1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand


by Nate Max at in5d.com


5000 schools together. 1 million ‪‎children‬ meditating for world ‪‎peace‬ at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of ‪‎Thailand‬.

Meditation only works for the individual with inner peace, not for greedy and corrupt people; they have no heart and no soul, nothing is going to happen but war from them.

Having peaceful and noble thoughts are great as it creates positive vibration, but equally Dharma must teach you to be so strong that evil forces do not attack and over power oneself. You must be able to protect your Dharma.

Fast fact: ‪‎Ancient‬ ‪‎Afghanistan‬ was once a ‪‎Buddhist‬ country, today no sign of Buddhism – even the Bamyan Budha statutes were destroyed.


The more positive going out… The more positive the world creates

Of course the dark side doesn’t not want light in the world, so darkness will focus on the “money, corruption, illegal actions, ect..”. Be the light & spreads the positive….

We can change the world by doing the inner work, meditation is the key to unlocking full potential, dissolving the ego and awakening the vital life force that flows through everyone of us all at all times.

We are beings made up of love and light the more light we accrete through the inner work, the more we raise the frequency of humanity and mother earth. We are a global collective totally inter connected to each other in ways only a few truly understand, what we put out is what we get back its that simple.


The universal law of one

Let’s co-create our own reality today together as a race of humans. Not divided by race, religion, color, sex, borders. We are all humans remember that together we are one. If we choose to work together we can turn this planet around in a very short time. The time is now for you to stand up and take back our god given right to a world of peace and love.

It all starts with you remember that. You are limitless and carry a spirit a soul and a god spark inside you.

“Focus on the light, you are the light.”


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    • They were not praying to some non-existent pagan god. There are no God in Buddhism, you should read carefully the post to understand about meditation.

        • Seriously? You likely searched “Do Buddhists believe in god?” and found the first page that remotely supported your argument. If you spent any time researching Buddhism you would know that belief in a God is up to the practitioners decision, and is moreover an unnecessary belief unrelated to Buddhism as a whole. Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy. The Buddha was just a man and he regarded himself as such, worshiping/praying is pretty much non-existent in Buddhism. Furthermore, your friend Scooter up there randomly attaching paganism to Buddhism is about as foolish as it gets. They are completely different entities. The problem with Atheists is they often pride themselves on thinking themselves smart for refuting all religion yet when it comes to expressing their intelligence they come up short. Most atheists are just lazy half-ass thinkers that think it’s edgy to believe in nothing while in reality it’s easier for them to believe in nothing because it requires no personal investigation.

          • Buddhism is a religion, but yes, it also has a philosophy, like any other religion (even though a religion is a slippery term and i shall not discuss its nature here, let´s just say that scholars do not longer try to come up with a definition of religion, because it is virtually impossible) Buddha and bodhisattvas are conceived as deities by many believers in Asia, f.e. Jizo answers prayers of parents of deceased children, if i remember correctly. They are given offerings, mantras are chanted, prayer wheels are turned. Buddhist pantheon exists mainly in vajrayana buddhism, but also in mahayana buddhism. People worship relics of Buddha deposited in stupas. It is a western picture of buddhism you are presenting, that was influenced by anticlericalism and antiritualism that impacted Sri Lanka when protestant ideas reached it, meaning buddhist intellectuals of that time started to put an emphasis on meditation (which did not have a precedent for most of buddhist population in ASia does not meditate) as well as antiritual and painting a picture of a buddhism as a philosohy. Furthermore, Mahayana does not view Buddha to be an ordinary man. He is perceived as Nirmanakaya – magically created physical body that manifests for the benefit of human beings with original Buddha attaining nirvana eons ago.

    • 🙂 So, if an all loving, all understanding, all knowing, all benevolent God exists, would he care more about the praying for peace, or the fact that they’re not praying to him?

      • There is no “all loving, all understanding, all knowing, all benevolent God”. Meditation is about knowing yourself, it’s not about any external god, is about inner peace and self-consciousness.

    • and what are you doing to ensure a better tomorrow? meditation isnt a prayer to a pagan god, do some research before inserting your 2 cents please.

    • Buddhism ought not to be called a religion, as it requires no faith nor belief in anything. Also, its main teaching and practice, meditation, works, whereas religious prayer is proven to be useless.

      Now: Your conclusion assumes “world peace ensues” aftet their thing. Why? No evidence. And better to do their gathering than not to. What is a negative consequence that arises from this action?

    • Who cares if they believe or don’t believe in god the point here is that they meditating for world peace to stop this worlds shitty bad hAbbits of killing n fighting you alll arguing about god n Buddha n believe n internet are exactly the reason y there’s war n hatred on this planet grow up n get intelligent

    • What part of they are NOT praying do you not understand! Clearly you have no understanding in these matters or you wouldn’t make such a ridiculous statement! M e d I t a T I O N !!!!! Not praying!

  1. Great story. Unless there will suddenly be a marked decrease in world hostilities, this will in fact serves as a massive refutation of the concept of meditation and prayer; which of course all the positive “vibration” airheads will do their best to ignore or sugar coat ???

    • Actually scientifically proven that it does! And can be repeated crime rates go down when large groups meditate in an inner city crime area!

  2. Let’s just put religion aside for one minute. Here we have one million children getting together in the name of peace. Now if your child was one of that million kids who obviously was sourced from schools in the country would you not have be proud to see them being part of such a massive gathering? Just think of all the logistics needed to pull this off. Now go out and spread the light in you!

  3. Better to meet and pray for peace, and be at peace than doing nothing to criticize or worse to commit evil and harm in the name of anything.

    Lepší se scházet a modlit za mír a bít v klidu, než nedělat nic kritizovat a nebo ještě hůř páchat zlo a ubližovat ve jménu čehokoli.

  4. What a SHAME, a PITIFUL SHAME, That Children give Adults an example to follow for world peace. The example is for All Humanity to Unite One Will for Peace and for us to see beyond religion, prejudiced, greed, and see beyond all that corrupts our souls and just for a while, FOCUS ON HOW WE ARE ALIKE and Desire World Peace.

    But Adults are pathetic and focus instantly on our differences, even in the face of truth , even before the example set by children. Adults will even go to war over how to approach the issue of peace.

    You Consciously Seek World Peace or semi-consciously support War, Death, and Suffering.

  5. For goodness sake! It is and can be scientifically reproduced that large numbers of people meditating can….bring the crime rate down!!! In inner city areas …it has been tested and repeated many times! Nly idiots think meditation is prayers. Nothing wrong with them either…again can prove scientifically…… Saying loively words over water then freeze = amazing crystals….. Ugly words = ugly distorted ice crystals! Wake up catch up get real?

  6. Meditation is about finding your inner peace and sharing it. It bring unity and understanding no? Immense sight to behold let alone be present there. Thanks for sharing this I had no idea this took place.

  7. Hey everyone, i see your all comments about my religion, mostly of your comments is look like insult, disparage and had bias to Buddhism and main greatest concept. I will show you all for the real/true information of this all story’s causes. (P.s. Anonymous, i know you are very powerful both on online/digital and on real world, i fear you. But please, listen me, i will talk truth of this cause to you, please, just listen me. I just want talk the truth of this for you all, if you yet still have good part in you side, please, may i talk, i just need you know the real information. I want not see you becoming like evil politicians on the world.)
    The real cause, it is started up about 46 years ago. Wat Phra Dhammakaya were built just little moneys on that time(about 1000 B. of thai) by Maechi Chandra Khonnokyoong and her monk student, Luang Por Dhammajayo. Original, this place were large cornfield(farm), but the owner of this place donated her place to Maechi Chandra Knonokyoong, student of “Luang Pu Sodh Candasaro”, holy budhist monk who as discoverer of Dhammakaya. Thai politicians are like not this Buddhism Temple, because this temple will taught the truth of life of everything, taught about truth of world and universes, Law of Karma and meditation, not make evil karma, not revel evil passions and sins that are surrounded us, and make only the good karma(action) and make merit. For the purpose of enlightenment and escapade from the law of karma of Mara(the Devil or Evil One in Buddhism, who as the real and true creator but it want make everything are not enlightenment, by use its passion for induce everything’s minds.) These evil politicians want take down and destroy this Temple, if their plans are finish and this buddhism temple were destroyed, they will transformed national religion from Buddhism becoming as Islamism and purge or kill entire Buddhists on this nation. They used many plans to destroy this Temple, either use social medias, newspapers, the third hands(intervenors) and aspersions, for create a rift between people and create endlessly civil wars on thailand, like Emperor Palpatine’s rising to power and Jedi purge in Star Wars universe.
    Dharmakāya is (Sanskrit: धर्मकाय; Pali: धम्मकाय, lit. “truth body” or “reality body”) is one of the three bodies (trikaya) of the Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism. Dharmakāya constitutes the unmanifested, “inconceivable” (acintya) aspect of a Buddha, out of which Buddhas arise and to which they return after their dissolution. Buddhas are manifestations of the dharmakāya called nirmanakaya (“transformation body”). Reginald Ray writes of it as “the body of reality itself, without specific, delimited form, wherein the Buddha is identified with the spiritually charged nature of everything that is.” The Dhammakaya Movement of Thailand and the Tathāgatagarbha sūtras of ancient Indian tradition view the Dharmakāya as the true self of the Buddha, present within all beings. Basing itself on the Pali suttas and meditative experience, the movement teaches that the Dhammakaya is the eternal Buddha within all beings, no matter if it’s Asia, Europe or other continents, everything had dhammakaya. Dhammakaya was the greatest dogma of Buddha that lost about 200 years ago after Buddha’s death, this dogma can access the self of Buddha within and destroy the Mara or Evil Side or Dark side within of everyone. The dhammakaya is Nibbāna, and Nibbāna is equated with the true Self (as opposed to the non-self). No ones or entities can escape the law of karma, when their karma had start to show them, they will see the truth by themselve after their death!. Luang Por Dhammajayo just need everyone on this world had peace and harmony together, no want war, no want money, or no want cleavage, Luang Por just need everyone are stop their any action and practice meditated(Meditation) for access their any true self within them and becoming one with the Lord Buddha. But have some evil person groups want take down this temple because they are not believe, they are already full-scale induce by Mara and were ordered from it for destroy this temple, like it make on 200 years after Buddha’s death. The universe had much countless aeons, everything had birth and death is the normal of them, the cycle of birth and death still had in entire universe, if we still have sin or passions, no one know past lifes of them, they are who, but have only that us can make as, “benefaction” and refrain all passions, sins and evil karma, for any good states of anyone in the next many lifes. Spiritual are superior than all powers, it is the source of any all powers on the universe. “Will believe on this time(still alive), or will see on death!(life after death).”
    Okay, i hope you will see, read and not revile me, i just comment about real information, Wat Phra Dhammakaya is not cult, it is just lie of evil persons in Thailand, i hope you all will understand me…
    Good day.

    • Thanks Kritsada Klinpikul. I know what you say is true……through my own experience. Most people haven’t spent any time meditating (least of all for 10 years like I have), and it’s bemusing that they would see themselves as experts or intellectuals on such matters.
      As a side note, I have encouraged all that I have come across to meditate and so far only one person had taken this practice up!! She now can say for herself what value this has on her life – through knowing.
      Peace to all

  8. Buddhism is not considered a “religion” in the modern sense ,in that there is nothing to “believe in” by faith;but don`t take my word for it:find out for yourself.

  9. I think its beautiful that a million children are atleast putting an interest in making this world a better place. If i could have i would of joined them. Why is everyone arguing about such a inspiring beautiful event. Who cares about arguing about whats what. A million kids somehow managed to form such a huge miracle for all the right reasonings. Good job kids…keep it up


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