Anon United Helps You Organize Rallies

 A post by Anon United requesting suggestions regarding future demonstrations reads as follows:

Some of our upcoming demonstrations.

If you wish to organize for a specific operation or cause & no demonstration has been organized in your community, please contact us & together we will make it happen:

Salute & love to all,

So what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to get something going!


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    • Yeah, it would be much appreciated if someone could send me a mask as well. I dont know where else to buy one other than online, but my family is broke. I could save up for one haha, problem is, i dont have a job.

    • Guys which you don’t understand is you might be able to buy one off of eBay but the Australian national security laws are extreme and so are quarantine and seizure laws. We buy a computer motherboard from overseas and they open the box and removed the battery. You buy something from overseas that can be considered inflammatory or is considered to support “public discord”. So it is very unlikely in Australia that you will ever receive your mask from eBay.

      Unlike America; Australia has no influence over government or policy due to the fact that vote fixing in the two-party system is unstoppable due to minor party vote balloting (a minor party handing over their seats of representatives to another party) by the Greens and others. We don’t get a Prime Minister we get a party representative like Cold War Russia and if you boycott a vote you can go to jail. Just because people think we have a high standard of living doesn’t mean we have a fair democratic system. We have no representation.

  1. Organizing marches/demonstrations is fine, but should be used as an opportunity to gather contact information for like minded souls. Then to get something real and meaning-full done, organize a ballot initiative, like they did with pot here in Colorado. I sometimes think it’s intentional that there are groups out there encouraging marches, and not taking the next step. We have the power to make changes, and marching is just a first step. Not the end all to be all.

  2. So I might be getting the wrong idea about this but how does someone post their plans for demonstration on there? Just says contact us with no info but I might be stupid and missing something been up like 30 hours.
    here just have the pastebin I wrote up probably won’t get far anyways with this

    • Anyone can be an anon. Get the mask, believe in equality and justice, stay anonymous online with a vpn, and most important STAY INFORMED. Its more an idea than anything my friend. You can also contact people on the site. Show up to rallies and support others and their ops. There’s even links on the site how to help with the OpISIL.

      • Its a net work, an idea you can wear the mask, but the mask is to show that a face dose not matter there is no need to give leader ship to a face. We the people are strong.

  3. Does anybody know if there is going to be a rally in the nw of England, ive never been to one and I’m hoping I can take part in a peaceful protest, I also need a mask and I have no idea where to find one

  4. i wanna have a solidarity rally with anon on April seventh to show Berkeley’s solidarity with anon during Israel’s cyber holocaughst

  5. I would like a March/demonstration in Cornwall, maybe Truro or st austell, very many supporters down here who can’t get up so far as London to support anon, me and a friend would be extremely happy if a March came down to our county.

    Wake up the masses

  6. Why not start with the colleges? The video “awaken the masses” said it clearly. They target the students. I go to Rutgers, a school that has just been declared one of the top school in the world. I’m pretty sure there is a bunch of students pissed at the fact that they have to pay thousands of dollars just to receive – what is said to be – a good education. I could write a book about the ridiculous charges this school has come up with just to profit from students. Not to mention the horrible prof. who get huge salaries. at the end of the day, students who do not learn how to teach themselves, end up getting out of college with no knowledge of what they were taught and in debt. Correct me if im wrong, maybe i am. But this is coming from experience.

    Start with the Students, isn’t the future in our hands anyways.

  7. Brothers & sisters, I am AZ of AnonUnited. If you have any trouble finding us, our Official MainSec Facebook URL is

    Salute & love to all.

  8. Should set up a global demonstration…talking venus project, as many countries as possible, as many protesters as possible, huge movement! Dreaming 🙁

  9. what do we know about operation lion-cash?
    This operation has the potential to raise awareness of the corupt banking system whilst inviting citizens everywhere to join the revolution. It is easy to participate in (if your lucy enough to have some cash)and even those who have no idea why their banknotes have been ‘upcycled’ may be keen to find out.
    Could be a winner!

  10. Wow, wish u luck, you’re in a fantasy land if u think u can get 7 billion peeps on the same page…. New World Order has the exact same problem… Use the words Liberal, Democrat, Republican, political party, muslim, I’m gone… too many words, to many peeps, too many opinions. Good Luck and don’t let the freeloaders take your masks for free…

  11. Please. I Really Want have a Mask. 🙁 Can you Guys Please Send me A Mask. I live in Philippines. Please. I just Rally want have One. Thank you.

  12. How about one in a small town to show that we reach even outside of cities and that even in a place like Ringgold, Ga or Dalton, Ga we still have power

  13. How about # Operation awake the masses and do it at colleges and malls everywhere. I really want to be apart of a rally and in my area it seems like there aren’t that many people that care. So please put Dalton Georgia down for it. Let’s get the word out.

  14. I want to organize a march in Newcastle,UK to show people that anonymous is one and that it is everywhere. We need people who can show that we are friendly and show what we want to change i need some help to spread word. There is allot of homelessness and job loss in my county and i think a march would be the perfect way to show what we want to change.

  15. Any help for Singapore?
    it is an island at the south of penisular malaysia. very oppressive. with the son of a dictator taking to lawsuits to knock out any disentments. and they passed a law to make protests illegal!

  16. hello fellow anons. i am in louisiana i need info on million mask march in my state. i will travel to another state if need be but i do not believe i will have to please tell me where any demonstrations in louisiana are being held so that i wont miss out on anything..

    anon sampson

  17. I wonder if you could help, although my children haven’t been put up for adoption, they very nearly were, I have seen how social services are so readily to take children from good homes,split them from their siblings, all saying its in the children’s best interests, I have heard social services lies, and caffcass first hand, this is a subject which I feel very strong about, I was wondering if you could help to organise a rally in London, to stop forced adoption, many people have already done this with a very poor turnout, have seen some of the rallies you have held, and all have a great turnout, if you could help to organise it, I and so many parents who are suffering, would be forever greatful thank you


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