Top Ten Things You Probably Never Knew About Gaddafi’s Libya



1. In Libya, a home is considered a natural human right.

Qaddafi’s Green Book  states the following:

“Whoever possesses the house in which you dwell, the vehicle in which you ride or the income on which you live, possesses your freedom, or part of it. Freedom is indivisible. For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of satisfying their own needs. Whoever possesses the means of fulfilling your needs controls or exploits you, and may enslave you despite any legislation to the contrary.

The material needs of people that are basic and personal start with food, housing, clothing and transport and must be regulated as private and sacred and their satisfaction should not depend on hire. To satisfy these material needs through rent, gives the original owner the right to interfere in your personal life and to control your imperative needs, even if the original owner be the society in general. The original owner can usurp your freedom and take away your happiness. The interference of the original owner may include repossessing your clothes, even leaving you naked on the street. Likewise, the owner of your means of transportation may leave you stranded on the sidewalk, and the owner of your house may make you homeless.

People’s imperative needs cannot be regulated by legal or administrative procedures. They must be fundamentally implanted into the society in accordance with natural rules.”

 2. Education was free

Qaddafi’s views on education are actually a whole lot more progressive than many US politicians. He believed that education had nothing to do with a routinized curriculum. He pointed to the fact that the western world has forced their youth to learn during specified hours while sitting in rows of desks, and that this type of education now prevails all over the world and goes against human freedom; education is a far broader concept than sitting in a row and absorbing propaganda about the greatness of historical figures who did not really earn their renown (Columbus established slavery in America, and Edison stole his inventions from others), or singing some patriotic national song every day.

He strongly believed that state controlled/standardized education is again, a “forced stultification” of the masses. He believed that all governments who set courses of education in terms of a formal curriculum and force people to learn them are coercing and manipulating their citizens. He was right.

“All methods of education prevailing in the world should be destroyed through a universal cultural evolution that frees the human mind from curricula of fanaticism which dictate a process of deliberate distortion of man’s tastes, conceptual ability and mentality.” 

He did not mean that schools should be closed, in fact he believed that education was important; his gripe was that society should provide all types of education, and give the child the chance to choose freely between his courses. Nobody should tell him or her what knowledge is true “because we the government says it is”, while restricting the pursuit of his own creative ideas, stamping out any creative thought, any wish to change the circumstance he is in.

“Knowledge is a natural right of every human being of which no one has the right to deprive him or her under any pretext, except in a case where a person does something which deprives him or her of that right.” 

3. Medical treatment was free

4. There were no electricity bills in Libya, electricity was free

Politicians seem to only be intent at figuring out how to accumulate greater tax revenues… their solution seems to be to put a meter on everything. It’s just another way, out of many, to force us to keep working. Keep being the willing slave. It certainly isn’t difficult for an oil-exporting state to provide electricity free of charge, but he was surrounded by oil-exporting states that charged their own citizens for the resource.

5.  Qaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great ManMade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country


6. All newlyweds in Libya would receive 60,000 Dinar ($50,000 USD) by the government to buy their first apartment to help start a family.

7. A portion of Libyan oil sales is or was  credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens

8. Libya had it’s own state bank which provided loans to citizens at zero percent interest by law and they had no external debt.

 9. A bursary was given to mothers with newborn babies

10. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government would fund them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US $2,300/month accommodation and car allowance

Qaddafi was no terrorist, and regardless of what you think of the above ten points, American intervention has turned Africa’s richest nation into a hell-hole dominated by Islamic extremists in the West, a Western-backed powerless government on the East. Migrant trafficking plagues the North, and terrorists the South. The Western governments were happy to depose the man, but “for some reason” lost all interest in helping the country achieve stability thereafter.

Source: Collective Evolution,


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  1. Well then great countries like that should invite a 1000 foreigners to live there free every year to witness that for themselves and talk about it to other nations upon their return.

    • But Gonzo, that was before they killed Gaddafi and raped and pillaged Libya! It certainly isn’t like that now!! I sure wouldn’t want to live there for a year, free or not!! I’m not positive, but I think I did read that Libya is now under Sharia law! –

      • HE WAS taking care of his people. HILARY CLINTON DECIDED DEGREE
        SHE WANTED HIS GOLD & SILVER & PAYOFFS BY THE GEO.SOROS ‘ of this world to let ISIS the CIA gang of murders to use Libya as a base of operations where the elite could steal the nation’s oil. It’s what KILLARY does n best she’s a murderer a war monger. The worst possible potus the USA could ever have she’s fricken nuts.

        • It wasn’t to do with gold and silver it was the fact that he was going to trade Libyan oil in gold Dinar which would have cost the US trillions as every single drop of oil in the world is traded in US Dollars. Look to Iraq and Saddam for a comparison. WMD did not exist but SH threat to trade Iraqi oil in Euros did. If he was successful then the whole Middle East would have followed suit to stick a large middle digit up to the US.

  2. i wanna say something about electricity bills i was born n lived in libya-Tripoli n we had electricity bills up until 2011 after the revolution yes we no longer getting electricity bills and currently now there is talk going on about bring it back
    newlyweds thing was only made during 2011 started in February and stoped around august when rebels closed capital n only in tripoli where they gave money during that time

    • I’d like to see some kind of proof of what you have stated … I’ve read a lot about Gaddafi and Libya, and have never read that those things ‘just came in’ in 2011!

    • ” He took the title of colonel, and in the 1970s he seemed to have philosophical pretentions, publishing his so-called Green Book of political philosophy and leading Libya in a path of “Islamic socialism”. So again I ask you to show us some proof that electricity was not free….

        • I was also born in Tripoli and lived in Libya my whole life and Qaddafi was the worst man the world has ever seen.

          Actually I wasn’t and I don’t believe for a second that he was a bad man at all but you see what I did there? Word of advice motherfucker.

  3. Sounds familiar, If America doesn’t like it, and think it is a dictatorship, than you should get rid of it. But the never tell these things. Sometimes you have to choose for a lesser evil, see Iraq and Syria.

    Just another fine mess.

    • i can agree to some part, syria are the good people in this, syria was just like us in many ways, built up tech ect. but a dictatorship is evil

  4. Gaddafi wasn’t a terrorist? What about Lockerbie and the murder of the British Policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy in London?

    • Moammer tortured, raped, and killed many, many Libyans. He was a patron of the IRA, the Moro Liberation Front and others.

    • Outside the Libyan Embassy… how very convenient… You think the leader of what was one of the wealthiest country in Africa would actually give a damn about a British Policewoman and have her killed outside his own country’s embassy? -_-

  5. This article is a whitewash of Gaddhafi’s sordid and vile reign. Mostly his family, tribe, and lackeys benefitted. Why do you think he was so despised by many around the world. Only those who believed his hype thought the Jamahiriya was a good system.

  6. Check your sources …. this is a bunch of crap
    Take it from a libyan… don’t destroy the Anonymous reputation by publishing information that clearly wasn’t verified.

  7. When Qaddafi addressed the UN, I happened to catch his speech on C-Span. Everything he said was true. He exposed the back stabbing ways of the CIA and our government. Everything he said made complete sense. I was waiting to see what the News Media would say about this . I thought it would be all over Fox and CNN . There was not a word mentioned about his address anywhere . It was as if it had not happened . What happened to Libya is a crime of epic proportions .

  8. The real terrorists in this world are the political leaders, America being the worst. Wherever they go, islamists arrive. Now they are after Basher el Assad. In Syria, he is the only garantee for the freedom of religion. Look at the first thing they did… arm the terrorists and recognise their “government (and don’t say rebels, they are terrorists!). Wherever they pass, they sow war and death, leaving only islamists and their array of horrors.
    The biggest problem is that America is taken as an exemple by the other world leaders, while they should be considered as the worst thing on earth. What they do to the rest of the world is unbelievable! Thanks to them, we have all these wars everywhere! The attacks they suffer(ed) are on their own hands…

  9. What is mentioned about Libyan people in this report most of it not true. I am a Libyan citizen n I lived there for 35 years n I used to have 2 jobs n I could not marry because the apartments and houses r too expensive comparing to our salaries n there was a low prevented us from renting , so if someone has a house , he could not rent it n if h does , the government will give the house to the renter. The education was a free but you have to study every thing in Arabic so no English. If i want to write about how our life was hard n difficult , I need hundred of pages to express that. Finally, if we had a good life, free education , free health care and etc, why people fighting now ? why there is good roads between the cities ? why majority of Libyan people go every year to Tunisia n pay thousands of dollars to look for health care ? the subject not easy as mentioned n this report.

    • Studying in arabic was a torture for you? Is’t this your mother’s language? The law concerning renting apartments seems to be good for people, against the “smart” guys, perhaps foreigners who maybe think about exploiting locals… I don’t belive you lived there 35 years.

    • Does anyone else think the author of this last post (assad sebaay) is actually 2 different people?
      Case in point you were born in the 80’s and you are wondering why we think life is good there when you had free education and health care that the USA didn’t care about in the 1980’s because at that point there was always going to be more money to pay for college and medical bills.
      All of that was going on in America during CO-INTELPRO where our government was killing its own citizens as the directive of the commander-in-chief the same thing they will accuse Qaddafi doing 30 years later.

      So NOW in the modern day when we realize the things your country provided for its citizens, OUR leaders need to remove this from existence before we become restless and demand these native rights for our country.

      But after that, everyone can learn anything they want because he “failed”.

  10. My father and grandfather had worked in Libya and I can confirm that most of these things is correct. Where did get the money for treatment in Tunisia tum Libyans when they do not make money. I think you’re talking nonsense. Now all of you would like to come back Qaddafi but he can’t.
    Do you even know how much it cost infrastructure built in Libya. aqueducts, roads, etc. My father tald me about countless examples where due to the requirements of the local population they musst adapting projects which increased prices of building several times.
    but don’t worry there is no more dictator enjoy the kindness that you have now.
    But don’t lie that there wasn’t schools and medical services at the top level.

    • you asked from where the Libyan people get the money for the treatment in Tunisia? right? at the end you said the medical services at the top , so how come?
      if you deny that people go to Tunisia for health treatment that is mean you are the liar not me because you can get this information from the internet easily and this is a proof that there is no health services in Libya which also a proof that you lie.Most of Libya’s land are farms , so there is no a sign of a modern country and those lands are the resource of the money that people spend in Tunisia , Jordan ,Egypt. By the way are your dad and grand father Libyan citizen or not ?

  11. In this times of propaganda one must use reason and logic to figure out truth from the mountain high piles of propaganda.

    I think Qaddafi was popular among his people because
    1) I saw a video on youtube of him driving around Tripoli in an open car, waving to the people, who would stop and wave back at him, unlike many western politicians he didn’t show ANY concern for his security. Which means he wasn’t afraid of his people.

    2) the waves of illegal immigrants that curse Italy wasn’t there first, so it means that people were well fed and happy enough not to risk their lives in search of a better life.

    3) If the people hated him so much they would have moved him earlier and Libya wouldn’t need foreign forces to kill him.

    4) I have met several libyan students in Canada who were studying there at government expenses, that when Qaddafi was in power.

    5)the last reason I believe he was a leader loved by his people, is the fact that the corporate controlled US government and its corporate allies were probably threatened from such non capitalist system, especially a bank that lent on zero interest. The banker mafi a can never allow that, Gaddafi had to go and Libyan banks would be added to the Bankers Mafia rolls. (Sure enough the oil and Bank deals were signed within days of the terrorist take over)

    5) I don’t agree that he was corrupt, the Banker Mafia that controls the US and most of the world, hate people that cannot be bought, they hated Ahmed nijat for that (and most of Iran for that matter) If he was corrupt and ready to sell his country not only would he be alive today but he would have been pampered and spoilt with attention and the world would be seeing pictures of how his people love him (Just like the Saud family)

    The above mohamed is not even a Libyan, I suspect he is a zionist shill because he give the same sweeping vague arguments against him that the the Ziomedia gives and nothing specific to Libyans to add to it. The world didn’t hate him. Only Zionists and their lackeys hated him because he was too overt in condemning Israel for its war crimes against Arabs.

    So called Islamists are not muslims, they are Zionist terrorist agents out to fulfil Israels grand plan for a greater ISrael. And thee is no Shariah in Libya or anywhere else for that matter.

    Israel had earlier warned us of Shariah, beheading, chopping of hands etc. This is that Shariah, the Zionist Shariah that leads to killings, murder, chaos and Muslims killing Muslims. Shariah is run by Islamic scholars but none of the terrorists in Libya or anywhere else are run by scholars whom anybody knows or who have graduated any of the famous Islamic law schools. These are just nameless people who appeared from nowhere and suddenly they are Caliphs and Emirs and what nots.

    And no the Zio presstitudes will not point that out, If the west wanted these goon beaten then they could have used their extensive media to unite the arabs against them and beat them, all they had to do was point out the fact that these are hypocrites and its legal to do Jihad against them, they could get famous, established scholars to give fatwas against these murderous terrorists who are hated by all Muslims and who are a threat only to Muslim and Christians, because Zionists hate these two groups. But the Zionist media and its shills keep telling you that they are the real Muslims, which they are NOT. THey are Kafirs and bond for hell. A Kafir here is one who defies the Quran, be they Muslims or non-muslims and these CIA-Mossad armed groups have defied the Quran in every way.

    But they never will tell you that because ZISIS and its many other names are Zionist assets,and their aim is to destabilize the middle east through the use of these terrorists. Iraqis forces have always complained that US forces thwart them when ever they are making headway against these terrorists. Its no secret that these terrorists get their medical treatments in Israel when these shit heads get injured. They call them good terrorists, can it get more oxymoronic than that.

  12. I am from Libya, and to make things more clear, most of these points reflected negatively on the people. A home is a natural human right meaning that if you are renting a place, you have the right to claim that it becomes yours. The real owner of the property just looses it overnight. Many people who have worked hard and had invested in building homes to rent them out, just lost all of their proprties, without any compensations. How fair is that?? My grand father was one of them.
    Free education, yes, but free always means very poor quality. I studied there until I finished my highschool, and we were hit and tourchered in school. We were treated like animals, hitting us with the stick regarless where it hits you.
    Free healthcare is even worse. You go to a hospital with the doctors smocking, careless for your well being, and have no good tools or medical equipment. Many sick people with one illness get out out of the hospital with further diseases. The only peope who received free money were from the gaddafi family. The general rules and regulations promoted curruption. . It is the oil rich country that had no infrastructure. If it rains for more than an hour, the streets sink. I ask you to post pictures of this great Libya you are talking about if it was true!

    • dictatorship to the maxx on that. yea i know its all tru what annon said. i replyed to a comment b4 yes its tru but dictatorship is evil. unfortunatly no leaders in the world can live life with out curruption the war is atually criminal fighting criminal. its descusting.

    • Indeed! – And why is this nonsense about ‘free electricity’, etc., still being posted? (Anybody not paying the electricity bill would be cut off, without warning.) Why not check the facts with Libyan people, who know better! Very distressing to see these old lies still going round…

    • I’ve seen pictures of how your infrastructure looked before we ruined everything. I come from a poor part of town but it looked well kept before the west got there to clean things up.

  13. They wanted him dead for 1 main reason. Cause the use goverment didnt like him or was either better than the big people from the us. Same with iraq and. And look ehat bush did to the twintowers himself. If america doesnt like it. It will destroy it. It is as simple as that. Or they can make money out of oil and what else more. The reality is in front of our eyes and we dont wanna see it that america is the biggest killer of us all!!!!!!!

  14. Every country should ensure that people have a home to call their own. Medical should be free. Electric should be free…education should be free. We think we have it good here in North America. Think again. Our politicans are the only ones getting ahead and at our expense. It’s our resources and our tax money that keeps this country going. We need to stand up and demand more from the government. Lower prices that we can afford; lower gas prices etc.

  15. Guys I think you are all missing one of the most important facts about Libya.

    Yes Libya was a great country, but the US didn’t invade and go nuts in the region because they were uprooting dictators or anything of the sort. Up until very recently, Libya had it’s own private banking system. NOW WHO DO WE KNOW THAT WANTS TO CONTROL THE BANKS OF THE WORLD?

    Libya was one of 7 countries who didn’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank, and after the invasion of the Middle East, that number is now down to 3 countries. North Korea, Cuba and Iran. The Rothschild’s created the 9/11 terrorist event through George W. Bush in an attempt to turn America against the Middle East, so they could lay claim to thousands of Oil fields, Nuclear Refineries, and most importantly, control over the central banks. (Notice how fuel prices in the west have dropped dramatically since the beginning of last year)

    The Rothschild’s chose USA to do its bidding in the Middle East, the Rothschild’s chose the UN to gain control over Sudan and other such countries banking systems. All you need to do now is watch the news to see that the Rothschild’s have once again chosen the US as it’s puppet in gaining control over the Cuban banking system as well, such as relieving Cuba of it’s isolation from the US, and the same thing has happened with the US and North Korea. Yes North Korea is a terrible place and it’s dictatorship must be stopped, although is it really best if the USA is the one to intervene? If you watch the news reports and political speeches relating to the North Korean government hacking Sony pictures, they will deny it. But why would they honestly bother with it? Many documentaries and mocking films have been made about NK already, why would they provoke the US now? The point is that the Rothschild’s are seeking a way into these countries to relieve them of their private banking systems, and in doing so are creating a wake of economic slavery, war which all the big big industries in the Western world create in order to profit from death and chaos.
    The world is in trouble everyone, The Rothschild’s are that close to achieving there ultimate plan of controlling the worlds economy, and when that happens, it wouldn’t be crazy to think or say that a One World Government is just a step around the corner.
    So I hope you’re all either prepared to conform to a coming totalitarian regime of a magnitude the likes of which no one has ever seen, or you’re ready to die fighting and protecting your beliefs and your rightful freedom.
    I may not be the most eloquent, but you can check all my facts. They are all true. The world we live in today is more tumultuous then ever before, and once we all know where our current governments and leaderships are taking us, it will be time to stand up for ourselves, and each other.


    • What you said legionAus was spot on. The same thing happened in Iraq. Even Australia’*s rep for UN at that time, Mr butler said there were no weapons of mass destruction. That’s why we lost our seat. He didn’t play the game. Iran and Syria are all being destroyed for the Rothschild’s. One world government

  16. wtf is this? how can this be possible??? a hand of people deciding the fate of countries and millions of people, destroying nature and everything that is beautiful and original on this planet!!! I just hope one day the majority of the people will realise and stand unite to fight these monsters, these demons!! I just hope it won’t be too late and the world will still have something to fight for, we need to open our eyes ASAP! We need a revolution, a GLOBAL revolution or things will only get worse! FeelsBadMan 🙁

  17. Let me see now, US negotiates a truce in Syria with Russia, within two days that truce is broken by a US led co-coalition bombing mission against Syrian troops as ISIS is about to launch an offensive against them. 62 Syrian soldiers are killed. US comes out with a verbal attack against Russia, for telling the world. What is the definition of Psychotic.


  19. Comment: all is well you have send NATO to kill him because you want to suffer more than before. just know libya can not see a man like gaddafi again


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