These amazing “Dragon Balls” contain 3,000 grams of pure cannabis oil [IMAGES]


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What looks like a magical orb, perhaps from a video game or fantasy novel, is actually a giant ball of glass that contains pure cannabis oil, measuring 99% pure THC.

Devised at X-tracted Labs, in Seattle, the process begins by using a hydrocarbon concentrate known as “The Clear.”  This concentrate is made using an extraction process that strips everything from the cannabis plant except its essential compounds known as cannabinoids.  The process drips the final product into glass globes.

By reintroducing terpenes, aromatic oils that naturally occur in many types of vegetation, including cannabis, into the solution after extracting it, they are able to fine-tune the aroma, taste and even effects of the THC.  Terpene levels can be adjusted to make strains more uplifting, sedating, stress-reducing and so on.

“When we add natural terpenes, we’re simulating the effect profile of that strain,” co-founder Ryan Abernathy explained. “Part of why the Super Lemon Haze sativa makes you feel the way it does is because of all these different terpenes. So when you recreate that, you’re going to get similar effects. It’s not just because it’s a sativa.”

Not only are they developing flavor profiles and affecting strain quality, but they are producing some of the most awesome looking cannabis oil balls known to man, dubbed the Dragon Balls.


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  1. Interesting. Most people associate terpenes just for flavor, i didn’t know it also adjusted the effect of the thc and cdbs.

    America pays 10 billion a year to israel who has been treating vets, cancer, sz’s, etc… with it since 1990. Why isn’t medical marijuana the law of the land in the US, like it is there?

    • israels not doing shit. all they are doing is making weapons for world war. they prob have treatment to cancer and stuff but they hiding it. 10 billion is too much america is stupid for paying those guys their plan is to take over the world

      • Actually, you’re way off about Israel and cannabis. Tel Aviv university is the world pioneer in cannabis oncology. Medpot is a reality via their pharmacies. Still, cannabis needs to be easier to get at every level of society.

  2. Because they want you dead.
    There is no money in it for big pharma. They will just keep you sick and drain medical insurance dry.

  3. I can’t even get any cannabis without going to street thugs. And then they sell me second-rate product. I get a little bit that lasts a few days and bankrupts me in the process. Who are these people that are keeping me from doing what I want and not causing harm to anyone??? I just don’t get why I’ve got to skulk around back alleys, while smug “drug-free” citizens can pop into a bar and order a shot of vodka. If I could afford rent somewhere I’d grow it. I demand public accountability from these cretins. I’m pissed as hell. LEGALIZE!! We need to create a CANNABIS HALL OF SHAME. Politicians and CEO’s that keep rational science and humane social policy away from the public so as to profit themselves. That’s called racketeering. And there are a number of politicos that should definitely be singled out as a disgrace to humanity. I CALL ON ANONYMOUS TO ACT!

    • lol if it was legalised, would you even have enough money to buy it then? Sounds like someone needs to cash in their food stamps and think about getting a job ?

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  5. We need to make oil and gas illegal and use cannibas oils and reverse greenhouse gases. If you care for your kids and grandkids future. We as the people need to stand up this our country not the millionaires. They don’t care about nothing but they’re MONEY


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