The Story of Your Enslavement: A Video


YouTube – The Story of Your Enslavement is an interesting take on the evolution of humanity; what made us ‘controllable’ and ‘valuable.’ When we became frightened of death, of torture and of a loss of liberty, imprisonment and the future, we became controllable by those more powerful.

According to the clip, the evolution of humanity took a sorry turn when our fears became profitable. Human farming, Molyneux claims, is a series of farms where farmers own human livestock. The certain liberties that we receive are not to be confused with true freedoms. The freedoms we receive in our ‘tax farm’ are freedoms increased so that profits are increased for the farmer. The nature of the cage we were born into is one that will allow certain animals larger cages if it means to produce larger yields.

Four major phases of human farming are discussed:

Phase One: Direct and human compulsion – human bodies were controlled through pain, but the creativity of the human mind was always out of reach.

The second phase was seen within the ‘Roman model’ of which we saw the Roman Empire rise and fall.

“Slaves were granted some capacity for freedom, ingenuity and creativity – which raised their productivity. This increased the wealth of Rome – and thus the tax income of the Roman Government, and with this additional wealth, Rome became an Empire, destroying the economic freedoms that fed its power…and collapsed.”



Phase Three – Livestock Ownership and Taxation:

Peasants farm land that they could retain. The taxation of citizens became the norm. However, we witnessed throughout history, in Russia and China in the 20th Century, the failure in this as small farms were consolidated into larger ones; ancestral land was lost, ran with fewer people and more machinery.

The Democratic model was then born, according to the clip, from the excess food produced in phase three. Occupation choice was key to raising more production – a ‘benevolent’ approach to make the citizen happy.

“Your few freedoms are preserved because they are profitable to your owners. The great challenge of the Democratic Model is that increases in wealth and freedom threaten the Farmers,” he says. ‘As their livestock become more used to their freedoms – and growing wealth they begin to question why they need ‘Rulers’ at all…”


Our countries indoctrinate our young, training ‘cows’ to turn against those who question the status quo – especially cows that are dependent on the Farmer. When we start to question our freedom, we then introduce external threats to frighten the livestock. This creates a perpetual fear where the “livestock cling to the protection of the Farmers.”

But according the clip, it is this final stage that we are in, and that this stage is nearing its end.

The growth of the state is always proportional to the preceding economic freedoms. Economic freedoms create wealth and the wealth attracts more thieves and political ‘parasites’ whose greed then destroys the economic freedoms.”

Do we ignore the growing horrors of our enslavement because they are painful? According to the clip we have little choice. What choice we have makes it difficult because of external attacks from others. We lower our heads in the face of “endless violence” and our capitalism that is failing.

“But we can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see…”

But no one ever said farming was easy…

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  1. It is my belief that human beings have, when confronted with mutual threats , an evolved instinct to abandon their own personal judgements in favour of obeying percieved leaders. In this manner we were able exploit the flexibility and adventure of individual endeavours in our everyday lives to the advantage of the community as a whole, but adopt the mechanical, goose-stepping, mindless compliance so evidently displayed during those stressful times when unified, unquestioning obedience is of greater importance.
    Unfortunately Mother Nature seemed unable to predict a future where our numerical ‘success’ has brought us to the point where our tribes are now so large that most of us have little or no idea as to who our leaders really are, or what their real intentions.
    Not having had sufficient time to recalibrate our instincts, our obedience genes still gives us problems, even when it is perfectly clear that those fact or fiction leaders we are so inclined to obey, are life threatening enemies, and not friends at all.


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