North Korea launches Cyber Attacks against South Korea


North Korea is flexing its ‘muscles’ at its southern neighbor, with Jeong Joon-hee, a spokesman for the ministry addressing a news conference “At this point, we suspect it is an act by North Korea.”

The act in question is the cyber attacks on South Korea following the nuclear test that alarmed the global community. At this point, South Korean authorities are investigation the ongoing attacks, but are yet to release details on the targets that have been hit.

It follows the heightened alert that South Korea has been on since January 6. It also comes at a time when North Korea have been expanding their threats to incorporate the use of drones over the border. The North Korean government has also in recent days been using balloons to drop propaganda leaflets into the South.

The unconfirmed reports of the cyber attacks suggest sever computer systems of some government agencies have been infected with “malicious codes,” similar to those used in the attack on Sony Pictures 18 months ago.

According to reports on Sky News, the North’s spy agency “operates sophisticated cyber-warfare unit that attempts to hack and sabotage enemy targets.”

North Korea has so far denied responsibility on the Sony attacks from 2014, and current attacks against South Korea.

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