Standing Up For Free Speech, One Way To Fight Back Against Donald Trump



The video you just saw came during a rally in Texas at the end of February, however during last nights television debate Donald Trump briefly touched on the issue once again saying he wants to open up the libel laws against journalists and “make them spend some money“.  In addition to limiting freedom of the speech/freedom of the press, it has been reported before that Trump also promises to censor the internet and impose unprecedented sanctions upon it.

“We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet. We’re losing a lot of people because of the internet. We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”Donald Trump Dec 8, 2015 | Source:

Rather then write another article critical of Trump I want to show the American people an important issue and show them how they can fight back in this political season.

In 2015 America we already have people being arrested or simple being critical of the police on Facebook:

People have been arrested for operating parody Twitter accounts of politicians:

Whats next, is someone going to be arrested for writing an article that criticizes a political party? Is someone who makes a meme going to be sued for libel? Well perhaps if Donald Trump becomes President, they very well might. The examples above are just two of many examples of people who have been dragged through the legal system for expressing free speech. What Donald Trump is talking about here is a SLAPP Lawsuit and they have remained a critical tool for people in positions of authority to stomp out negative press for decades.

What is a SLAPP Lawsuit and why should your care?

SLAPP lawsuits or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation are a tool used by wealthy corporations/individuals to stomp out bad press or incriminating information . Cornell University defines SLAAP lawsuits as “lawsuits filed strategically by a corporation against a group or activist opposing certain action taken by the corporation, usually in the realm of an environmental protest. Typical claims underlying a SLAPP suit are libel, slander or restraint of business.”

These lawsuits can often times be made in claims for millions of dollars. This amount being completely independent of the personal cost of hiring a lawyer (commonly costs over 200$/hr), filing court documents, travel to and from court hearings, et cetera. Even in victory, just the act of having to defend yourself in court could cost you thousands of dollars and months of mental/financial stress. This is exactly why SLAPP lawsuits remain a critical tool for those in positions of power/wealth, such as Donald Trump, and why citizens need to be protected against them. AnonHQ re-posted a report that Sony Pictures has deliberately edited a new film production to avoid a law suit specifically by Donald Trump. If Sony pictures and other corporation fear these types of legal maneuvers you can see why ordinary citizens and activists find themselves particularly vulnerable.

This is why it is important to call attention to this issue in our modern times. Outside of voting in the Presidential election there is something you can do to fight back and fight for your right to freedom of speech. There is new legislation which has been introduced to the House of Representatives and the soule purpose is to eliminate the power of SLAPP Lawsuits. The Bill is named The SPEAK FREE Act of 2016 and it aims to “amend the federal judicial code to allow a person against whom a lawsuit is asserted to file a special motion to dismiss claims referred to as strategic lawsuits against public participation (“SLAPP suits”) that arise from an oral or written statement or other expression, or conduct in furtherance of such expression, by the defendant in connection with an official proceeding or about a matter of public concern.”

In other words this bill will protect you from fascists such as Donald Trump. As this bill is still being debated you are encouraged to do your civic duty and let your opinions be heard. Please email, write or phone into you state Congress members and tell them you support the SPEAK FREE Act, that it has been introduced with bi-partisan support and why you think it is important they pass this bill.

 Full Bill | SPEAK FREE Act of 2016:

Contact Information – Every Office of US Congress:

This article (Donald Trump Promises to “open up libel laws and make a lot of money” is free and open sources. You have permission to republish this article using a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ. Join the conversation at


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  1. I know this can be taken two different ways but I dont think that sullying the first ammendment was his goal in this speech. He’s trying to take power away from because let’s face it, they are owned, they are puppets. They dont tell the truth they just tell us what their masters want us to be told. Honestly they have this coming, but on the other hand if they are telling the truth and trump slaps these.laws on them for his own gain that will be an issue too.

    • It will be an issue indeed, But according to history we evolved the most after big wars and big failures. So let Trump win and make everyone sue eachother.
      It will be so out of control that something drastically must happend to stop it. I hope people will then see capitalism only breeds greeds and greed alone is destruction

  2. Yeah but I do have to wonder why the big corporate elite are bankrolling the media hatred for Donald Trump.

    Are the rich old men getting scared about them losing their power before they die???

    I think that at least he is not one to be easily bullied by the rich elite, also he might help America out.

    I’d also like to reiterate the fact that he isn’t anti muslim but he is trying to help to keep America free from potential ISIS attacks until the ISIS problem in Syria has been resolved. HE is just doing this as it is very difficult to tell the difference between a normal muslim from a potential terrorist.

    Once the issue has been resolved I believe that he may then be friendlier to the Muslims and immigrants after ISIS’ ass has been kicked!!

  3. we need to focus on free speech on the internet above all. That’s the most important, since it has effects that reach millions. We need to start a movement fostered by organizations like EFF etc., against sign-in to air comments. People need to exercise the right to post their opinions online anonymously!. So much of our life now consists in logging into sites and creating accounts. Disqus and similar platforms create a chilling effect on free speech. There needs to be a mass movement, an awareness campaign on the internet that sign-in aka, getting permission from an authority, is now the norm in human communication.

    • Especially since TOR users cannot access this site without passing a captcha test. Ironic to say the least, since commercial browsers get a free pass.


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