African-American Soldier Dies After Telling Jail Guards He Couldn’t Breathe… 20 Times!


The police in the United States seem not to see a reason to end the gross human rights violations and abuses against minority groups, especially black people. We, too, will not get tired reporting on these issues. We stand and support what is good, not what is bad.

This should shock you. A newly released video has revealed the dying moments of an African-American active duty soldier, shouting, “I can’t breathe!” 20 times while police officers continued to abuse him in his cell.

Sgt. James Brown was reportedly taken into custody and later jailed at the El Paso County Jail in Texas for two days, after he was arrested driving while intoxicated nearly three years ago (in 2012).


According to family sources, Brown had told the officers at the jail that he suffered from PTSD (or post-traumatic stress disorder) after two combat tours in Iraq, and therefore needed special treatment but officers never responded to his request, treating him just like any other prisoner.

Local news station, FOX14, who obtained the disturbing video, said they had to fight all the way to the Texas Attorney General’s office to be able to obtain it. The video shows that something happened which caused Brown to bleed in his cell. When he refuses to speak with guards, a team in riot gear storms in and swarms on top of him like a violent criminal.

Brown is heard shouting loud and clear, saying, “I can’t breathe,” and is not seen resisting the officers. His condition deteriorates and he is carried to an infirmary with a mask placed over his face, covering his nose and mouth. He is then given what appears to be sedative injection as he continues to beg, “Please take it off [the mask], I can’t breathe.”

Towards the end of the video, he is seen left naked on the floor of the cell, very weak after the injection and shouting at the officers over 20 times.

Later it was reported that he was eventually sent to a hospital, where he died on arrival. In an attempt to cover up the unprofessional and dirty conduct by the officers, authorities claim he died from natural causes after an autopsy report cited a “sickle cell crisis.”

Brown’s family has filed a lawsuit against El Paso County, saying his constitutional rights were woefully violated.

Attorneys of the family point out that an ambulance was never called by officers when Brown was in his critical moment. His family said he died as a result of the bad treatment he received while in jail.

“When a 26-year-old active military person checks into jail for a court-imposed sentence on a Friday, and he leaves Sunday, you know, in a casket, something went horribly wrong there. … He was bleeding out the ears, the nose, the mouth. His kidneys shut down. His blood pressure dropped to a very dangerous level and his liver shut down,” family attorney, B.J. Crow said.

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Independent observers and human rights activists who have watched the video have all agreed that the officers acted unprofessionally, and the family is right to take legal action against the guards.

A lot of YouTubers and other media outlets, having also seen the video, have expressed great shock regarding the conduct of the officers. They seem to agree that it is pathetic and merciless.

Brown is dead and gone. We can only pray for his soul to rest in internal peace, but for the officers who perpetrated the heinous crime, they still walk as free men on the streets. Indeed, we can never have peace when there is no justice. Expect us to continue to talk about these cruel injustices until changes come!



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  1. This is unacceptable. It’s getting really hard to understand why bystanders don’t just ATTACK police who do this. I’m not advocating assault against random police officers, just advocating we don’t let murder happen when it’s in the process of happening.

  2. I hope more future black American soldiers see this, and decide not to join the military or the police force. What would it be of the security of the USA then…?
    They should be arrested and jailed for murder. The police force should be ashamed for trying to cover it up, when it is so clear that he was killed by their careless and unprofessional treatment.
    I hope they get convicted soon, for the sake of the soldier’s family and for justice.

  3. Humble regard to Jame’s Brown’s wife and family. This is a tragic ending to a honorable man. Who did NOT deserve this. Why so many cops on one man. Very unprofessional. Also, I never once say any person of color besides, James Brown.
    I hope ALL of them thugs in uniform go to jail for life, murder is a serious crime and the punishment should match.

  4. Why are people always making race an issue on this topic Its ignorant when cops killed twice as many whites as blacks last year. Bringing race into this distracts from the real issue, which is the out of control police state we live in and the alarming number of AMERICANS that are being murdered by the police each year..


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