Flint Tax Payers to foot Gov. Synder’s $500,000 Attorney’s Fee


For a Governor that has already managed to maintain world-wide notoriety for poisoning the people of Flint in the Michigan water crisis, Gov. Flint is yet to learn to stop. It has just been reported in several media outlets, that Rick Synder has just hired legal representation at the cost of the tax payer he poisoned. Five hundred thousand big ones, to be exact.

A mass inundation of lawsuits have started pouring in against former state employees and Gov. Synder. Listed as defendants in these cases relating to the poisoned water, the office faces an investigation by multiple departments, including the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office. Overall, a lot of people want answers.

It isn’t surprising then, that Gov. Synder has hired legal representation. It isn’t an unlikely move to find an attorney to hopefully lessen the blow with multiple lawsuits and class actions. However, unlike those who are pursuing the lawsuit – who pay from their own pockets – Synder has the tab covered. Accordng to Crain’s Detroit Business spread, Gov. Snyder has hired outside attorneys for the pending litigation.

“Eugene Driker, a member with Detroit-based Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker PLLC, will assist with civil representation in addition to the state attorney general’s office, Snyder spokesman Ari Adler told Crain’s in an email.

Brian Lennon, a partner with Warner Norcross & Judd LLP in Grand Rapids, has been hired as “investigatory counsel,” Adler said. That includes work searching and processing emails and documents,” it reports.

Both attorneys come at a hefty price tag of $249,000 each for hours worked, with their contracts ending Dec. 31 this year.

The just-shy-of half a million dollar bill will be picked up by the taxpayer. Gov. Rick Snyder won’t be dipping into his private funds for this one, let me assure you. While the citizen contributes to their legal action if they want to pursue it; while they’re figuring out how not to go bankrupt with the house they can’t sell, or the foreclosure they face because they refuse to pay for the water that has poisoned them…

 Snyder gets a free ride on the backs of those he has destroyed.

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