Unknown Anonymous Hacker Group Claims to Have Shutdown XBOX Live Servers


On Wednesday, most XBOX Live customers attempting to log on, couldn’t access the online gaming service. Many gamers experienced problems with such popular games as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, among many others. The affected gamers immediately reported the issues to the XBOX Support Team which led to Microsoft, shortly after, releasing a statement reading, “We’re working hard to look into the problems connecting to XBOX Live. Stay tuned here: http://xbx.lv/XBLstus for updates on this issue.” Microsoft wasn’t exactly sure what the problems were at the time, meanwhile on Twitter, one Anonymous account, @OCCUPYTHEMOB, tweeted:


There was no official statement from Microsoft as to what the issue was, but the XBOX Support Team was in contact with gamers via Twitter, working on every problem reported.  And, after a couple of hours, XBOX Live came back online and was working properly again.  XBOX Support tweeted:


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  1. There is nothing activist bout this. This is robbing folks who have done nothing of the money they spent to purchase their live accounts and a serious invasion of privacy. I have a lot of respect for you guys, but this is dog shit really.

    • I totally agree, this is absurd. I work my ass off for eveything that I have, if I get off work and want to come home to play some Battlefield, I should be able to come home and play some fuckin’ Battlefield! This is fucking America, get over yourselves.

    • The downside to having no identity or leadership is that anyone can start up a group and claim to be part of other “anonymous” actions.

      The thing about anonymous is that it isn’t one large organization. It’s groups of people who get together to enact change, and they can all have different agendas. Anyone can don the mask or the moniker. Anyone can be a part of any movement that they want because anonymity is just an idea.

      I wouldn’t put down every anonymous group just because one group of people decides to shut down a video game service. Each group should be judged separately on its own actions and merits.

      • In all honesty, We could have created a “Membership” process using PGP.

        I think you’ll find most of Anon are script kiddies screwing around with Metasploit nowadays and that it has moved away from activism to fame-grabbing sensationalist dribble.

    • I see what you’re saying but don’t you think that maybe xbox live is just another distraction for the sheeple, it’s like TV we’d be better off without it, if we got rid of TV the people would start to wake up, they would turn to the internet, and if someone got rid of facebook, internet users wouldn’t be so centralized, in a way I admire what anonymous has done because it moves peoples focus onto something else.

      • However, instead of educating themselves about what Anonymous stands for, they turned to social media to complain, and no doubt did absolutely no research to see why a hacker group would do such a thing. I am a gamer. I am an Xbox Live gamer, and yes, I get angry when this crap happens, but I am also an activist. I understand the methods may be madness, but the agenda could be honorable. So, next time your service gets hacked, find out why, not just who. There are much, much larger issues at play… more important that Battlefield… or even Destiny (my current drug of choice).

    • this could even been done on purpose by someone else to make people hate anonymous the true heroes of our modern world don’t be to quick to judge

    • Anonymous is not your friend. Anonymous is nobodies friend. If anonymous were an ice cream flavor, it would be Pralines and Dick.

  2. What the fuck anonymous why people are paying so they can Play online now your dog the same thing lizard squad did withouth a ddos attack

  3. I got nthing but mad respect for anonymous…but yall jist crossed a line with me…stop messing with innocent people’s shit!! We didnt do ANYTHING to affect yall…so why hurt your supporters?!

    • It is showing just how unsafe using xbox is, they can take down one of the biggest networks and how do you think they can be noticed? They target the supporters who are greater in number, as a marketing plan you cannot deny it is pretty smart.

  4. This is bullshit anonymous people are paying to play online with other people or friends.Now your doing what lizard squad did but not using ddos.
    I didn’t ecpect this from you guys.

  5. This is bullshit anonymous, people are paying money to play online with strangers or friends.
    you guys are doing exactly what lizard squad did only without a ddos attack.

  6. This is exactly what is needed all these corporations who only care about filling their pockets with everyone’s cash it’s about time someone made them use that money they shouldn’t charge for something that should be free

    • Yes but these corporations most likely aren’t going to just turn around and make it free. This is simply robbing people of a product they paid for. If I paid for a month of Xbox live and it’s shut down for two weeks then I only get one week for the month I paid for and Microsoft gets a money for a product that only works half the time. This isn’t for the people, it’s robbing the people. Microsoft gets to pocket our money for live and we don’t even get to use it.

      • I have Xbox and i still support them Xbox will be forced to refund everyone, its the law. Also they may have to make it free. Im 100% ok with this, go out side and do something there more to life than xbox, and im saying this as a battlefield addict myself

  7. It may very well be people who are not at all associated with Anonymous just using the group as a cover. Since all members are anonymous and its members true identities unknown it is impossible for people to say that anonymous was or was not behind an attack with 100% certainty.

    These guys are a Hacktivist group, i am fairly certain they have established the reasons they hack for. To hack PSN or Xbox live would be to hack the service that most of their members likely use. Turning their own members against them, why would any group, organized or not actually do this? The answer to this question is simple:

    They wouldn’t

      • Then why didn’t they actually tell anyone why they did it? It’s a pretty pointless exercise as it sits now. “We’ve pissed you off, but we won’t tell anyone why so they can actually start to disregard us and our mission entirely.”

        There’s every chance that Xbox live went kaput on its own, and some hacker fool just went on twitter and claimed “It was ‘us’!! Aren’t ‘we’ powerful? We’ll explain why when we actually come up with a half way believable story.”

  8. Anonymous can i ask why your messing woth gamers? or are you doing it to force microsoft to allow free to play?

    just requesting a reason not mad about anything i just want to know the truth why.

  9. I still support anonymous, and what they was actually brilliant..they wanted to make a point and the best way to do that is to attract the attention of billions of people.. the gaming industry attracts that amount.

  10. I believe its still lizardsquad they made another page claiming to be anonymous, because the anonymous i have on twitter doesnt talk about this at all

  11. I don’t even play games online anymore. I have supported anonymous in alot of different things they have done lately. But yeah losing respect in a change we all needed

  12. I don’t care if I’m friends with someone who helped fuck with xbox/psn….. If I find out they helped, I am gonna break bones. That’s all.

    • People are ready to break bones over a game but not ready to break bones over forced slavery disguised as freedom. We have our work cut out for us.. Smh

  13. not a gamer, just a conspiracy theorist- I would imagine this is just an attempt to discredit Anonymous. As others have said why would a force for good alienate its’ own support network? Just saying

  14. How about you gamers do something better with your time than paying to sit in front of a fucking screen.

    The servers were shut down because gaming is a waste of your time and money. Do something fulfilling with your time.

    • @Blake…How do you know gamers aren’t doing something fulfilling with their time? Nobody’s saying they play games every spare minute of their days but even if they did, the neat thing about this country is they have the right to. You have the right not to play but don’t harangue others for their form of enjoyment. They aren’t hurting anyone.

      Also, what’s the more fulfilling thing? Get married? Breed? Have that wonderful honey do list? Sounds real fulfilling to me.

  15. What does taking down XBox servers have to do with BlackLivesMatter? This isn’t positive activism, anymore than the looting an pillaging that took place in Ferguson and other places after the jury decided not to charge the cop responsible for the Michael Brown killing. Justice is not wanton hacking and/or destruction. Justice is precise inasmuch as it can be so not to cause unmerited collateral damage.

    I more or less suspect this attack has more to do with trying to make the REAL Anonymous look bad.

  16. I would guess it’s a frame, to make all of us look bad, Anonymous and those who support them…like myself.

    Just doesn’t make sense that they would sabotage the respect they are attracting.

  17. It needs to be realized that ‘anonymous’ is anybody! It is a title anybody can take on. Whether or not it has anything to do with the original group has nothing to do with this attack. Taking on the name ‘anonymous’ gives anyone the power to change something, hold people or corporations accountable, or get a message across. The chosen message, #blacklivesmatter, does all of the above. Anonymous is an idea, not a group. Everyone has the power to be ‘anonymous’.

    • You realize that not “anybody” can post articles on this website and it’s controlled by a single person (or a small handful of individuals)…Get your facts straight.

  18. This isn’t Anonymous, this is lizard squad, they have been doing it for months. Anonymous had combated LS over this stuff and denounced it.

  19. Sounds more like other gaming sestams trying to get Xbox customers any one think of that maybe ps3 or other free gaming systems framing anonymous trying to cover up trale but and if your complaining Xbox is keeping your money and your not getting the service you payed for sounds like u should be taking that up with mMicrosoft and making a law sute don’t u think. If they did do it they have there reason for doing so probably to wake up the youth or maybe there’s fixing to be more to come wake up and stop complaining and start looking for the wright answeres an asking the write questions people

  20. You know what? FUCK BLACK LIVES. If you really gave a shit about BLACK LIVES, you would let them know that they can have in on WHITE PRIVLIGE as well. Just stop acting like niggers. Stop listening to people like Sharpton, Jackson and Holder… teach them its ok to study in school, let them know they dont have to drink alcohol and do drugs… And if you knock up a hoe, you should marry her… if you werent in love enough to marry her, you shouldn’t have fucked her in the first place.

  21. couldn’t have held that many xbox servers cause me and my mates were on it pretty much all day weds.
    I’d definitely say this was someone trying to tarnish the name of anonymous as they see how much uproar lizard squad got from ddos’ing live.
    In all honesty it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the goverments way of trying to turn supporters of the group away from them

  22. Yeah, this is crap. I am beginning to lose a lot of respect for Anonymous. With the article that was posted about the movie ‘Sniper’ and these pointless hack attacks which are only hurting the people that have paid money out of their own pocket for a little enjoyment for either themselves or their children. We need activists, people who will do ‘good’ with the skills and knowledge they posses. Not just causing mayhem and hurting the people that are probably supporting them as a group. Look before you leap anonymous. You may be stepping on the very people you look to for support.

  23. Why are u pissed off?Its fucking crazy Microsoft is just having a million because of Memberships… I think thats not an absurd or something like that.Thats so stupid: 1.Buy Xbox 360/One. 2.Create an account. 3.Use the free Xbox Live Trial Code. 4. Buy the fucking Membership to have fun….. I don’t want to pay to have fun… sorry boyz

  24. All lives matter.
    Is Al Sharpton one of anon now? I’m sure he is sitting somewhere loving how a group turned hacking Xbox live into a race card game.


  26. This is retarded. Anonymous, by messing with my relax time you have guaranteed I won’t support a damn thing you do. You want my support? Speak the truth don’t rob me of something I paid for. I actually pay attention to what’s going on and most of the causes you fight for I’d be on your side. But you, you are the cyber equivalent of the IRA, I won’t condone an act that intentionally adversely affects innocent people.; F##k you and f##k any stuck up retard that supports you. Peace.

  27. anonymous stand down form the sirvers this is a warning dont make it test us we have been watching u and dont wat u said stop while head or else dont fuck with the gameing sirvers

  28. like u say anonymous u do not forget so we do we do for give if u feel like going on do so and we will find out like find out this is as far as u can go we will be watching u closely and will take action if needed this not a treat this is a promises we r just like u a way we want to be allies with u but the ur going we cant and we stop u just lating u know anonymous


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