US Congresswoman: War Against Assad “Illegal”. Introduces Bill To Stop It

Image #: 20667743 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) waits to be photographed with newly re-elected Speaker of the House John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) for the reenactment of her swearing in on the first day of the 113th Congress, Washington, D.C., Thursday, January 3, 2013. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times) The Washington Times /Landov



US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview where she called the attempts by the US government to oust Assad “illegal” and “counterproductive”:

She goes as far as to accuse the CIA of arming the terrorists who they call “sworn enemies”.

She was basically telling us that the US government is lying, and that they could “accidentally” start World War 3.

Since the Paris attacks,  she’s had enough of this hypocrisy and has even introduced legislation which would end the “illegal war” against Assad.

Associated Press:

In an unusual alliance, a House Democrat and Republican have teamed up to urge the Obama administration to stop trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad and focus all its efforts on destroying Islamic State militants.

Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, and Austin Scott, a Republican, introduced legislation on Friday to end what they called an “illegal war” to overthrow Assad…

“The U.S. is waging two wars in Syria,” Gabbard said. “The first is the war against ISIS and other Islamic extremists, which Congress authorized after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The second war is the illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad.”

Scott said, “Working to remove Assad at this stage is counter-productive to what I believe our primary mission should be.”…


Gabbard contends the effort to overthrow Assad is counter-productive because it is helping IS topple the Syrian leader and take control of all of Syria. If IS were able to seize the Syrian military’s weaponry, infrastructure and hardware, the group would become even more dangerous than it is now and exacerbate the refugee crisis.


She had this to say about the concept of removing a dictator because of “democracy” and “human rights”, when the reality is that he is being removed for US interests:

“People said the very same thing about Saddam (Hussein), the very same thing about (Moammar) Gadhafi, the results of those two failed efforts of regime change and the following nation-building have been absolute, not only have they been failures, but they’ve actually worked to strengthen our enemy.”

Here’s a recent video where she speaks to CNN about Assad:

She even collated a list of ten reasons why the US shouldn’t try to illegally overthrow Assad; they’re really good reasons too.

“Here are 10 reasons the U.S. must end its war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad:

  • Because if we succeed in overthrowing the Syrian government of Assad, it will open the door for ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Islamic extremists to take over all of Syria.  There will be genocide and suffering on a scale beyond our imagination.  These Islamic extremists will take over all the weaponry, infrastructure, and military hardware of the Syrian army and be more dangerous than ever before.
  • We should not be allying ourselves with these Islamic extremists by helping them achieve their goal because it is against the security interests of the United States and all of civilization.
  • Because the money and weapons the CIA is providing to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad are going directly or indirectly into the hands of the Islamic extremist groups, including al-Qaeda affiliates, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, and others who are the actual enemies of the United States.  These groups make up close to 90 percent of the so-called opposition forces, and are the most dominant fighters on the ground.
  • Because our efforts to overthrow Assad has increased and will continue to increase the strength of ISIS and other Islamic extremists, thus making them a bigger regional and global threat.
  • Because this war has exacerbated the chaos and carnage in Syria and, along with the terror inflicted by ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups fighting to take over Syria, continues to increase the number of Syrians forced to flee their country.
  • Because we should learn from our past mistakes in Iraq and Libya that U.S. wars to overthrow secular dictators (Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi) cause even more chaos and human suffering and open the door for Islamic extremists to take over in those countries.
  • Because the U.S. has no credible government or government leader ready to bring order, security, and freedom to the people of Syria.
  • Because even the ‘best case’ scenario—that the U.S. successfully overthrows the Syrian government of Assad—would obligate the United States to spend trillions of dollars and the lives of American service members in the futile effort to create a new Syria.  This is what we have been trying to do in Iraq for twelve years, and we still have not succeeded.  The situation in Syria will be much more difficult than in Iraq.
  • Because our war against the Syrian government of Assad is interfering with our being one-pointedly focused on the war to defeat ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the other Islamic extremists who are our actual enemy.
  • Because our war to overthrow the Assad government puts us in direct conflict with Russia and increases the likelihood of war between the United States and Russia and the possibility of another world war.”

So, maybe don’t trust alternative “conspiracy” “pro-Russian” news when it tells you that we’re headed down the path to World War 3, or that Assad’s fall will be a repeat of Libya and Iraq, or that the US is supporting ISIS.

Trust an American Congresswoman who has served two tours of duty in Iraq, one who’s been inside the political machine and seen the real reason for these wars first-hand and is risking her career by standing against the mainstream tide.
Sources: Zero Hedge

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  1. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Arab Spring and now Syria. The collapse of the USSR, Declaration of Independence, amongst others tells us that nations either form or reform themselves and outside parties and interference does not work. Ok, maybe Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were cases of successful intervention but that was only because theyhad stepped outside theirnational boundaries. Fascist Spain reformed eventually. So, the only historical case for intervention would be self-defence.

    • We need to get out of the mid-east and stop starting wars for people and country’s other then for our real interests. We have no say and seldom get the truth from the people that represent us, which includes the main stream media. The war on terror is utter bull shit and its costing us in our children and money. Some really don’t want to see whats going on they live a false para dine of reality that has been feed to us for a long time.

  2. Interesting thing here to is how ISIS managed to get its hands on hundreds of TOYOTA 4x4s, not to mention weapons, if its goal was to overthrow the Syrian Govt?

  3. Fin quando ci saranno i rothschild i rockfeller e altri che usano qualsiasi cosa per arrivare a raggiungere il loro obiettivo finale…..dominare il mondo distruggerlo e ricrearlo a loro piacimento…. condannateli a morte e l’umanità torna a respirare

  4. Sure, he’s an evil guy. No one is going to argue otherwise. However, three point: (1) Assad has never attacked the USA. (2) There are too many bad guys like him over there to count. (3) No one over there wears white know, like the good cowboys.


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