WikiLeaks: “The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA”


The TPP, TTIP, TISA, however you look at these, the argument forged by John Hilary and others on the short documentary, WikiLeaks – The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA, is challenging the population to recognize the agreements for what they are.

“Quite explicitly, the US and the EU are saying that they want these new trade agreements to form the blueprint, the template, for all future trade deals. And that means they’re rewriting the rules for the global economy, and that means for everybody,” Hilary says.


The World Trade Organization was eventually bypassed to establish the “three big T’s,” TTP, TTIP and TISA, to establish a global dominance. These agreements reflect the fear that the U.S. is feeling with the rise of China and other developing countries with emerging economies: Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa.


According to Assange, the United States has constructed a “grand enclosure,” whereby TTP, TTIP and TISA are establishing an integration process. Assange uses the examples of pulling Latin America away from Brazil to integrate with the U.S. in this enclosure; to integrate South East Asia and pull it away from China; and Western Europe away from the Atlantic. The figures are astounding: “51 other countries,” Assange says of adding to the enclosure through this method, “1.6 billion people and two thirds of GDP.”

Although WikiLeaks have obtained and disseminated leaked and secretive information involving TTP and TISA, much of TTIP is still unknown.

Investigative journalist John Pilger discussed the VIP access to TTIP negotiations, voicing his concerns over the exclusion of governments and people from TTIP agreements, yet, multi-national corporations have the front row seat in the meetings. Essentially, these treaties that give these corporations a free pass to run wild, have huge implications over the public. If new regulations impact on the corporation, they can sue. If a protest alters their profits, they can sue.


Matt Kennard from the Centre for Investigative Journalism warns us about the ramifications of “corporations [wanting] to lock in their power,’ he says. “If [TTIP passes] with ISDS in it, the privatization of the National Health Service, which is happening in the UK, can never be reversed.”


These corporations want to make it impossible for the government to reverse decisions. Without the knowledge of these agreements, without the ability to debate them and oppose them, ask yourself the one question posed: is this the ‘democracy’ you asked for?

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  1. this is what the new world order is, NWO is not a ranking, but a plan for a common legal and economic policy in all the “free” world.

  2. I don’t know why is it so important to hide those trades and at the same time surveil everything and everyone and confuse everyones minds over main stream media and fashion! And why do these treaties need to be applied before anyone noticed or can do anything and what surveillance, activism and counter intelligence blockings have to do about it. This is a partnership for the ideology of the world government, but that idea doesn’t support different beliefs and ways of thinking. That doesn’t defend anyone from survival instincts. Beings are not mechanical materialistic things. And SAY NO TO MONEY OVER ALL THINGS because money is not OVER MATTER. Cheating on other countries to believe in a partnership and those countries are the ones where those people have exploitation of people or corporations, have you noticed?? Why not Africa and South America, because there are no factories there? And cheap labour? And what does CETA has to have with the three T’s, faggots? CETA is an agreement from Canada and Europe. Why it is not linked with the 5eyes surveillance system. Because you need to cheat on everyone to have permission and grantings over their territories… fu***in maggots… go back to school to unlearn your pain in the ass… Do not accept any of this… this is related with world exploitation, hunger and division of humanity.

  3. And TTIP is being applied probably through measures that equalise forces from the participant governments and i believe it is the final step for their NWO and World Government… Between all alien races in the universe where did they get this idea from? No alien race is borrowing money to no government. So or they need this step to have this planet and Mars with implanted chips or aliens do not exist in earth or both. Because this is not how wisdom of aliens would work. And another thing?? Who said all humans are from the same race?? how about aliens created each main race of humans and how about humans have sub-races? So now there is a sub-race on top of everything? pieces of s*it..

  4. Tell everyone about the prison of their minds you are creating by not letting them know the truth about their existence and lives and meditation… even the rich and the police… there is more behind those pitchforks…

  5. And that all means the NWO want to create banks on Mars. And why the rich believe that money is the way makes them poor souls

  6. Especially with the food chain what an individual can do is buy locally grown from ideally from a small business (better still organic if you can) i.e. fish monger, butcher, fruit shop if you can or go to the local weekend market, grown their own from ‘heritage’ seeds or seed swaps with others. If you do shop at the main supermarkets choose products that aren’t produced by the ‘big boy cooperation’ i.e. Unilever or Mars Nestle Coke Cola etc … tricky as many of these companies will often have ownership with alternative but equal products so if you have some time worthwhile to dig into who owns who on the internet. For example I just recently found out ‘Red Seal’ a N.Z owned/run company since 1923 has been taken over by EBOS which is owned by an Australian/Asian company which I believe emerged in Christchurch N.Z but there appears to be another EBOS base in Asia so not exactly sure but anyhow you get the drift.

  7. I give a card for hackers and bilionaires to screw with the money system, the police, and the system in general… why don’t you get your money or rob the world’s bank and rob like 100 trillion or spend your entire fortune and make it clear that the system doesn’t work like this: you buy stocks on the stock market on the value of billions or trillions with funny intuitive numbers like 4.444.444.444 of ISIS oil, uranium or playboy, or something really really weird like metal industry but a lot and funny numbers, you will see the market bend and break… AHAHAHAHAH

  8. TPP trade agreement was passed by Congress in the night when everyone was busy fighting over the confederate and rainbow flag status from what I understand. I’m not sure about the TTIP, or what ever else it may be called, but I tried to warn people when it Was happening. They are working harder and faster than ever before, so the next president if there is one can not undo what has been done.

  9. ANONYMOUS, I thank you for putting the truth out as much as you can. I have been blocked off fb and your post blocked on my page many times but I read and pass it on any way. There are alot of American people behind you. We have to get the info. they are hiding somehow before it’s to late.

  10. Although this article doesn’t cover the whole story, it’s pretty accurate. Applause for that.

    The information concerning TTIP status, is obviously incorrect. Not going to explain. Do your own homework. But the information, released by the European Commission, is incomplete. That’s for sure.

    The video provides a small perspective, of what could happen, if Europe (Eurazie) is to become seperated from Asia.

    Stop crying about the NWO please. If those rumours are realy true, then this will maybe wake you up a bit: You’re already living in it!

    Compliments to the publisher (Ms. AnonWatcher), but this article doesn’t change anything.


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