Seven Muslim states impose entry ban on American drones


Baghdad, Sanaa, Mogadishu (dpo) – Is it a “tit-for-tat response”?

Immediately after US President Donald Trump’s travel ban for nationals from seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population, the first countries concerned have responded. For example, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Libya imposed an entry ban for US drones with immediate effect.

“Predator, Reaper, Raven, Wasp, Global Hawk, T-Hawk, Shadow, and Gray Eagle drones will not be allowed to enter the country for 30 days,” a spokesman for the Somali Foreign Ministry said. “Then we’ll see.”

Earlier, an analysis had shown that murderous drones responsible for hundreds of deaths in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia come exclusively from the US.

“We are mot meaning to discriminate against anyone or put all the drones from Christian countries under general suspicion,” said Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. “There are certainly US combat drones equipped with Hellfire missiles that just want to live peacefully with the citizens of our country, but that is just a matter of security.”
At the borders of the seven countries, numerous drones are stuck currently which have been prevented from entering. For them, there is some good news though: In the meantime, Canada has offered to host stranded drones.

Note: This is an satirical article.


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  1. How the fuck am or any free thinker for that matter supposed to take this fucking page seriously, when it was said this not the fucking head quarter, you don’t use a single fucking hyperlink, and you don’t site your sources. You are a fucking joke to the anonymous collective and free thinkers everywhere. Clear your shit it up, cause right now, you’re a fuckin joke.

  2. I think there is a small typo here: “We are mot meaning to” i think it’s “not” not “mot”, this confused my french brain to much x)

    But the article is very good :p


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