Jimmy Savile Report: Savile Abused 72 Kids, as Young as 8


The BBC had five chances to apprehend Jimmy Savile as he molested 72 victims. Eight of them were raped. 21 of his victims were below the age of 16, and the youngest was just eight years old.

When a young female staff member complained that she had been sexually assaulted by Savile, her supervisor admonished her to “keep your mouth shut, he is a VIP.”

The review by Dame Janet Smith into sexual abuse by BBC DJ Jimmy Savile, has concluded that employees of the BBC were well-aware of the complaints against their star, but senior management were apparently oblivious to it because the BBC had imposed a culture of fear on its employees; one that still exists to this day. (George Orwell would know, having worked in the BBC at room 101, which inspired the fictional Room 101 which was the literal embodiment of one’s greatest fear in his novel 1984).


Girls who dared to complain of sexual assault were simply ignored, because they were only “a nuisance.”

A parallel inquiry has revealed that at least two BBC senior managers were “aware,” or “probably aware,” that convicted pedophile and former BBC presenter Stuart Hall (who was given the award of Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2011) was engaged in his depraved activities. Hall was sentenced to five years in prison, but served just two and a half years for sexually abusing 13 girls aged between 9 and 17. The report concludes that he had abused 21 girls. Can we put him back in prison?

Savile was able to sexually assault kids in every BBC venue he worked at – a feat that could only mean that he was seen as ‘untouchable’ and ‘more valuable than the values’ of the BBC, according to Dame Smith. Assuming the BBC has values to begin with.

War Mongers And Pedophiles. Birds Of A Feather…

Dame Smith notes that “this report makes sorry reading for the BBC…The BBC ought to undergo a period of self-examination.”

The BBC’s Director General apologized to the victims:

“It should never have started. It should certainly have been stopped. There is nothing as compared with your pain. It was a dark chapter. The BBC failed you when it should have protected you. I am deeply sorry for the hurt caused to each of you. Today we sorry. We let you down and we know it.”

The BBC has also helpfully included the full review by Dame Smith HERE.

Oh look, here’s a video of him molesting a girl live on air:

Despite the BBC’s “atonement,” Dame Janet believes that “a predatory child abuser could be lurking in the BBC even today.”

She also stated that “we need now to ensure that the message is passed to the younger generation. We need them to complain straightaway if they are abused before the abuser has the chance to abuse again and again.” Because complaining worked so well before…

After all the revelations, the only true controversy in her review is her unwillingness to attribute the BBC’s treatment of Savile to its senior management.


Sources: The BBC (why not?), Daily Mail, Independent

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