The 5 Surveillance Sites you Need to Consider


There are some things that you know are watching your every move: CCTV on the subway, cameras at the ATM’s when you get some cash, and the local shop when filling your tank on the way to work. But what about the other potential sites that are watching you. Some may even be in your own home! Here are the top 5 to look out for:

Surveillance cameras…but wait, there’s more!

Tracking shoppers to gather information about target markets is becoming a reality in our tech savvy world. Shopperception, is a company which is offering large retailers like Walmart, motion-sensor cameras which can be deployed in places such as the eyes of mannequins. Along with this technology comes facial recognition software, that enables marketing strategists to assess how long it takes for you to make the decision to buy or not. [1]

Another way retailers are tracking consumers is through the use of a customers’ cell phone WiFi signal. Nordstrom uses this in order to deconstruct a customer’s buying habits.

Lady Liberty

Since 2012, when early face-recognition software was installed, the Statue of Liberty has become the Queen of them all when discussing and applying surveillance on a mass scale. Contractor Total Recall Corp. armed her with FaceVACS-VideoScan software, allowing her to track millions of New Yorkers’ and tourist faces in real-time, pinpointing race, gender, age, and behavior in the name of terrorism.[2]



Kinect is the motion sensing console found in millions of family living rooms. Your movements are sensed, but what if you found out that Kinect is also capable of recording and storing your activity, along with conversations you’re having while playing? Microsoft denies that Kinect is capable of such things, yet they boast about the device’s ability to record heart rate and recognize individual voices. “In Australia, the console even fell under the definition of a monitor, under the law of the country”.[3]


Immersive Labs, has created digital billboard software that provides them with real-time facial recognition, allowing them to adapt a specific ad based on your facial features. Jell=O, Adidas and Kraft also use similar technology from the same company. [4]

The City of Seattle

Hi-tech surveillance  has been installed at some of the major intersections in downtown Seattle. All cities have surveillance, but this is a new technology being used that involves triangulating our cell phones to pinpoint our location.[5]

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  1. surprised you didn’t mention smart TVs! Companies like samsung admit in their software agreement when you set the TV up that the mic and camera will record even when the TV is off and samsung saves this data!!!


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