Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers


List of companies that uses Monsanto products.

In light of the recent public anger over the Monsanto Protection Act, here’s a simple, printable list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself.


If you wish to print, simply click on the list and choose “Print” from your browser’s menu (or press CTRL+P/CMD+P).

Original list from the Ascending Star Seed blog

Here is a list 10 corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy

Control Almost Everything You Buy

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Above, you can see the death rate related to Parkinson’s disease has increased in relation to glyphosate use and GMO crops.



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  1. I appreciate this list a lot. I’ll use it as a reference when I go shopping. But I’d like a list of companies that are not under Monsanto control.

  2. Can we get a list of foods that aren’t under Monsanto? I might just start drinking just water and grow my own food. Seems like I might have to.

  3. I would, but I can’t resist Pringles (or the Apple juice!!) Too many brands here I love, even though I really dislike Montesano.

  4. This is beautiful reference. Wake up sheeple! Take back control of you and your fellow mankind’s lives, well being, and freedom.

  5. Monsanto doesn’t own all of these companies for # 1. They may be shareholders in them, but they don’t own them outright. Now, ponder this: how many of you, your spouses, moms or dads, aunts or uncles or other family members and friends have STOCK in any of these companies. Are you now going to approach them and convince them to sell becauseh Monsanto owns stock in them? Now, let’s see how committed you are to stopping Monsanto. I grow my own gardens and do the best I can for my family, but I’m more worried about the rapists and murderers that are in our streets and that my sons bravely fights against every day for us so I can sleep at night.

    • Rape and murder sure are serious issues, but these guys aren’t just going to get a couple or ten people, these guys are looking to endanger the lives of hundreds of millions of people, they threaten the health of every person on the planet which is billions. And while the guys on your street seem more personal and prevalent, I bet at least one person in your family has cancer. I’m also willing to bet that Monsanto had a part to play in the development of that cancer.
      I hold no stock in any company, but my dollar ends up in the hands of local producers 99% of the time.

      • And now Monsato is owned by BAYER, so update this article, and while, correct it also, because it is full of false data.

        And therefore, also check Bayer history, as IG-Farben….the NAZI chemistry company.
        So Monsato is now part of the biggest pharma & chemistry company, there is nothing you can just simple evade now, nearly every product buy able, is from this cartel or have parts of it, inside or outside.

        • So we go from Millions vs Monsanto to Billions vs Bayer. Check out Organic Consumers Association for more information about this movement. Bayer is a household name, not everybody knows or understands the depths of Monsanto. It will be easier to explain to people, while also mentioning the horrors of WW2 that they (Bayer, Monsanto, US/Germany) are responsible for to bring down their chemical conglomerate. Public demand and People power have the right of it, with proper education and information sharing we can win this. The corporations naivety is their downfall; They think they own everyone with their chemical concoctions and agenda to intentionally cause the scarcity of life for their own control and thus gain and it is up to us to show them there are billions of people standing in their way of doing just that.

  6. In argentina we use monsanto product for our crops and no one is dead or have cancer… i think you buy and eat food with alot of preservatives.
    You have to learn again to cook your own food.
    Sorry for my english

    • Drink some of their product and see what happens. Check out what happened to the Indian farmers who did exactly that because Monsanto short sold them sabotaged GE cotton that failed to produce high yields or high quality cotton and the farmers went destitute. They drank Monsanto’s Ready Roundup and committed suicide in protest of their atrocious business actions. I suggest you to do the same.

  7. You can also get an app. Called “Buycott”. Sign in and go thtough the many groups that support this and dont support that, the different causes/campaigns going on. Follow the ones you believe in and stand true for you. Then , when your shopping y o u can scan a barcode, and Buycott will tell you If that brand/company is connected with any of the causes you are supporting. You can choose whether to make that purchase or not. But, if you are going to keep buying that product because ‘it is so delicious and you love it”, don’t bother. If you’re going to allow your self satisfying, short-lived, desires to prevail over what is right for the overall health of mankind and for our Mother Earth, then keep on keeping on, and dont be part of a positive change. Dont take a stand for what you believe to be right or wrong. Continue your existance as is. “You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything”
    Back to Buycott… Monsanto often pays smaller companies to put their name on a Monsanto product. This app knows all these Monsanto tricks and can help you stay clear of accidentally supporting products “in disguise”. Great app. I love it. You will learn a lot in the process also.

  8. monsato implies ingredients used in these product companies. Bad. instead of growing pot -grow food-if you are so good at growing things-we are going to really need locally grown foods! monsatoe should not be allowed to produce any kind of food. they should be banned world wide from having any control over anything living. i always thought this was a company belonging to the Japanese-or did they not have something to do with synthetic fabrics for clothing? Blessed are we that are ruled by the most high and powerful GOD! Everlasting to everlasting we are free and external…..

  9. Thanks. Glad to see most but not all of this is not on my grocery list. If you’re poor, there is more. Cheap crap. Remember that Natural is meaningless – poison is natural.


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