Historic $1 Billion Payout to Native Americans


In Albuquerque, NM a massive and historic settlement has been awarded to Native American tribes in the sum of $940 million dollars. The settlement, which was announced by the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2015 stems from a 1990 lawsuit claiming negligence by the U.S. government.

The negligence incorporated the failure to pay for its housing, education, law and healthcare contracts, amongst others. The suffering by people in tribal lands as a result was considered “not just cruel and wrong, it was illegal,” according to Governor Val Panteah Sr. of the Zuni Pueblo.

It is believed by the tribal leaders that the payout will assist with compensation to those who suffered and will combat other major issues such as alcoholism and unemployment. ABC 7 was told in an interview with President John Yellowbird Steele of the Oglala Sioux tribe that he was satisfied with the settlement, “but in other areas of those treaty obligations we need to work like we did here.”

The settlement is scheduled to be released in the next six months, and is amongst others of historic proportions such as the payout of $3.4 billion to the Blackfoot Tribe, and a billion dollar payout in 2012 over the use of land and oil extraction.

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  1. cool so what about the umpteen millions, if not billion, dollars that the United States owes Canada for softwood lumber?

    We have people that are homeless and hungry as well. A lot of livelihoods were lost , as well as jobs and resources due to the United States stealing our trees.

    But the US can give the native people 1B dollars on top of everything they already get and have gotten? I dont know about the US particularly , but in Canada, the Native people were supposed to get cut off a long time ago. They keep on getting extensions on support , over and over and over again.
    Im sorry, but that is no way to solve a problem , and i think it shows.

    • You don’t know anything about our people or our situation here, so go complain elsewhere.

      By the way, it’s a trade dispute over government subsidies and tariffs. No one is stealing Canadian trees. How about you keep that Bieber kid on your side of the border and we’ll call it even.

      If you feel bad about First Nations issues, think of it as rent.

      • LOL you dont you google it? it is specifically for softwood lumbar.

        But wait , thats not all!

        We , as residents of British Columbia , Canada. (where vancouver is)
        had to lend California a whole fuck load of water.

        Guess what happend?

        We all got a letter in the mail saying that since California stiffed BC hydro, we the residents had to foot the bill……

        The US makes me sick.

  2. “President John Yellowbird Steele of the Oglala Sioux tribe that he was satisfied with the settlement, “but in other areas of those treaty obligations we need to work like we did here.”” <<< So that means even after this multi-billion dollar extortion, they'll continue extorting money from the US taxpayers to fund their BINGO halls and Liquor stores?

  3. People on here complaining about wood. Was your land invaded by unknown people who raped, killed, and stole the ground you walk upon just for wood. I think not I myself am native American and the ground I stand upon today belonged to my ancestors and it’s now sacramento. All city barely any natives. If I need any assistance I have to move to Nevada onto the reservation just to get help right away otherwise it’s fight. So while your complaining about getting paid for wood others are fighting for anything in any way they can for what was ours in the first place. Maybe instead of complaining you should do like us get up and make a stand.

    • I agree. I am Native American Cherokee. My ancestors were killed and died on the walk of tears. We got roll #’s. WOW! Thks for giving us back OUR LAND US.I too would have to move to Ok. Into one of the 14 counties in order to receive anything that I am owed. When the got runs it all through the BIA. They still have to run everything. Nothing ever changed. Greed!! Death finds us all in time. Noone goes unpunished. What was done to Native Americans is unthinkable.

  4. I was born here in America from settlers who came here in the 50’s, I need some of that money as that makes me native to America by birth, thus making me an Native American.


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