Hackers Take Donald Trump’s Voicemail | Leak 35 Recordings, Replace Greeting Message, Release Video


Members of 4chan hacked their way into Donald Trump’s voicemail where they managed to download 35 saved messages, prank edit his voicemail greeting and put together a separate exposing Trump’s personal ties to the liberal media. One of the records below dates back to his Presidential run in 2012, if for some reason you do not remember 2012, Donald Trump briefly ran in the Republican primary before being booted off stage.


The video leaked is said to damage Trumps image to conservative voters as it ‘exposes his ties to Liberal Media elites’. Donald Trump once was a registered Democrat, now he runs as a Republican and the Republicans are questioning why is he still even still on stage at this point? People are frustrated with Trump and for the same reasons these hackers leaked this video is the same reason members of the Republican Party are looking to force Trump to run as an Independent.

The 35 downlaoded messages were released to Gawker.com whom reports that the file contained conversations “from New England Patriots NFL quarterback Tom Brady, boxing promoter Don King, and David Axelrod, the chief strategist of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.” The remaining messages were prank calls recorded after Gawker reportedly released the phone number.

This is not the first evidence of hacktivists working with the Republican Party and against Donald Trump. Last January after Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump before the Iowa elections someone known as Anonymous Conservative took out the Iowa Caucus voting web site. There is of course OpTrumpet which has also launched previous attacks against Trump and his campaign web sites.


**It is important to note that there are conflicting reports surrounding this whole story. Hackread.com claims that Anonymous is responsible for the attack, Softpedia has investigated these claims and concluded: “There are some inaccurate media reports circulating on the Internet saying that Anonymous is behind this hack. They are blatantly wrong.” **

In response to the second video and in the spirit of being a fair journalist, anyone certainly has the right to change their political minds of the course of their lifetime so this is not necessarily something to be critical of. Donald Trump is a celebrity and a international business man, of course he has friend, colleagues and associates across a broad range of sectors. As a conservative if you take such as hard-line stance as to say that any person who so much as talks with a Democrat is a liar and a traitor to the cause, you are damaging the Party just as bad as you think Donald Trump is. This type of rhetoric only divides and alienates people in society.

Video Leak Source | 4Chan Random Board: http://boards.4chan.org/b/

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  1. “Members of 4chan” Great start! Its an anonymous bullitin board.
    And /b/. Have you red the sticky? Nothing from /b/ should be taken serious

  2. Come the hell on guys! WRONG target. Forget about Hitlary? Cruz? Bern? These are the candidates that need to be thrown under the bus. Not THE ONLY one talking against the establishmen, THE ONLY one not tied to Builderberg, THE ONLY one following JFK’s path.

    I’m not trying to praise him, yes there are several things about him I do not like at all, but He is the only one who can bring this country out of the shit hole the last dozen or so puppets dug us into….. Do your research, and stop parroting the prestitute(Gov’t run) media


    • Bernie’s the true anti establishment candidate who’s been on the side of the people for decades.
      – Trump has been flip flopped completely on every issue
      – he wants endless war(where majority of taxes go)
      – he’s an immoral piece of shit who is pushing hate and dividing the nation.
      – he wants same universal healthcare as Obama. But he’s going to repeal Obamacare(costing millions) first and than implement his “Trumpcare”.
      – his tax plan is a disaster. almost similar to Bush’s. it’s going make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  3. What did any of the voicemails prove? Why doesn’t this stupid group hack Hillaries emails. I would love to see what is in those. Or Ted Cruz and what Goldman Sachs tells him.

  4. Hahahaha!! Hilarious! Trump is learning very quickly that he’s not invincible and all powerful. Love and laughter prevail. Keep scrambling up his game plan you guys. He deserves every single bit of it for the hatred and divisiveness he continues to sow in this country and throughout the globe.


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