Study Finds That People Who Post Gym Selfies Have A Psychological Problem

Some people have to let the whole world know that they have been to the gym by means of Facebook posts normally accompanied by a selfie. It turns this could by due to an underlying psychological problem which causes them to become obsessed with taking selfies.
In a study conducted at Brunel University is was discovered that people who constantly brag about fitness tend to show narcissistic traits  – This is a term for the psychological disorder where people gain pleasure from self admiration. This behavior usually results  annoying vein posts such as “sun’s out, guns out” all over your timeline, the intention is to boost their own ego with comments and likes.
over 500 Facebook users took part in the survey and it was discovered that the “gym posers” who get the most likes and/or comments on their posts -ultimately getting them the attention they so desperately need and crave.
narcissists also wrote more status updates about their diet and exercise routine, suggesting that they use Facebook to broadcast the effort they put into their physical appearance.
The researcher wrote
“In this particular survey personality traits such as extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness were measured. It also found that people who post frequent updates about their boyfriend or girlfriend on social media usually have lower self-esteem and that those post frequent updates about their children more conscientious.”

Study SourceBrunel University

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  1. Study finds that if you write an article that says “study finds…” without including any names, dates, where it was done, or who the researchers are, idiots and overweight people will post the study on their facebook hoping it will make them and their fat friends feel special.

    • Seriously?? I read this and I both agree and disagree! Please refrain from name calling! There are good and bad in all posts! If you want to evoke a change then don’t reply negatively. If your attempt is show your hard work then be prepared for the exact same neg response! People struggle everyday and don’t have the same will power as you do! That does not make them any different than you.. You are just physically ahead of of someone. Nobody wants to hear from random parties of their “fat ” insecurities…just like you do not want to hear you have psychological issues. We need to embrace each other fat, firm… In shape or out of shape and help each other to be the best possible person. Negatively breeds anger. Positively breeds potential!

    • I guess this study did apply to someone and they’re not happy about it lol. So, anyone who doesn’t post about it is fat? No, some people work out and eat healthy without feeling the need to talk about it on FB everyday. I work out but I never feel the need to post about it and post work out selfies. I also don’t feel the need to post about my healthy meals everyday. It’s funny how people assume you don’t work out simply bc you don’t talk about it on FB lol

  2. I do not think the word “gym” is relevant. If you did a study based on people who take selfies as a whole I almost guarantee they would be the same. And yes it is narcissism and vanity, you can almost take that at face value. #Ecclesiastes

  3. The woman pictures is a professional athlete. It’s her job to post pictures of herself. It’s part of her brand. people that judge others for posting pictures of themselves need to get a life.

    • I think you may have misunderstood the usage of the picture. Articles like these just have a random picture somewhat related to the topic of the article, in this case taking selfies at the gym.

      Also, she’s an athlete not a photographer. She doesn’t need to be taking selfies in the gym. Her job is to train and compete in sports. Pictures are just PR.

  4. Vain not vein.
    This story says: “This behavior usually results annoying vein posts such as “sun’s out, guns out” all over your timeline, the intention is to boost their own ego with comments and likes.”
    It’s vain not vein. ugh

  5. There are so many grammatical errors that I can’t take it seriously even though I agree with the point the author is making.

  6. this article was copy pasted from and you guys didnt give them any credit, even though on their site it says this article is open source, available to copy, just give credit or a link.

  7. I try to read your article and you post ads all over it, i click off the ads you make me tell you why i don’t like them, then and only then i can read your article????? good job, you guys suck!!!!!!

  8. This article reads like a 4th grade book report. It is so littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes it isn’t funny. I really hope no one paid money for this article. They should, rather, hire an editor.

  9. I am now no longer talking to a man who I had been talking to previously because all he wanted to talk about was working out during our last conversation. Working out isn’t a priority in my life at this time. My priority is to work as much as I possibly can to save money and get out of an abusive relationship, go back to school, and move out from where I currently live. Working out at the gym is not my priority. It’s not going to help me escape the relationship I’m in, it’s not going to help me save money, it’s not going to enroll me in college, it’s not going to complete my classroom work, it’s not going to move me, it’s not going to pay my bills, and it’s not going to help my career……….unless I was a stripper, cam girl, or escort.


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