Amidst Paris Terror Scare-rhetoric, An Inspiring Message Awaits Refugees Going To Scotland



Despite the fact that nearly all the terrorists involved in the recent Paris attacks were in fact natively born and raised, Syrian refugees have been unfairly blamed for the bombings. This is not unexpected- when it was “the right thing to do” governments will let Syrians into the nation.

And when their own mass surveillance “fails” to detect terrorists (don’t worry, nothing a lil’ more mass surveilance of your naked pics won’t solve!), these Syrians get turned into their new political whipping boy.

The absurdity of finding a Syrian passport near a suicide bomb BLAST highlights my point.

Mainstream sources believe the passport was planted by ISIS, a widely-used fake, and indeed ISIS shares this desire to divide Europeans against their Muslim and Syrian counterparts. I won’t speculate as to whom else might have motivation to plant a fake Syrian passport, for whatever reason, or why it was unharmed by the explosion.

Refugees are being blamed all over Europe, with American politicians also weighing in despite the fact that America is accepting a relatively tiny number of Syrian refugees; a paltry 10,000. They would not even accept 5 year old kids. All this because one bomber was apparently carrying a Syrian passport.

Scotland however has chosen a different stance, a rational and compassionate one, with Scottish paper The National posting a front page with the headline

The newspaper explicitly called out the political “bigots” in Scotland, politicians who were trying to “poison minds against the Syrian refugees.” “They will not succeed in doing so,” the outlet wrote.

“Their blatant and cynical attempt to capitalize on a tragedy will disgust the vast majority of Scots, who understand that refugees from Syria are fleeing the very same terrorism of which our French neighbors were targets last weekend.”

Obama may be a stunning hypocrite, being one of the primary causes for Syrian instability and hence  the Syrian refugees’ plight, but at the recent G-20 Summit he did remind us that many refugees are in fact victims of terror, and not sympathizers. His words:

“When I hear folks say, ‘Maybe we should just admit the Christians, but not the Muslims,’ when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who’s fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks, themselves, come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.”

Refugees are also fleeing his drone strikes against Doctors Without Borders hospitals, so he should be an expert on the impact of terror on a civilian populace by now.

We have to stop blaming refugees for terror attacks; they don’t blame us when we allow our governments to terrorize and uproot them.

Sources: Upworthy, Al Jazeera

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