AnonHQ Exclusive: 14 Anonymous Operations You May Not Know Are Happening Right Now


Here is a list of the Anonymous Operations that are currently occurring around the world. Think Anonymous Operations are all closed door hacking sessions? You might be surprised at the scope of things Anonymous accomplishes. True story, Anonymous was once named  the 99th most influential ‘person’ in the world. Anonymous is a large group of people with diverse talents, interests and goals. Here is an AnonHQ exclusive behind the scenes look at just some of the many operations anons around the world are currently engaged in.

Operation Lulz Had  *(December 11th)*

Operation Innocence Peshawar: *(December 16th)*

Operation Well Wishes:

Operation Safe Winter:

Operation New Blood:

Operation Footage:

Operation Super School:

Operation Free Waters:

Operation Death Eaters:

Operation Charitin:

Operation Ban Trump:

Operation Refugee Outreach:

Operation Whale Angels:

Operation Cheetah Trade:

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  1. I like what you do. I have info please publish. Please look into judge Christine Carringer, Governor Jerry brown, Maryann Dresner, Jane Dresner Sadaka, Ned Sadaka, Para Advisirs, PNB Baribas, hedge funds, city and county of San Francisco. Recketeering and fraud.

  2. To the reader. Im a 55 yyear old man that is now aware of the spiritual nature of my existence. Through this process it has become very clear that the economic and the goverment control system that I have lived under my whole life is a futile trend mill going nowhere. Having said that, I no longer pursue the targets of success that use to drive my life (money, possessions, admiration)..etc. If there is anything that I could do to help, please email me back.

  3. None of these load. Ssl connection error.

    But: please get into EVERY cop shooting. Look for cop steroid abuse.

    Also every DEA agent who failed drug test, but not disciplined.


  4. Anonymous im willing to do whatever whenever to be a part of such an influential and great group of individuals and your work speaks for itself…truly remarkable dont stop keep the throttle down.

  5. Need to investigate Prosper. Read an article on how the San Bernardino terrorists had loan for $29,500.00
    Not sure why but this online loan business seems suspicious?

    • Of course. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Just do what you are passionate about, try to make a difference and trust things to work themselves out. That is all any of us can do really

  6. Cyber-Hygiene stellt einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz für die präventive Abwehr von Hacker-Angriffen dar. Die Basis bildet der kontinuierliche Scan des Netzwerks inklusive aller verbundenen Geräte und Webanwendungen. Denn es gilt: Nur wer seine IT-Umgebung und deren Schwachstellen kennt, kann sie wirksam absichern. Dieses Wissen schafft die Voraussetzung für effizientes Konfigurations- und Patch-Management. Dadurch gelingt es Unternehmen, bis zu 95 Prozent aller potenziellen Hacker-Angriffe bereits im Vorfeld zu verhindern

  7. Desperately trying to figure out how to orchestrate a coordinated simultaneous action by Anonymous and Occupy against the goddam mainstream media?! Enough is enough! Am not a hacker unfortunately. Need your help! Thanks!

  8. Love what you stand for and do I’m not computer savy just a techno Dino I will help in my lil part of the world Thank you for ALL you do in the fight for Right Justice and Humaties freedom to live FREE of political idiocy !

  9. hello guys, I write to you because I want you to know that I respect a lot, you really respect for what you do ..
    finally a bit of courage in the midst of this sea of cowards …
    my country is the most coward now. Italy is a country of the damned and sold.
    I hope your work will continue forever and ever more powerful!

    A boy of Rome.

  10. You are all anonymous WE are ALL anonymous It makes my heart rejoice to see so many interested people Humans pick up your banner and walk, or use the tools you have in front of you. Read read read. Stand up to the oppressors by becoming involved in your area. This website and the AnonBoard are a good place to start. Anonymous#MillionMaskMarchLosAngeles


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