500-Year-Old Map Explodes ‘Earth-Shattering Reality’


World famous Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis’ 500-year-old map, apart from accurately exploring the northern coast of Antarctica, provides mind-boggling information about 2000 important ports and cities of the Mediterranean Sea, the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the eastern coast of South America.

The Piri Reis map was compiled in 1513 and when it was discovered in 1929 it caused an international sensation as it was the only 16th-century map that showed South America in its proper longitudinal position in relation to Africa. The map shows the earth as seen from space, the sub-glacial topography of Greenland and Antarctica, and is aligned with the earth’s energy grid – enough hard-to-believe information to fascinate today’s world.

The astonishing details have puzzled the human minds and given rise to questions and controversies:

  • The map depicts Queen Maud Land, a 2.7 million-square-kilometer region of Antarctica, as ice-free millions of years ago. Geological evidence proves that this region could not have been ice-free until 4000 BC.
  • The true nature of Antarctica as a frigid region of ice and snow was convincingly proved for the first time by the second voyage of the English navigator Captain James Cook between 1772 and 1775.
  • The map depicts mountain ranges in the Antarctica. These were not discovered until 1952.
  • The geographical survey in Antarctica couldn’t have been made without an aerial technology. Such expertise did not exist million of years ago.


The last period of ice-free condition in Antarctica ended about 6000 years ago. Now the puzzle is: Who mapped the Queen Maud Land of Antarctica 6000 years ago?

The Piri Reis map probably implies that, if not technology, perhaps there existed an extremely intelligent ancient advanced civilization with all the tools of modern day civilization. The first civilization developed around 3000 BC followed by the Indus valley and the Chinese civilizations. Now the second puzzle is: Who carried out such extensive research and surveys 4000 BC that are only possible in the modern era with the ultra-modern technology?

History Professor Charles Hapgood believes: “It appears that accurate information has been passed down from people to people. It appears that the charts must have originated with a people unknown and they were passed on, perhaps by the Minoans and the Phoenicians, who were, for a thousand years and more, the greatest sailors of the ancient world. We have evidence that they were collected and studied in the great library of Alexandria (Egypt) and that compilations of them were made by the geographers that worked there”.

The map neither came from any ancient civilization nor created by extraterrestrials; an astonishing piece of work, the Piri Reis map was indeed a first class piece of naval intelligence.


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  1. As seen from space you say!
    and yet that’s not one of the things being looked into,
    even the theory is supported by its supposed accuracy ? (Rhetorical )

  2. Are you seriously posting this crackpot pseudoscience shit here? You probably believe in astrology and homeopathy too, I’ll bet. Fucking loonies running this site these days.

    • History is hard to explain sometimes. Only the most feeble minded brush it off as”loony.”

      There was a time when those who believed the Earth was round were considered loony. People who thought the Earth rotated around the sun were considered loony.

      Just something for you to consider.

    • You, crazy lady. You need to use fuck to make your point, derived from stupidity. I bet you belive in god and satan. That’s insanity right there!

      • I believe in God and Satan. That does not mean I am crazy. I follow the truth and that curiosity has brought me to this article. Be kind and respectful of others. Or else you are no better than the one you criticise. Maybe together we can still save this humanity from it’s self. All of us together.

    • Hehe you must admit that there are findings/events in history that cannot be explained. Who knows what more we have to discover and it’s obvious that history is not completely as it seems.
      This map is a fact and everything they wrote about it are just facts… It’s up to us to ask questions, what we must always do.

    • Dear Iris, astrology and homeopathy do work. I feel sorry for you and your poor comment. Meditation and prayers work too
      and we really need them as long people like you are around.

      • Nicely stated Jamisl. I would have been more rude, as I’ve studied and practiced astrology for over 35 years and as they say,’the proof is in the pudding’. I certainly wouldn’t have wasted such a huge chunk of my life on something, if it hadn’t proved itself so consistently over time. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means but we need to be aware of things we can’t immediately understand and categorize. Although some people just seem to be afraid of such things.

          • We all know the real saying, this is a cut down version for ease and speed, no need to point it out, it doesn’t make u look intelligent, just a bit behind the times

      • People like him? Humanity needs to advance beyond superstitions. Some alternative medicine does work. I’ll give you that. Astrology? I have a hard time seeing anyone as credible when they believe the stars tell them the future. The only thing the stars tell me is that they were on fire a really long time ago.
        That said, I don’t support what he’s saying about calling this pseudoscience. It’s cartography. Pretty clearly is what it is and makes no other claims. Really, the odds that we have had advanced societies that wrecked themselves out of existence thousands of years ago are very good.

      • What works or is belied by one, doesn`t need to work or be belied by other.
        I for example don`t believe in prayer, but I do recognize the power it may have on the one that is praying.
        Homeopathy is placebo IMHO (an I`m NDp in Chinese Medicine) – and there is nothing wrong with that.

        In short – everyone should be entitled to express what they believe in or not without being criticized…

    • Really ? You must be a fucking loony republican’s integrist christian though. You have hard evidence in front of your eyes but you succeed to deny it ^^
      Ho yes you also believe that our Earth was created in seven days, 6’000 years ago by God himself, and also that Columbus discovered America…

      Go back to sleep ! XD

    • I can’t tolerate people who want to challenge an idea but offer nothing other than “what is presented is wrong”
      Put up or shut up!!

    • Well said Iris,

      This is Hokum and it’s been peddled by the usual crowd of ancient astronauts etc for years.

      Shame – Anon has some worthwhile things to say.



    • why are you paying any attention at all , if you disagree … lemme tell you why : deep within yourself , you feel the truth , but you’re too damn proud and affraid to accept it.

    • This site is succumbing badly tot his kind of rot…
      This shite makes a mockery of Anon, and words cannot describe and how sick of it I am or how much despair it gives me.

      • Maybe instead of despairing you should stop being bull headed and do some reading you guys. The map is real the information is real. David H. It is not hokum just because your ignorant enough not to care if it or isn’t. You people who rudely despair long and loud for all to hear about how much bullshhit is on this site do your own research before you loudly exclaim IT’S BULL !
        Joey just because you believe it’s rot doesn’t mean everyone thinks it’s rot. People will believe what they want or what feels right to them. No one has the right tell anyone else if it’s crap or not. Despair all you want but be respectful about it if your going to lament about it past your own thoughts

        • “No one has the right tell anyone else if it’s crap or not.” I believe the 1st amendment give us that right. There’s a lot worse coming out of conservative repubs these days. Why don’t you focus on their ‘right’ to spew bigotry, misogeny and general hatred. Is it because those are the rights YOU espouse?

    • When I was 10 my mom died of leukemia. In 1990 I met a couple that used Essiac and it cured their cancer.
      This is an example of one of those “psuedo science” cures that actually work.
      I think a lot of people allow themselves to be brainwashed by the powers that be.

      • The Bastards at my local shopping center Frigging Stopped stocking Jelly Babies. And I haven’t found any around since! That was like a Year ago..
        Oh The Humanity, There’s a part of Me gone I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recover now… Sure there’s E-Val(Evil) at work there somewhere… :o)

  3. ok, im confused. Is the map 500 years old, 6000 years old, or a million years old? This is somewhat interesting, but i think its fairly reasonable for an ignorant person to predict that theres ice and mountains in antartica. Why are the correct predictions praised side by side with the incorrect predictions? The earth does not have an “energy grid” to align with that I know of, and this article doesnt try to justify that claim in any way or describe its relevance to this topic.

    • The map is 500 years old, it depicts Antarctica as a place with mountains, and thus land mass. Though they didn’t know there was land mass until the 50s. For reference, there is no land beneath the north pole. Calculations of some bright minds show that the last ice-free age of antarctica ended at least 6000 years ago. How did Piri Reis know there was land beneath the ice?
      I can’t tell you much about the energy grid, but i do know there are different magnetic field on and around our planet, maybe they mean something in that order. I’m no scientist, but i believe there are different ways of converting magnetism into useable energy, we might not be able to do that on a planetary scale though. Please correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

      Also considering the ‘energy-grid’, some people belief that older civilizations, not known to us, might’ve existed. They supposedly would’ve used an energy grid on earth through the use of sound resonance/water/… using structures such as the pyramids. There’s a lot on this to be found, although these are mere speculations. Personally, i consider them possible, not plausible…

      • Piti Reis, copied the info from an older compilation of maps that he found, so Piti didn’t really know if there was land beneath the ice. As for the energy grid. The earth does have an energy grid most of the ancients built on the energy grid of the earth to help amplify the energy and convert it into a type of power they could use, I’ve also read a little about the earth having chakras but I’m not really familiar with a lot of that knowledge, just read that it’s a belief of some. Yes water does help with vibrations of the frequencies helps to amplify that’s why the pyramids have reservoirs underneath them. Obviously though I could also be wrong so feel free to correct,

    • 500 yr.old map derived from knowledge that was passed down. The Earth has magnetic poles,equator. Longitude, latitude, and magnetic lines.

  4. really interesting concept, would be so cool if there were people circa 4000 B.C. intelligent enough to map these areas and pass on the information, probably through word of mouth for generations until it is said to have been collected in this map. did not explain why the map was not discovered until 1929.. no sources given, even for the “history professor” and you wont even tell me anything about the author. Conclusion- you need to try harder to convince me

  5. how far this is real or not, I am not concern, But this is really amazing. There curiosity at that time makes us to reach today’s position, still we r assuming many theories to be true as we can’t define it wrong and some are superstitious as we can’t prove it either…

  6. Minoan was a non-IndoEuropean language. Santorini/Strongelee -in greek “round island” is an active volcano 90 miles north of Crete. About 1500 BC the volcano erupted and covered the island. Plato (?) suggests this may have been Atlantis. An older civilization utilizing Geothermal energy may have preceded Minoan Culture or even have been the survivors fleeing from a previous disaster.

  7. Book titled 1421 by Gavin Menzies says Chinese had it covered 600 years ago and Columbus copied Chinese map. “It seems more likely that the world and all its continents were discovered by a Chinese admiral named Zheng He, whose fleets roamed the oceans between 1405 and 1435. His exploits, which are well documented in Chinese historical records, were written about in a book which appeared in China around 1418 called “The Marvellous Visions of the Star Raft”.” http://www.economist.com/node/5381851 So maybe this article is correct; aliens from outer space copied the Chinese maps.

  8. This really is some rock bottom pseudo-science bullshit. It is not a new find, it has been known about for a long time. Alot of the map and descriptions are taken from Columbus’s notoriously fanciful and inaccurate descriptions and mapping (why we still call indigenous North Americans “Indians”.) There is so much wrong with this map. Among other things Antarctica is hundreds of kilometers from where it supposedly is on this map.
    who do anon get to write articles on this site?

    • Did you actually read the article? Or know pretty much anything about cartography? It’s nice to turn your nose up to someone who made a map 500 years ago that has improper proportions, when you have the luxury of google earth to compare it to. Consider the perspective of the one drafting that map. On the deck of a bloody boat! Tell me you can get an accurate birds eye view of the planet standing on your doorstep.
      Also, explain the pseudoscience going on here. I fail to see any claims. What I see are serious questions raised by the map, the focus of this entire piece, which you have ignored entirely.

  9. Brilliant! Fascinating history. Also encouraging to know people sought knowledge as aggressively as know…..we’ll leave behind an Xbox, Tigerbeat Magazine, 1 of 10 Khardashian Wedding Invitations and Iphone.

  10. Just a quick search on the internet (not a full research) can reveal basic misunderstanding on the matter. Just check the wikipedia article
    Also in the opening link of the article there are various explanations why the discrepancies may have arizen

    So the last claim “The map neither came from any ancient civilization nor created by extraterrestrials; an astonishing piece of work, the Piri Reis map was indeed a first class piece of naval intelligence.” has no basis. It could be also mistakes in creation of the map as it was based on 8 different maps, miscalculation of distances, misconfusion with names and continents e.t.c.

  11. Piri Reis is not showing the Antarctica coast. It shows South America coast:
    Btw, i agree that civilization is far holder than officials theories.
    Search for Robert Schoch’s theory on the history of the Sphinx. It shows how the Sphinx represents a lion and could be built in the Lion astronomical era (5.000 – 8.000 a.C.), as well as the Ghiza complex was built in the Orion era.

    P.S. stop talking about UFOs if you wanna be credible

  12. Recently a scientist with a PhD drug tested Egyptian mummies. The results came back with one third having traces of nicotine and cocaine in their systems. Showing the results of this scientific method to her professor, he dismissed them out of hand as it would imply a cultural link between South America and Egypt in ancient time. Even smart people choose to be wilfully ignorant when their beliefs are challenged. The main stream history is wrong and out dated. Just look and correlate all of what has been made into stone by human hands you will discover it is anything but primitive. 500 tonne blocks do not move easily even with today’s technology. Ancient Astronaut

    • Sorry I apologise. Check out the the strange constructions in the city of Axum vysyascgiesya near the southern shores of the Red Sea in Ethiopia. Every piece adds to the PUZZEL

  13. The books written by Zechariah Sitchin explain the map and a lot more. Well worth reading. I would suggest you start with Genesis Revisited.

  14. wow, a map showing the Americas, made 21 years after Columbus arrived in the Caribbean Sea and 13 years after Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil.
    impressive, must’ve been aliens.

  15. poorly written and poorly researched. a more plausible argument is the chinese fleets from the mongol period through to the early ming dynasty. there are many sources, most accessibly in gavin menzies book. also, for americas the earlier chinese story of fusang. there is a fascinating article in the indian gazette of 1896 that lists north american indigenous place names and chinese phonetic descriptions (connecticut etc). it is in no way conclusive but more plausible than a six million (or thousand) year old astral balloonist

  16. We are here for a another reason but someone dont want us to know why so they did a half ass job on trying to cover up our history so u have those who are content with this system and u have others who know there’s something more it took the system a lot of divide and conquer dumbes us down and make us weak LEARN HOW TO F*CK SO U CAN STOP BEING F*CKED

  17. You are linking to http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/pseudosc/piriries.htm but then conclude a lot of bullshit that Steve Dutch refutes in a pretty good manner in that link!?!

    Even worse all the people that comment saying its ancient technology even with Dutch’s link in your article.

    One would think you are trying to see if people are stupid cows that would believe anything as long as the post looks credible. I guess you just proved it.

  18. All you shit talkers out there I’ve always believed humanity has reached a peak of existence and killed ourselves off probably several times this just shows that’s most likely true.

  19. The mystery of our history…….. To publish, which is already old news. That’s the real mystery. Nice page you got here. lulz

  20. The Sumerian civilization was 6000+ years ago. And they knew the order, size, and distance between all the planets, knew their colors as well. So there is someone that could of made it 6000 years ago.

  21. This probably denotes that by enslaving or massacring the ancient sources of navigation, Islam created a monopoly in cartography for the Ottomans:

  22. Has no one noticed the glaringly obvious with this map? Notice the name labelling “Antartica”.

    “Terra Australis”, great southern land later simply known as Australia.

    So this Peri Reis fellow may well have navigated some of the north coast of Australia but has totally mis-interpreted it as being a south pole continent. A whole lot of assumption and embellishment creating a convincing looking map of areas he had not navigated at all.

    He deserves some credit for providing the comprehensive projection of the whole map, but not the detail in the southern hemisphere.

  23. not quite sure why anyone needs to hold on to existing paradigms. new evidence is a delight to anyone with an open mind.

  24. anyone that believes we are the “first peoples” on this planet are kidding themselves, we know the planet is billions of years old, plenty of time for earlier civilizations to have flourished and died, with time erasing most of their existence, easily done in less than a billion of the 4 to 5 billion years we think this rock has been around, there is just too much evidence scattered around the world that hints at other peoples and times beyond what we accept


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