Anonymous Blows The Lid Off Hillary Clinton


The hacktivist collective known as Anonymous calls out Hillary Clinton for her various crimes, lies, and corrupt dealings.

It is time Mrs. Clinton be held accountable for her crimes against the Untied States and humanity.

From destroying evidence to leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, her time is running out.

Anonymous doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive.



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  1. So another attack on another candidate… Again I ask Anon. “Who do you want in office?” A sleeper agent? Kasich? This is getting ridiculous. Pretty much every bit of dirty laundry Anonymous is claiming to have has either already been aired by THE candidate or another candidate… So I guess the adage is true. No (new) news is good news. >.>

    • Clearly none of them, they are anti-government. None of the candidates will make a positive change to why settle for it?

      • They are anti-government because there isn’t a good leader that does not take the leadership for selfish reasons. There has to be a leader that stand for the people and not one that says he/she does but beind the scenes doesn’t. Sorry for crapy english.

      • Humanity Party which would put the 99% in charge instead of the banks this would mean rewriting lots of rules stripping them from being such a power house and stop them from controlling our lives

        • the humanity party is not anonymous it is the american gov. acting as anonymous. they are trying to make anonymous look bad. It has been clearly posted if you did any research at all.

    • The worse of the evils will get out one at a time. Hillary is the worse she and her Husband have let this country run wild, everthing is ok if you want to do it. Just like selling guns or letting Isis help and letting the world know about her e-mails. Sanders needs to retire, Ted was born in Canada and his dad fought with Fidel Castro. So who left of yea John just wasting our time. Now when are the American people going to vote for our president, instead of electoral college does the voting for us that means that we really don’t elect the president they do it. Should be one vote one person majority wins.

  2. I think Anon support Bernie. He speaks for the truth at least. I myself support Bernie too, but dunno if he has skeletons in his closet. I don’t really want to know . . .

    • If Bernie Sanders had any deep, dark secrets, they would have been exposed in retaliation by the Clinton campaign already. Especially in light of how hard he’s criticizing HRC’s past records. I think we’re safe in concluding he’s an honest candidate, whether or not you fully support his plans.

  3. Until candidates become accountable to the people and not the corporations, it really doesn’t matter who is in power. They are all puppets manipulated by the bankers and corporations.



      • I’m kinda shocked the most revolutionary minded people have divorced themselves from the system so completely they haven’t learned the first thing about Sanders. They can tell you Trump’s latest joke or something funny on 4chan, but they didn’t vote in the primaries. Sanders has been supported by more college froshman who grew up middle class than he is people who if they weren’t so cynical they’d have realized by now they let the revolution slip by them unnoticed *bc* it wasn’t televised!

  4. It is a recent video. I believe the point of an attack on Jeb Bush is that he was basically an heir, having a father and brother previously in presidency. However, that did not work out for him and now he backs Trump. He is trying to weasel his way in any way he can just because he feels it to be his right

  5. Anonymous does not support any candidates, only bringing information and exposing those who lies, so people know what they are voting for.

    I would say go for Clifton Roberts (humane party) or Bernie Sanders, the choice is yours.

  6. I certainly hope anonymous are gonna keep an eye on the NYC primaries. this will be the one place that Clinton will try and rig if she can!

    I hope she gets everything she deserves.

  7. A more active role is needed from you Anon. Clinton has the media in her pockets. release her transcripts from the sachs speeches! Find proof enough to indict her! She will this world even further. Give her mainstream media something they can’t ignore. We the people need you Anonymous.

  8. Bernie realistically won’t be able to get what he wants done, done.I lover Bernie, but realistically we won’t be able to get that stuff done, maybe if maybe some progress. Trump will screw our country over so bad.

  9. Have you guys been taken over by Russia too? You keep rehashing old news about Hillary but don’t mention a word about all the evil things Trump has done and is doing!!! WTF! You are losing credibility FAST!

  10. A few more details about what she has done and what she is happily avoiding, i do not think would be bad. Facts are fantastic

  11. I believe the time will come when everyone will shit their pants and the Guy Fawkes mask will step forward and reveal everyone’s darkest secrets. Then the Government will have the Purge actually take place.

  12. This feed and this group is not the real anonymous. These feeds are just threats but no action and really all the spam. Well anonymous would not put up with the garbage and spam on this feed. I’m outta here.


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