ISIS “Poster Girl” Beaten To Death After Trying To Escape Their Clutches



Tall dark and handsome. A man who’s fought for his beliefs, risking life and limb, with a blazing fire in his eyes…

Of course there are always two sides of a story; his beliefs happen to include the beheading and rape (in whatever order) of women and children who stand in his way. Sure he’s risking life and limb, but that blazing fire in his eyes is fueled by 50% pure liquid insanity and 50% drug-induced delusions of grandeur.

I’m clearly no romance author.

Alas, teenagers rarely read the all-important fine-print before rushing off to a life of sex-slavery and canon fodder… I mean err, “jihad”.

An Austrian teenage girl ran away from home, joining the Islamic State according to Austrian tabloids Kronen Zeitung and Osterreich citing insider sources.

Samra Kesinovic, aged 17  apparently traveled to ISIS territory with her friend. There was no fairytale ending for Kesinovic, because the tabloids claim that she was beaten to death after trying to escape from ISIS.

UN counter-terrorism expert David Scharia stated last year that one of the girls was killed in fighting, while the fate of the other remained a mystery; a mystery that has just been solved if the tabloids are correct.

Austria’s interior and foreign ministries could not confirm or deny the news.

“We cannot comment on individual cases,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Thomas Schnöll told the Austria Press Agency. Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundböck also said that he could not comment on the situation.

When Kesinovic and Selimovic got to Syria via Turkey (as usual. Damned those “porous” borders! ) the two quickly became “poster girls” for ISIS ( AKA bait). They lived the teenage dream, posing with Kalashnikovs while surrounded by armed men.

“Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him” were their words in a note to their families. As soon as they got to Syria, in April 2014, they were married off to ISIS fighters.

Here’s another fun fact: According to the UN envoy on sexual violence, teenage girls abducted by ISIS sold for ‘as little as a pack of cigarettes’.

When their value eventually went from “poster girl” to “pack of cigs”, they started having second thoughts about the whole serving and dying for Allah deal; they reportedly wanted to return home by October 2014, just half a year later. Alas, it seems that they really have died for Allah… at the hands of ISIS and those who allowed them across the Turkish border that is.

130 Austrians have gone to Syria to serve ISIS; plenty of vacancies, 365 days of sunshine, benefits include full dental and one beheading…




Sources: RT

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    • Although I can relate to your comment, young kids are not experienced enough to make these decisions that an adult can. They were bribed to join with the posters and adverts that IS post but the fault doesn’t lie with them, nor with their families. The fault lies with the Austrian border authorities who allowed them to slip through and with the Turkish c*nts who let them enter Syria. Erdogan is a terrorist and is working with IS and the US is complicit in this. Go for regime change in Turkey or better still, a targeted killing on Erdogan, and watch what happens to IS and then…. the war in Syria…

      • Yeah sure, blame it on the government. Nowadays it seems that anything is government’s fault. You forget that rules and laws cannot substitute sanity. It is just a tool of society to provide justice (as good as possible) and safety. If you do not appreciate these values.. well then you maybe do not deserve it better…
        Clearly no compassion from me!

  1. shame on you ISIS, your brains are very sick. You all go to Hell with all your drugs., You are really insulting Allah and your “Profit” Mohammed. There is no soul who is making death on earth who is making any possible place in heaven.You all re going burned in Hell forever !! – killing this girl is really sick.

  2. this site is seriously poor. you should stop masquerading as anonymous, you are actually doing more harm than good with these poorly written child essay reports

  3. Honestly, this is sad and she didnt know what she was getting her self into. ISIS really has no respect for anything and yeah they put theirselves in this position but this is just sick what they do.


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