Anonymous Attacks Taiwan, Shuts Down Government Websites


In order to show solidarity with Taiwan students protesting against China-centric high school curriculum, a group of hackers – Anonymous Asia – took down the websites of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, Office of the President, National Academy of Education Research, and Ministry of National Defense on August 1.

The #OpTaiwan, a coordinated effort that included hackers from Anonymous branches in the Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and the United States, is believed to be linked to the controversial curriculum revisions to senior high school textbooks implemented by the Ministry of Education under the ruling Kuomintang government.

The curriculum changes disputed by protesters include a reference to Taiwan being “recovered by China” instead of “given to China” after the end of Japanese occupation in 1945. The 50-year period of Japanese rule is also referred to as an era when “Japan occupied” the island, replacing the previous phrase “Japan governed”. The protesters argue that the changes whitewash the repressive authoritarian period under single-party KMT rule and inserts a China-centric ideology. The Democratic Progressive Party accuses President Ma Ying-jeou’s Kuomintang Party (KMT) of being “cold-blooded” and calls for the curriculum changes to be rescinded.


#AnonymousAsia is not the only at #OpTaiwan thank you for all to join the operation…

Posted by Anonymous Asia on Saturday, August 1, 2015


Target down中華民國國防部目標已死#optw

Posted by Anonymous Asia on Saturday, August 1, 2015


教育部全球資訊網Target down目標已死#optw

Posted by Anonymous Asia on Saturday, August 1, 2015


國家教育研究院Target down目標已死#optw

Posted by Anonymous Asia on Saturday, August 1, 2015


It is time to stand up and guard Taiwan, guard our children, fine-tuning is the beginning of brainwashing education,” Anonymous wrote on Facebook. “Taiwan’s government and the police, if you insult or hurt the demonstrators, we will attack the Taiwanese government websites, please treasure we give you the opportunity to withdraw from the front lines, this is not a threat, it’s a promise,” the video posted on YouTube warned.

Li Tsai-yen, Director, Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education, confirmed that the Ministry’s website was crippled for more than 14 hours on Saturday due to two waves of attacks by hackers. The first wave struck shortly after 1 am and lasted until about 6 am, while the second began at around 2 pm and continued deep into the night, he said, adding that the attacks came from “all directions” and was the largest the ministry had seen in recent years. The DDoS attack is under investigation.

On August 2, around 800 protesters staged a protest outside Taiwan’s Ministry of Education demanding Minister Wu Se-hwa’s resignation and scrapping of the curriculum changes. The protesters also ripped apart the new versions of textbooks printed under the new curriculum guidelines.

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    According to the information gathered, there are about 20 members of original Anonymous in Hong Kong. The Anonymous Asia Facebook page owner ( may be one of them. There are about 3 active admins (the owner is “T”, one of them named “A” and the other is named “Dragon”) of the Facebook page. “T” has Facebook account namely Tommy Constantine and Messiah-T or Anon-T. His real name is 陳白山. The active admins seem not to be skilled malicious hackers. They seem to be knowing how to hide their IP address by using TorBrowser/Tor and launch DoS (Not DDoS) only. There is no website that are defaced or hacked by them so far. So, we would call them as Script Kiddies (

  2. Thank you
    We need you so much


  3. I don’t thinks this is new is fair, cuz in Taiwan there are 2 bit part of sounds of political, one is KMT(Blue) the other one is Green ,usually those ppl thinks they are right, no matter which side, but the green usually bullying the different sounds on internet, you can see it on any Taiwna news comments, ptt or Facebook comments. And they usually used words within insult, they don’t like to hear any speech from different position, when ther hear it, they just bullying the person who speak, now some of them comes out to said, they are Anonymous and attack Taiwan The Ministry of Education website, They are already freedom to do any things on internet, but now they just said they are Anonymous and trying to stop different sounds to speak, trying to take the freedom from people, keep saying the people still agree with KMT is been “Brainwashing”, i don’t think those people deserve to been one of Anonymous, cuz Anonymous is doing for protect freedom of speech on internet, but those people are not, and keep saying they are Anoymous, and make the News thinking the Anonymous support those people.

  4. This is stupid. Communication between the government and the people is most needed during protest. By shutting down government website, people are prohibited from get any information about relevant legislations, government information, press releases, and their legal rights.

    But of course, you anarchists don’t care.

  5. Please go away ~~ not many people agree with those students~~ you can just see there is no comments below you guys news.

  6. Please stay away from Taiwan and I don’t agree with your behaviors. I have never agreed with those stupid kids’ behaviors!!

    You think you heard their voices? But how about those who keep their own low and down? we don’t talk doesn’t mean we don’t have opinion and let me tell you!! I strongly disagree your stupid attacking behaviors and feel ashamed for you been injustice.

    I thought you were great, but it turns out your asian branch is just an asshole losers. (excuse my straight forward)

    • What is wrong with the students behavior? What I really felt upset about the government was how they delayed the time to meet the students for communicate, and how they defame the students.

      This is the students future, and our children’s future. We should learn history, but not a distorted history.

      Thank you, Anonymous.


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