You Can Now Get 60/20 Vision Without Wearing Glasses Or Contacts!



  1. Wow I wish I can get this done, I’m to young to use glasses I am 23 years old an have two young kids myself I’m in Vancouver BC that is so neat I wouldn’t have to use glasses ever again.

  2. I would like to be a trial tester for this new project. I can’t see with my right eye since I was a little and doctors don’t know why..

  3. There are also natural methods to improve vision. I mean the techniques designed to improve vision thought a set of eye exercises and repeated training on a simple visual task (more details: ). Anyway… I’m here to say: it really do help! Both myself and my wife can definitely see the difference before and after the exercises. She has less eye strain and fewer headaches. I also definitely see the improvement, but in my case also clearness of vision got better.

  4. I’m in for testing the bionic eye. I am currently red/green colour blind, but I would love to have this kind of vision. Please consider me. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years now. Would love to ditch them if possible. Sign me up s a guinea pig if necessary.

  6. I wear glasses only for reading so maybe not appropriate for me as I see perfect without until I have to read something then have to find glasses and pop them on. Also probably couldn’t afford it as only a pensioner.

  7. I only need glasses for reading as I see well without them, but when I want to read something or somebody shows me something I have to reach for the glasses. This may not be appropriate for me and probably costly as only a pensioner

  8. If they made a version of bio-lens that would allow humans to have binocular vision, I would be in their testing facility in a heartbeat

  9. i would love too be a guinea pig for this I have bad eyes can’t drive at night n can’t see any faces clearly until they are about 10 feet give or take

  10. i would love too be a guinea pig for this I have bad eyes can’t drive at night n can’t see any faces clearly until they are about 10 feet give or take if that’s the video of the 60/20 vision then no it’s not for me

  11. I’d rather wait another 4-5 years. They are going to replace your natural lens what happens if this lens doesn’t work? I mean it hasn’t been tested on humans over a long period of time. What if some allergy pops up or something of the sort.

  12. This sounds wonderful as I have been short sighted since birth and I have a stronge astigmatism as well. To add to this I have early stages of caterax and as I’m about to go in for surgery to have my sight fixed it will still not give me 20/20 vision so advancements like this give me hope as I’m still in my 30’s

  13. Wow. The advances made in medical technology never cease to amaze me. This would be phenomenal if it works. Finally a permanent solution to vision loss.

  14. Im -5.25 in my right eye and -6.75 in my left eye. I have been like this since i was 6 years old. I would love to finaly have a good vision. My problem was caused by a bad diagnosis when i was about 1 year old. Wish i could…

  15. I have cataracts, not a big problem yet but getting worse so I’d been planning to go ahead with surgery soon. With the scheduling delay, likely end of this year or early next.

    Article says these lenses “could be available in Canada and elsewhere in about two years” & it is dated May 2015. My surgery is not urgent, so I might be able to delay it until these are available.

    Has anyone got more exact or more recent availability info? Or pricing info?

  16. If you would be able to help my vision, I would be so grateful. I am 52 yrs of age, and have been wearing glasses since the age of 2.
    Thank you for your time , Gary

  17. There are many procedures already available. The office I work in does Lasik, which has been around for years but, there is more out there than just that. PRK, KXL, cross linking. These implants are already out there. Now when you have cataract surgery, you have a choice of lenses you can have implanted. You can be corrected to 20/20 for your distance vision or opt to have mono vision lenses , which would correct one eye for distance and the other for reading and such. A lot of this is already out there and not as expensive as you may think.


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