6-Year-Old Invited Sexual Abuse, Says Judge


(TFCBuenos Aires, Argentina –  Judges Horacio Piombo and Ramón Sal Llargués of the Chamber of Criminal Cassation of Buenos Aires stunned the world when they reduced the sentence of a child molester because the child “displayed a homosexual orientation and was accustomed to being sexually abused.”

Mario Tolosa was the child’s soccer coach when he raped the child. He had been sentenced to six years, but the judges cut that sentence almost in half because Tolosa couldn’t be held responsible for “the warped sexual development of the minor child.” The six-year-old was called a cross-dresser by the judges before they went on to say:

“it is clear that the child’s sexual choice—despite his young age and in light of the considerable testimony of those close to him—had already been made.”

The prosecutor in the case is appealing to the Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires.

It should be noted that these are the same honorable judges that reduced the sentence of a preacher that raped a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old because the girls

“were from a social class in which sexual permissiveness was acceptable at an early age.”

Obviously the judges condone sexual acts with minors, but their most recent decision and reason grants free reign to predators who can now target children that have demonstrated some form of behavior that is against the norms of the traditionally conservative society. LGBT groups in the country are (rightfully) outraged.

Even the public defender for the area expressed serious concern with the judges’ ruling. He referred to the ruling as “discriminatory” and “homophobic.”

Buenos Aires is already known for sex tourists and sex trafficking. Now, the area will obviously become a hotbed for people seeking to victimize children. These judges have issued a combination of rulings that have basically led to the impression that as long as the victim comes from a low-income family and can somehow be made to appear gay in the court’s eyes, the abuse is just part of what the children should expect. They’re even inviting it.

This article (6-Year-Old Invited Sexual Abuse Says Judge) originally appeared on The Fifth Column and was used with permission.


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    • Naw, just kidnap the judges and take out in the woods and shoot em in the head. No reason to wast a perfectly good nuke on a couple of pervs.

  1. He’s probably a pedophile and therefore sees children as being deliberately promiscuous tempters. They have to see children that way in order to quell the guilt and shame. Plus if he had found the rapist guilty it would’ve put him on the outs with his fellow pedophile cult members.

  2. Are you fucking KIDDING ME??! That’s like fucking saying its ok for a little girl to get raped because she’s “clearly” straight from being sexually abused by a male adult. Somebody needs to fucking shoot these motherfuckers, pedophiles protecting other sick pedophiles!

  3. Well here in Barnet UK I was state drugged and put here in this flat with my new baby who was tortured at birth by the hospital and while drugged a man on depot injections raped burnt terrorised my baby. We were never helped. My partner looked after us and I won in court a 4yr supervision order which made my epilepsy worse. Then when we gave birth to new son both children were stolen. They have both been mistreated by the state regularly. Suicide attempts and alot worse. Our new boy was denied medical treatment and food while being filmed. He had 7yrs of blood transfusions to fix their fuckup and rhen was gutted. Fuck the world. Sadists


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