Anonymous Attack Nissan In Protest Against The Hunting Of Whales | #OPWhales |


Anonymous has started attacking a number of car companies that are involved in the hunting of dolphins and whales. Anonymous has stated that they are not attacking the companies data, and they have no intention to leak any data related to the customers or the company. Anonymous is spreading operation (#OPWHALES) day-by-day.

Recently, Anonymous attacked several Japanese government websites in protest of the country’s decision to continue its whaling programme in the Southern ocean.
On Wednesday, Nissan had to shut down their main and global websites till 2:00 p.m. GMT, after they suffered several cyber attacks. According to reports, the company decided to shut down their websites in order to prevent further attacks from the infamous hackers “ANONYMOUS”.
In an interview with Bloomberg, Nissan stated that due to the current cyber attacks, the company has had to shut down its main website and other global website in order to prevent any breaches from hackers. Since the attacks, Nissan has ensured the protection of the company and its customers’ data. Nissan also stated that the company does not have any connection to whale or dolphin hunting.
Despite the number of protests from hackers, activist and celebrities, the practice of hunting whales and dolphins still continues to this day. This operation is also known as #OPKILLINGBAY.



Greetings citizens of the world, we are Anonymous.
We at Operation KillingBay have been watching Iceland for some time. They continue to slaughter an endangered species for commercial gain.
Now is the time to act. We bring you #OpWhales…



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  1. Why the fuck are you guys going after Nissan for? That company has nothing to do with that. Go after the government, not companies like Nissan. You guys are doing more damage, than helping. Do you guys even know anything about Japan in general?

  2. I respect annoymous for trying to help ..with everything they do but there alot of choices that are made that realy make me question the smarts of the hactavist …i think less people should put faith in you all …put on the mask and be the activist and fight the real fight …fighting companies is the same as the balimore riot people burning down a 711 instead of the police station …smh


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