North Korea Releases Propaganda Film Showing Washington Under Nuclear Attack


By: anon67

North Korea released a new propaganda video menacingly titled “Last Chance”, showing a submarine-launched nuclear missile laying waste to Washington and concluding with the US flag in flames.

The 40 second video, set to jaunty music, romps through the history of US-Korean relations and ends with a digitally manipulated sequence showing a missile surging through clouds, swerving back to the earth and slamming into the road in front of Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

The US Capitol building explodes in the impact and a message flashes up on the screen in Korean: “If US imperialists budge an inch toward us, we will immediately hit them with nuclear (weapons).”

The video was published on the North’s propaganda website DPRK Today on Saturday and shows images from the Korean War, the capture of US spy ship Pueblo in 1968 and the first crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program in the early 1990s.

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  1. Bring it on Kim, You’d be doing us a favor, the second most corrupt state in the country in flames and the perfect opportunity to put your head on a pike.

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    A total blackout (scensorship) of that news

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  9. ANON EDITORS: You are playing into and perpetuating one of the narratives that perpetuates the power of the military-industrial complex. They LOVE north Korea and Iran. N. korea poses no significan threat to the U,S. One US nuclear missile submarine could annihilate the entire country and the Koreans know it. The constant stories and threats do two things. 1) They enable the N, Korean military to keep their ironfisted control over the population; 2) They shake loose, year after year, far greater allocations of money to the U?S military-industrial complex are needed, money that would far bettter go to other purposes than war preparations. When JFK was elected, Eisenhower told him that the Soviet Union posed no real threat to the U.S. — that the US nuclear triad was far more powerful than anything the Soviets could muster. This is far more true in regard to North Korea.


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