose the restaurants do with the made but unsold food at closing time (which can be very late at night/early morning, depending on the location) if they’re not going to or can’t safely hold it over until the opening shift?

  56. I work at Hardee’s and everybody wears gloves except the biscuit maker which I am 2 days a week. Needless to say as a biscuit maker I wash my hands easily over 80 times a day with hot water and soap for 20 seconds and sanitizer. Coming from somebody that makes 800-1200 biscuits a day, wearing gloves 24/7 for this task would not be productive. There is only 1 biscuit maker and we have our work cut out for us, but on the bright side, the biscuits cook at 600 degrees! Now that’s hot!!! Now, I occasionally wear gloves to mix the dough. It’s faster to do so, but more wasteful if you do it all the time.

    Lets be real hear, everybody sneezes and flour makes me sneeze every so often and almost everybody I know has had a reaction to flour at one time or another. So yes, I have sneezed, but I sneeze over a trashcan, blow my nose, then wash my hands and arms and get back to work. It happens and there is absolutely nothing we as human beings can do about it.

    As a cook, the same rules apply, everybody wears gloves. I don’t ever see any foul play in my work place. And no, the 10 second rule does not apply! As a matter of fact, if you drop something on the flour and are really busy I’d suggest kicking it off to the side with your foot and clean it up later as you will more likely have to wash your hands and so forth for picking it up.

    And as far as washing your hands after you use the bathroom. Employees are required to wash twice. One after you finish your business and one when you step back on the flour. Believe me it makes me cringe when I see a customer not wash their hands, so I know the feeling. And as far as somebody not wearing gloves at the grills at a Burger King. I know it’s probably against code, but I don’t really have a problem with that, those grills are killing whatever bacteria is on whatever your cooking and besides when your around close proximity to extensive heat, those gloves melt and that can be super bad if it goes into the food. I’ve had gloves melt on me before too. As long as tongs or a spatula is used I could care less! I mean, what do you all do when you have a cookout for your family? Is it really any different? I guess the real problem is that not everybody is ethical in their actions. This saddens me 🙁

  57. A lot of this is semi true but NOT completely accurate. In order to prepare food you need training and a food handlers permit which is a big pain to acquire.

  58. When you guys start posting this agenda crap, you lose trust. Half of these are a load if phecal matter.

    The McDonalds I worked at used real eggs. Anything that hit the floor was trashed. And the drink and ice machine parts were disassembled every night to be cleaned.

    Yes, there is a lot wrong with many fast food places, some depend on location. You eat at your own discernment.

  59. If you order fries with no salt they will take already cooked fries and drop the in the fryer for about 5 seconds. The oil will eat the salt off and your fries will be super hot. Therefore you think they’re “fresh” or “new”. They’re not.

  60. I work at a Shake Shack. If i see a line of people especially with kids we typically do make extra fries so they are ready when the customers whole order is ready. If we did end up with a few extra fries. We toss them out if they’ve been sitting awhile.

  61. Can a manager ban you for not ordering anything & if they cant how would I explain that to the manager telling them they are in the wrong? (Like proof) My sister and her friends were walking and they stepped into taco bell to cool off and the manager told them they were banned for not ordering anything.

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